4 Things That You Should Factor in Before Coloring Your Gray Hair

iStock_000016018413_SmallWhat’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about gray hairs? “Gray hair doesn’t scare me. As long as I’ll find affordable hair dyes in any convenience store, I’ll never give those appalling grays a chance!” If you also share this belief, you should know that thousands of men and women worldwide turn to hair coloring kits to mask the first signs of premature graying. Assuming that the lack of hair pigment still scares you to death, here are four things that you should factor in before scheduling a first appointment with a professional colorist.

Nonpermanent Options Triggers Minimal Damages

A recent survey conducted by Angie’s List indicates that 79% of all respondents use permanent dyes to color their hair, while 21% rely on demi or semi-permanent formulas. In reality, nonpermanent options are suitable for locks that are up to 25% gray. These dyes are less aggressive and lead to a natural-looking color that tends to blend in with your grays smoothly, triggering minimal damages.

Highlights and Lowlights Can Make Your Hair Seem Fuller

Grays are usually more noticeable in the area where you part your hair. To make those depigmented strands less visible and avoid powerful contrasts that may impact your youthful appearance it is advisable to get a few discrete highlights in a color that matches your skin tone and natural hair pigment.

Any Type of Coloring Treatment Involves a Level of Damage and Commitment

No matter how hard you try to achieve a hair color that resembles your natural pigment, sooner or later you will have to schedule a new appointment with your colorist and ask for a quick retouch. Because of the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide present in your body, your new hairs will grow white. Contrary to popular belief, hair doesn’t go gray overnight; it actually grows like this. In most cases, this transformation takes place really fast, so you could notice the white roots a couple of weeks after your coloring job.

You Can Darken Your Locks Naturally Using Catalase Supplements

Why waste so much time, money and energy on touchups when you can prevent the appearance of the first white strands by taking pills based on catalase? Getawaygrey is a natural supplement based on an innovative formula designed to prevent, stop or reverse gray hair. Two pills taken on a daily basis can lead to a darker mane in only 8 to 12 weeks, without exposing the user to any unwanted side effects. For more info on such vitamin complexes go to www.GetAwayGrey.com and discover the formula that could help you feel young and attractive at any age by transforming your hair from the inside out.

Icons with Gray Hair Are Behind the Hottest Fashion Campaigns of 2015

rs_634x865-150108164349-634.joni-mitchell-saint-laurent-ad-010815It’s no secret that decades-old stereotypes have always influenced our perspective on beauty and style. Men with white hair are interesting and successful, while women with a discolored mane are plain ugly, boring and unattractive. Does this sound familiar to you? If this type of clichés make you raise an eyebrow, you will probably appreciate the fact that more and more first-class fashion brands have recently chosen to celebrate gray hair and a gracious, natural aging process in a completely different manner.

After stepping away from retouched photos and models who are barely in their 20s, gigantic powerhouses have realized that their success is guaranteed when they build their campaigns around a model that most consumers can actually relate to.

Discovering the Gray Shades of Ageless Beauty

According to Vogue, Joan Didion, 80, is the new inspiring face of Celine. Rocking crisp sunglasses and a cozy knit crewneck that is anything but ostentatious, Joan proves that beauty and style have very little to do with age. When styled properly, graying hair can become an iconic accessory that is just as powerful as your favorite piece of jewelry. Joni Mitchell, 71,(photo) is the icon that has inspired the new campaign introduced by Saint Laurent. Sporting a simple peasant blouse and a wide-brimmed hat, Joni manages to impress due to her striking figure and effortless elegance. Both ladies flaunt discolored locks, indicating that there’s nothing wrong with a few grays, especially when they are presented with maximum confidence.

What Happens When You Realize That Gray Hair Isn’t for You?

Men and women over 50 feel encouraged to learn to live without hair dyes. But what if you don’t want to follow this new beauty trend? What happens when you’re just not ready to say hello to your first silver hairs? In this case, you could either choose to camouflage those grays using coloring products, or you could delay the graying process using the right vitamin complex based on catalase.

Catalase: the Enzyme That Helps You Darken Your Mane without Dyeing It

Catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide, the agent that bleaches your locks, into oxygen and water. By eliminating the threat that impacts your hair color, catalase protects your natural pigment and lets you preserve your youthful appearance. As the best source of catalase, Getawaygrey allows you to say go away grey and make the most of an intense, delightful darkening effect safely and naturally, without relying on a single drop of hair dye.

