3 Misconceptions about Gray Hair That You Should Forget about

iStock_000054801930_SmallGray may be one of the hottest hues of the season spotted during this year’s runway shows, but for more than a few people it represents the most dreadful hair color. Associated with old age and its virtually endless list of problems, grays can impact your everyday image and make you question your appeal. Truth be told, gray hair often gets blamed for a number of things that it isn’t actually responsible for: the promotion that you didn’t get, a relationship that ended badly or your reduced level of self-confidence. Silver strands may not be a major turn on for everyone, but one thing’s certain: their bad reputation is also amplified by a few bedtime stories that you’ve probably heard more than once. Here are three excellent examples of the common gray hair misconceptions.

Plucking One Hair Can Trigger the Appearance of Multiple Angry Grays

Let’s get one thing straight: plucking isn’t exactly the best gray hair management technique. However, one plucked gray won’t be replaced by an army of colorless hairs. This is just an old myth that should be debunked once and for all. On the other hand, plucking can damage your hair follicles in an irreversible manner and prevent the growth of new hairs. In other words, excessive plucking can result in balding spots, a major aesthetic concern that can be very difficult to address or conceal.

You Can “Give” Yourself Grays

According to Huffington Post, scientists are yet to find a solid connection between premature graying and constant stress levels. Therefore, it is safe to say that your negative thinking and the tension that you are experiencing on a daily basis have no real, measurable impact on your hair color.  Nonetheless, do keep in mind that stress can be one of the causes of telogen effluvium, also known as temporary hair loss. As your pigmented strands fall out at a faster pace, your new hairs could grow back less pigmented than the ones that you used to have, especially if premature graying is a problem that runs in the family or you are over 35. This phenomenon explains why your incorrect approach to handling stress is often blamed for the appearance of your first grays.

Hair Dyes Are the Sole Solution to Your Premature Graying Problem

Your mom has been coloring her hair for decades. You have decided to follow in her footsteps, thinking that hair coloring kits are the sole valid option when it comes to masking those nasty white roots. In reality, there is a new category of products that could help you treat gray hair. Vitamins for gray hair based on catalase break H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) into water and oxygen, interfering with the hair oxidation process that is responsible for your fading color. Based on natural plant and mineral extracts, this innovative product could deliver promising results, enabling users to take pride in radiant, stronger and potentially darker hairs after a few weeks of utilization.

5 Easy Ways to Perfect Your Daily Gray Hair Care Ritual

Active senior coupleGoing gray is a very important personal choice that you should make after weighing the pros and cons of silvery locks. Some love depigmented strands, while others simply hate them. If you are willing to give white locks a try, keep in mind that there certain steps that you can follow to take your grays from flat, lifeless and downright annoying to healthy and gorgeous. Here are 5 foolproof ways in which you can take better care of your gray hair.

  1. Boost Manageability. Most of us already know that gray hair can be difficult to style, simply because it tends to become dry and frizzy. Fortunately, a good conditioner can help you cope with this problem with minimal effort. A formula based on safflower oil, like the one introduced by Clairol for instance, does a great job at taming rebellious, coarse strands.
  2. Restore the Softness of Your Grays. Don’t you just hate it when the products that you use to fight brassiness start working against you? Yes, you’ve bought that expensive shampoo with bluish accents thinking that it would represent the best weapon against brassiness. Unfortunately, the product that you’ve spent so much money on has failed to deliver the desirable results; moreover, it actually enables your whites to borrow a very unpleasant violet tint. How can you make your grays become softer without actually exposing them to a new coloring process? Here’s the solution: try a non-color depositing shampoo that will leave your hairs shiny and silky. Pantene’s Pro-V Silver Expressions shampoo and conditioner could be just the thing for you, especially if you’re dealing with excessive dryness.
  3. Decrease Dryness. Speaking of dryness, did you know that you can actually aggravate this problem by washing your hair too often? You can let your locks rest for a few days more without achieving a gross, oily look by simply applying a sufficient amount of hair powder onto your scalp.
  4. Increase Shine. You can take enhance the marvelous glow of your aging locks by applying a luminosity-enhancing styling product on a daily basis. However, this type of aid will only trigger short-term improvements. If you’re looking for more permanent results, consider taking a hair vitamin complex on a regular basis. Formulas based on plant extracts, like the ones contained by Getawaygrey, can help you get radiant, fortified hair in only a few weeks.
  5. Do Something with That Fading Color. Truth be told, a fading color is not exactly flattering, especially if you have a light complexion. How can you address this issue? You could start by taking catalase supplements on a daily basis. Catalase breaks the culprit for premature graying (hydrogen peroxide molecules) into water and oxygen, two compounds that cannot alter the color of your hairs in any way. Clients who have used Getawaygrey have reported positive results witnessed after only a few weeks of utilization. Since this product comes with a money-back guarantee, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. Visit getawaygrey.com, order your first bottles and find out how this advanced formula could help you treat gray hair.

