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Premature Gray Hair in Children: Why Does It Happen?

When you think about premature gray, the thought of your kid’s hair may not even cross your mind. After all, their diet may be healthy. But what if their hair becomes gray? This can often be a shocking and frightening experience for both the parent and the child to endure. However, there is good news about this condition: it can be helped by diet, as there are many foods that are considered to be hair vitamins.

Why Does Hair Go Gray In Kids?

Premature gray hair in children can be due to a genetic disorder. The most common cause, genetic disorder cannot be cured, unfortunately. However, another common cause of this condition is depleted melanocytes, which provide the hair with color. In this case, premature graying can be reversed by adding certain foods to the diet; specifically, those that contain vitamin B12.

Oftentimes, thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism can cause gray hair to develop in kids. Vitiligo, while most widely known as a skin condition can also cause gray hair in both adults and kids.

Solutions for Premature Gray in Kids and Adults

Improving the care of hair is the first step to helping solve the problem of graying hair. Consider a hot oil scalp massage using olive or coconut oil twice weekly. Following the massage, wrap the head in a hot towel, which will increase circulation.

Another potential solution is to apply nutrients topically. One way is to use eggs. Take one egg and mix with water until a paste has formed. Then, apply the mixture to completely cover the hair from root to tip. Leave on for twenty minutes, and then wash using a mild shampoo.

Curry leaf can also be a good solution for graying hair on heads of all ages. Eating curry leaf daily, as well as boiling leaves in coconut oil and then applying to the hair can help reverse gray hair.

The above solutions can be used by both adults and children if gray hair is premature and is, as a result, unwanted.

Get Away Gray – the Solution for Gray Hair in Adults

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