Audrina Patridge Opts for Gray Hair and Violet Highlight

drina-5-1421101276Over the past few years, gray hair has managed to raise the interest of A-listers who are trying to achieve a wild, chic and somewhat controversial look. After trying the entire color palette, Kelly Osborne decided to make a bold move by going gray with a little help from her hairdresser. The trend was rapidly taken to the next level by other celebs with a bold style, including Nicole Richie, Kylie Jenner and Adam Lambert. Now the gray movement has found a new supporter: Audrina Patridge has recently dyed her hair gray. The beautiful ex-brunette now takes pride in shiny gray hair accentuated by discrete dusty violet highlights, according to US Magazine.

The new color is called “champagne” gray and reflects Audrina’s efforts to try a new fun and fresh look for the New Year. Apparently this new tone is exactly what the A-lister needs to match the 2015 pastel/silver color trend in style. The transformation was achieved by Briana Cisneros, a famous colorist from a salon based in Santa Clarita, California. Cisneros took Aldridge from a dark level 6 brunette to a much lighter level 10 blonde before adding the cool violet highlights.

Should You Battle the Yellowish White Hair by Counting on Violet Accents?

Violet highlights may be the best thing for you if you’re having a hard time managing the yellowish shade of your white strands. In case you don’t want to dye your hair at all to mask those grays, note that you could easily prevent the yellow tint by washing your hair regularly with a shampoo especially formulated for colorless strands, which contains violet or bluish pigments.

Is There a Natural, Rapid and Safe Way to Banish Those Grays?

Assuming that you’ve had enough of cosmetic products that don’t always do a great job at camouflaging your gray strands, remember that there is a safer, more natural method to achieve a darker mane at any age. Catalase supplements are the key to a stress-free darkening process that takes place from the inside out. By dissolving the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that are bleaching your locks, these supplements for gray hair let you flaunt darker, rejuvenated and fortified tresses in only a few weeks. For additional info related to usage, ingredients and ordering method just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and give the green light to a natural hair makeover that will exceed your highest expectations.

3 Signs Indicating That You’re Not Using the Right Conditioner for Your Gray Hair

portrait mature woman blonde holding her long hairAt the very beginning, your tense relationship with your gray hair will represent a complex trial and error process. You will most likely struggle to find the best hair care products tailored to the ever-changing needs of your strands, while constantly complaining about one or more aesthetic issues, such as excessive dryness, frizziness or damaged ends. Fortunately, you can ameliorate all these problems by simply choosing your gray hair conditioner wisely. Here are three signs indicating that your current formula is not suitable for your aging mane.

  1. You’re Not Using a Color-Protecting Product
    People who dye their hair regularly should protect their artificial pigment by going in favor of delicate conditioners especially formulated for color-treated hair. You can identify these items in a matter of a few seconds, by reading their labels carefully. The product description should include terms such as “sulfate-free”, “color extend” or color care”. By utilizing a gentle formula adapted to the particularities of dyed hair you can preserve the intensity of your colored locks for two more weeks before having to pay for a retouch.
  2. The Formula Doesn’t Match the Texture of Your Strands
    These days, you can find a wide range of conditioners matching the specific texture of your hair. In this context, you should take the time to research different alternatives and pick a product that can actually do wonders for your hair type. Do not use a formula for lifeless hair when you have curly strands and a mane with extra volume. In short, aside from coating and nourishing your strands, conditioners do one of these two things: they either make your graying hair look smaller or bigger. According to WebMD, this is why hair with plenty of volume needs an anti-frizz conditioner, while dull, flat hair demands a lightweight agent that won’t weigh down your delicate, fine hairs.
  3. You’ve Opted for the Most Expensive Hair Care Product
    The price tag of a certain hair care product is not a relevant indicator of its quality and effectiveness. Instead of going for the most expensive conditioners, choose the one that was especially designed to address the specific problems of your aging hairs. For instance, if you are dealing with extremely dry locks, don’t invest in a strengthening product. In this case, you should focus on finding moisturizing formulas that will coat and protect your strands, forming a barrier against excessive dryness.

Extra Tip: Perfect Your Hair Care Routine by Taking Catalase Supplements
Choosing the most suitable hair care products is only one part of the job. If you truly love your locks and want them to overcome the challenges posed by the natural aging process, consider giving them a helping hand by taking catalase supplements. These pills for gray hair help to feed and protect your grays from the inside out, while attempting to restore their original color by dissolving hydrogen peroxide deposits. Due to its ideal amount of catalase, Getawaygrey is the most advanced pigment-restoring vitamin complex for gray hair that can take your hairs from dull and colorless to fully-pigmented and fabulous over a relatively short period of time. Many GetAwayGrey users have gotten great results. Individual results do vary, though the science behind GetAwayGrey is still evolving.

