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Premature Gray Hair: What Are Your Options?


Stress alone cannot be the cause of your grey hair.

Silver strands, locks of wisdom, salt and pepper; no matter how you refer to it, grey hair happens to all of us. For some of us, though, grey hair happens much earlier than the classic 40’s. What’s a 20-year-old to do if they suddenly start seeing those silver areas in their hair? Grey hair occurs because the body has ceased production of color-producing cells. These cells are responsible for hair and skin color, and diminish in production as we age. Unfortunately, some individuals have to deal with this lowered cell production much sooner. What are the options for dealing with this premature grey hair?

Hide the Grey

This option is classic. Why deal with these random patches of grey hair when you can cover it up with your natural hair color? For those who want to maintain their color, this option is perfect. There are box dyes that can be purchased at any local drug store, and then there is your local salon. Both options allow for grey coverage, and the prices can certainly vary depending on location. Box dyes are much cheaper and don’t require any drastic changes to your routine. Visiting a salon can either help you with grey coverage or can help you find a new hairstyle that strategically hides those new bright colors. For those with grey hair at the temples, dye may be your best option.

Embrace the Grey

For those not wanting to try a new hairstyle, or are opposed to the chemicals that hair dyes contain, embracing your new color is the way to go! There are many fantastic ways to maintain the grey color, including nourishing shampoos that will help you keep a healthy shine. Go all natural and be flexible with the hair your body is giving you.

Cure the Grey

If you just want your grey hair to stop growing altogether, there is a solution! Reversing your grey hair problem is possible; great news for those gaining premature grey hair. As we talked about in the beginning of this article, grey hair is a result of color-producing cell reduction. These cells can be stimulated to begin their production once again with the use of GetAwayGrey’s supplements! These vitamins contain Catalase, an ingredient responsible for encouraging melanin. With the help of this supplement, your grey hair will literally begin the reversal process, letting your natural hair color once again show through.

Check out our risk-free trial options, and start reversing your premature grey hair today!