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Graying Hair – Preventative Measures to Fix Grey Hair Vitamin Definciecy

Graying hair due to genetics or age is pretty much unavoidable, but it can be delayed. You can also save yourself from premature graying hair by taking some precautionary measures. There are many natural remedies for graying hair available, which if taken before hand can prevent or at least prolong hair from going gray. By taking the right vitamins and minerals and keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle, premature graying of hair can be avoided. More and more young adults are facing the issue of premature gray hair, either due to genetics, stress or just an unhealthy diet. By incorporating the following measures, you can not only delay or avoid grey hair but will also be able to lead a healthier, happier life:

Hydrogen Peroxide – Gray Hair

Melanin produces the color for our hair and skin. And hydrogen peroxide reduces the level of melanin and thus hair lose their color. Hence, in order to retain the color you need to make sure that melanin keeps on producing. Catalase supplements are a great way of reducing the level of hydrogen peroxide in our body and thus in maintaining the hair color. It is also instrumental in getting rid of grey hair and reversing the process. So even if you have grey hair then all natural supplements like Get Away Grey which are high in catalase are a great way of getting the natural color of your hair back.


According to a report by the Linus Pauling Institute, copper deficiency can lead to grey hair as it plays a great role in melanin production. Hence, you should try to incorporate foods that are high in copper, these include beef liver, which is also high in catalase, cashews, semi sweet chocolate, clams, almonds, peanut butter, lentils etc.

Gray Hair Vitamin Deficiency

The need for proper doses of vitamins cannot be emphasized upon enough, they not only keep your body healthy but they also keep it younger for longer. A diet rich in antioxidant vitamins fight free radicals which are one of the primary reasons for aging, according to the Department of Agriculture’s Research Service. Hence make sure that your diet is full of vitamins especially A, C and E which are high in antioxidant nutrients. So incorporate leafy vegetables, beans, wheat, nuts and of course fruits into your diet.

Also incorporate B vitamins as they are high in folic acid and biotin, deficiencies of which can cause grey hair. Dairy products, cereals, pastas, whole grain and poultry products are all great sources of B Vitamins.

All these products are nutritious are a reliable set of preventative measures for graying hair and can help you in leading a healthier, livelier and gray free life.

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