3 Reasons Why Gray Hair May Not Be the New Black after All

senior businessmanThese days, more and more people struggle to embrace their natural beauty and ditch decades-old beauty tips and tricks that cost time and money. “Barely there” makeup styles are promoted on a larger scale, while aging men and women worldwide are encouraged to leave those hair coloring kits behind and make the first steps towards a brighter, colorless mane. How could you actually determine whether or not going gray would be a smart move? You can always give this pretentious and fairly surprising hue a try, especially since the transition wouldn’t involve more than a few missed appointments with your favorite colorist. Nonetheless, before going down this road, you should start by factoring in the three main reasons why gray hair may not be the best option for you.

Gray Hair May Impact Your Social and Professional Life. A recent article posted by Forbes highlights the obvious: in their working environment, people are still judged based on their appearance. If you operate in a sector where your image is everything, you may feel compelled to conceal your grays until reaching full retirement age. Moreover, gray hair always seems to fuel the double standard injustice: while men with grays are often perceived as interesting and seductive silver foxes, women flaunting colorless hair are often labeled as older-looking and less attractive than the ones who still take pride in their natural pigment or the ones who go through the trouble of dyeing their white roots.

Gray Hair Doesn’t Give You Too Many Styling Options. In her book called Amazing Grays: A Woman’s Guide to Making the Next 50 the Best 50, Maggie Rosie Crane offers valuable advice to women who are struggling to cope with their transitional hair. Unfortunately, the styling alternatives that she mentions aren’t all that pretty. According to the author of this self-help book, you could mask regrowth by wearing a wig, shaving your head repeatedly, working closely with a colorist who would become responsible for your regular touchups or getting weekly trims to chop off artificially colored hair until you’re finally left with pure, snow white hairs.

Now You Can Actually Use Catalase to  Help Treat Gray Hair. Why would you be tempted to dye your hair or shave your head to achieve a colorless mane when you can take catalase supplements on a daily basis that could help restore your natural color? The promising gray hair management technique that seemed impossible a few decades ago is now available and widely accessible. Getawaygrey represents an advanced gray hair supplement based on catalase, the enzyme that turns the culprit for graying hair into oxygen and water, two compounds that do not threaten your pigment in any way. Get all the details related to this new product, its features and ordering methods by visiting www.GetAwayGrey.com and get one step closer to gorgeous, darker hairs safely and rapidly.

What Should a Premium Supplement for Gray Hair Actually Contain?

iStock_000020371903_SmallIt’s not always easy to adjust your daily diet based on the needs and demands of your body. Most days you have to settle for greasy takeout simply because you don’t have enough time on your hands to prepare a decent well-balanced meal at home. We’ve all been in this situation. The problem is that your dietary habits inevitably influence the condition of your hair and skin. Gray hair is particularly demanding, taking into consideration that its loss of pigment and natural oils leads to an accentuated frizziness and increased vulnerability. So the question is this: can you perfect your hair from the inside out and prevent potential deficiencies by taking pills especially formulated for your aging mane? If so, what kind of compounds should the ideal formula actually contain?

Folic Acid. Folic acid or vitamin B9 represents a prominent ingredient that is essential for your organism, simply because it keeps your tresses strong and shiny. According to recent studies cited by Livestrong, a folic acid deficiency could be responsible for the premature appearance of your gray strands. Moreover, vitamin B9 serves other important purposes: it boosts cellular function and supports normal tissue growth.

Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 is water-soluble and offers your aging hair the nutrients that it requires to preserve its pigment for a longer while. Known as an important ally in the battle with premature graying, vitamin B-6 can be found in a wide range of foods, including brown rice and chicken.

Antioxidant Agents. A complete formula designed to enhance the beauty of gray hair while also protecting it against internal and external risk factors should also contain some of the most effective antioxidant agents. Antioxidant vitamins protect your locks against damage caused by free radicals. You should know that free radicals could impact the looks and feel of your strands, by making them become thinner and considerable drier. Vitamin C and E are recognized for their amazing antioxidant properties and can do wonders for hair that is dry, lifeless and prone to breakage.

Catalase. Last but definitely not least, some of the best pills for gray hair contain catalase. This agent is a powerful enzyme that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide molecules, by turning them into oxygen and water. By decomposing hydrogen peroxide, an ideal concentration of catalase could help you recover your hair pigment and prevent the appearance of other grayish strands. Getawaygrey is a promising gray hair solution based on catalase. Based on a complex formula including various plant extracts and minerals, this product  may give your grays all they require to stay healthy and achieve a subtle, 100% natural darkening effect in less than 12 weeks.

Gray Hair 101: How Does Science Explain the Appearance of Isolated White Streaks?

Gorgeous woman playing with hairWhat is the secret weapon of seduction owned and used by iconic figures, including Rogue, the well-known fictional character, Johnny Depp and the infamous Cruella de Vil? Their white streaks contrast with their incredibly dark mane, highlighting their best features and enabling them to create and flaunt a signature style. But how does science actually explain the appearance of those isolated white streaks?

Explaining the Presence of Singular White Streaks

The condition responsible for the presence of individual colorless strands is called poliosis. This abnormality involves the appearance of one tuft of discolored hair that can be spotted on one’s scalp or body. Eyelashes, body and eyebrow hair can lose their pigment independently; in this particular situation, melanocytes, the structures whose purpose is to produce pigment (melanin) and ensure the color of your hair, simply shut down. In this situation, hair basically grows without any pigment and becomes snowy white. So what kind of factors should one blame for this sudden transformation? According to IO9, malignant or benign tumors and also topical medication may trigger a case of poliosis by making one’s melanocytes terminate their activity. Moreover, genetic conditions such as piebaldism can also be linked to poliosis. In most cases, the lack of hair pigment is correlated with colorless skin patches. In other words, the area surrounding the white streak is also colorless. Hair dyes can help people mask their white patches; although most men and women who are dealing with this particular condition perceive their depigmented hair strands as an iconic accessory contributing to their unique appearance.

What Is You Have More Than a Few White Strands?

More than a few grays could indicate that you have already been impacted by premature graying. Grays are not an indicator of your age and state of health. According to scientists, you can start to go gray even while you’re still in your 20s. The culprit for this change is the excessive amount of hydrogen peroxide that can no longer be neutralized by the reduced amount of catalase present in your body. To restore the balance you would just have to take the right kind of catalase supplements. Comprising catalase and a generous selection of plant extracts and hair-friendly vitamins, Getawaygrey is a promising gray hair solution that  can help you recover your pigment. In case you need more info on how this promising product actually works, check out its official website and find out how you could get your hands on color-saving pills for gray hair.

3 Ways in Which Dietary Changes Can Help You Prevent Gray Hair

Simply IrresistableDo you still think that the premature graying problem can be addressed by using hair dyes? Truth be told, coloring products are a mere drop in the ocean. They can provide satisfactory results for a couple of weeks; afterwards, the grayish roots will inevitably burst out, forcing you to see your colorist again and ask for a retouch. The good news is that there is a simpler way to restore your natural color from the inside out – and the secret is within reach. Basic dietary changes can transform your locks in a radical manner, by delaying the graying process. Here are three dietary adjustments that may lend you a helping hand in the battle with your first silvery strands.

  1. Add as Many Sources of Vitamin B-12 as Possible. A vitamin B-12 deficiency is linked to pernicious anemia, a rather common health concern. On top of that, lack of vitamin B-12 is also associated with early graying. The recommended intake is 2.4 micrograms (for adult men and women). As we grow older, our bodies are less able to absorb this element; this is precisely why people over 50 should consume more fresh foods that are rich in vitamin B-12. B-12- fortified cereals, eggs, shellfish and liver are only a few tasty options that you should consider and combine when it comes to preparing your daily meals.
  2. Consume Foods that Are Rich in Iron and Copper. Citing a 2012 study, Livestrong reveals that an iron or copper deficiency may create the appropriate conditions for the appearance of your first grays. Recent research has underlined the fact that there is a solid connection between early graying and low levels of iron and copper. According to the same source, adults over 50 should take up to 900 micrograms of copper and 8 milligrams of iron on a daily basis. For a well-balanced diet that gives you the ideal amount of copper and iron, choose to eat as many clams, beef, lentils, spinach and oysters as possible.
  3. Start Taking Supplements for Gray Hair Based on Catalase. Should you really care about what you eat or should you just follow your instincts and satisfy your daily cravings? According to an article published by SF Gate on healthy eating, a poor diet can actually affect the melanin production in your body, inevitably contributing to the formation of the first gray hairs. If you don’t want to adjust your diet in any way to prevent premature graying, choose a much more practical and simple alternative: start taking catalase supplements. Rich in copper, vitamin B-6, biotin, folic acid and various other key ingredients that promote healthier, darker and thicker hair, these pills could be everything you need to keep those grays and bay.

To gain more insight into this matter, don’t forget to visit www.GetAwayGrey.com to get more familiar with the proven benefits of this revolutionary supplement for aging hair.

Ways to Upgrade Your Gray Hair Washing Routine

bigstock-Young-woman-washing-head-by-s-37586176According to recent studies conducted by L’Oréal, approximately half of the women over 40 who are dealing with their first gray strands choose not to dye their locks. Going gray can be quite liberating; not to mention the fact that this type of acceptance can also trigger considerable financial savings and make you depend less on your hairdresser. But if you say no to hair coloring kits once and for all, how can you maintain the glossy texture of your aging tresses? The answer is simple: you start by upgrading your gray hair washing routine.

Use Silver-Specific Hair Care Products. First of all, choose your shampoo wisely. Opt for a moisturizing formula with purple or bluish accents that will manage to neutralize the ugly yellow displayed by colorless locks.

Don’t Wash Your Grays Too Often. By washing your hair on a daily basis you compromise its appeal and resistance. In many ways, hairs act like wool fibers. The more you wash them with ordinary cleaning agents, the worse they are going to look. Wash your hair every two or three days to keep it healthy and shiny, or use everyday shampoos to clean your locks daily. Shampoos for everyday use contain milder cleaning agents and are more suitable for gray hairs, which are inevitably frizzier than fully-pigmented ones.

Apply a Clear Gloss Regularly. Give your gray hair a helping hand by coating it with a clear gloss every week. These products can be used at the end of the washing cycle to boost shine and coat and protect your cuticles.

Go for Clear Gels and Other Styling Aids. After drying your locks, you may feel the need to use certain styling aids to keep those unruly grays in place. Whatever you do, make sure you go for clear formulas that won’t tarnish your graying strands.

Take Vitamins for Gray Hair That Contain Catalase. Aging hair has special needs and often requires vitamins and minerals that your body can’t always take from the foods that you consume regularly. This is precisely why you should start taking the right pills for gray hair. Aside from the fact that they can help feed and protect your aging tresses from the inside out, catalase supplements also interfere with the graying process by disintegrating hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) molecules. Due to the fact that they neutralize the compound that is responsible for the hair discoloration process, these supplements are a great option for people who are trying to combat gray hair. For more details on how these products actually work and the benefits that they provide, go to www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how you could buy and test the formula that many are using for  premature graying.

3 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know about Gray Hair

Thinking womanMost people hate the idea of going gray while they still feel and look young. We all know that discolored strands can be quite unruly and virtually difficult to style. Moreover, gray hair requires radical changes related to your makeup style and outfit choices. At the end of the day, should discolored hair be considered a curse or a blessing? No matter how you feel about your white locks, you should manage to understand the factors that are behind the premature graying process and realize that there are ways in which you could control and simplify the transition from dark hairs to colorless ones. Here are three little-known facts about human hair that you should take into account before identifying and applying a certain gray hair solution.

All Hairs Are Initially White. Human hairs are initially white. They get their color from a pigment entitled melanin. The production of melanin starts way before your birth. Furthermore, the specific shade of your tresses depends on multiple factors, including the type, distribution and amount of melanin that is present on your cortex (the middle layer of your hair shafts). Human hair comprises two types of pigments: phaeomelanin (light) and eumelanin (dark), which are combined to generate a wide assortment of hair colors.

Hairs Go Gray at a Different Pace. People don’t just go gray overnight. The hair oxidation takes time and varies a great deal in duration from one person to another. According to the experts in cell biology from the University of Bradford, every single hair follicle comprises a “melanogenic clock” that basically controls the melanocyte activity. Hair goes gray mostly because of the natural aging process and genetics, but not all hairs change their color at the same time. The graying process takes place at a different pace in different hair follicles. This is precisely why some people go gray in a matter of a few years while others go from dark to completely white in a few months.

You Can Help Treat Gray Hair by Taking Catalase Supplements. By taking catalase supplements you can dissolve the hydrogen peroxide buildups and neutralize the agent that is responsible for your loss of pigment. Getawaygrey can help you preserve your natural hair color for a longer period of time in a completely safe and natural manner. For more info on how this natural pills for gray hair actually work visit Getawaygrey and find out how supplements based on catalase can give you the chance to keep those nasty shades of gray at a distance.