Is the Pixelated Trend the Newest Way to Address Gray Hair?

iStock_000016018432_SmallAll the cool kids are fully aware of the fact that ombre hairstyles can no longer be seen as the key to making a powerful fashion statement. Sure, a classic balayage is the styling secret that some of the most popular celebs still rely on to accentuate their best features while only using a fine touch of artificial pigment. Balayage enables the wearer to flaunt perfect sun-kissed hair for months in a row without requiring a touchup. But in spite of their long list of advantages, both dyeing techniques have already been left behind by trendsetters who are always looking for the next best thing. At this point, according to a Buzzfeed article, the latest hair trend will enable you to flaunt a mane that looks like computer pixels. So the tricky question is this: can you actually rely on this new bold hairstyle to hide your gray hair?

Is the Computer Pixel Hair Coloring Trend the New Solution to Your Graying Problem?

If you see white hair as a blank canvas that you can color based on your own crayons and on your source of inspiration, then yes, you may very well reach the conclusion that the computer pixel hair coloring style is the key to turning gray hair into a fashionable accessory. To help their clients achieve this new and highly controversial look, colorists rely on a special technique called “xpresionpixel,” which leads to an original pixelated effect on colorless strands. While the effect is certainly remarkable and creative, there is one problem that should be taken into consideration: this coloring technique is not for you if you have salt and pepper hair. Unfortunately, we all know that we can’t go from dark to white hair in a few weeks or months. We are often stuck with multiple shades of gray that we can’t control; whereas xpresionpixel requires a uniform background that you simply can’t maintain without complex, regular dye jobs while going gray naturally. This major inconvenient proves that xpresionpixel is not exactly the best gray hair management technique that you could employ to undergo a rapid, impressive transformation.

Should You Start Taking Catalase Supplements to Upgrade Your Gray Hair?

On the other hand, catalase supplements can help you treat your gray hair from the inside out. Comprising more than a few mineral and herbal extracts that can fortify and beautify aging hairs from within, Getawaygrey is the vitamin complex based on catalase that could support your efforts to protect your natural hair color and delay the first signs of premature graying. For more info on product usage and potential benefits go to www.getawaygrey.com and get one step closer to the promise of a youthful appearance and gorgeous, radiant hair.


  3 Healthy Snacks That Can Help You Take Better Care of Your Gray Hair

iStock_000012686712_Small“You are what you eat.” You hear this annoying statement so often that you automatically ignore it and never bother to actually grasp its meaning. However, when you start to notice more than a few new wrinkles on your forehead and a plethora of new gray hairs, you can’t help but wonder: Am I doing something wrong? Are my dietary habits working against me?

If you’ve reached this stage, chances are that your daily diet is far from being one of your strongest weapons that you could use to fight premature graying and the signs of aging. Nonetheless, eating healthy and adopting a gray hair-friendly diet doesn’t actually mean that you should only drink juices and eat tasteless salads on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, some of the tastiest snacks that you could ever think of have what it takes to promote healthier, shinier gray hair growth; furthermore, a few great treats may also help you hold on to your natural color for a longer period of time. Here are three snack ideas that may just do wonders for your aging hair.

  1. Let’s be honest for a minute: who doesn’t like chocolate? This yummy treat is an excellent source of copper, a potent element that supports the production of melanin. In other words, a significant amount of copper could give you the chance to maintain your natural color for a longer while without any special efforts. You could always choose to add anywhere from ¼ to ½ bar of dark chocolate to your daily diet, but don’t overdo it; remember that an increased chocolate consumption could threaten your weight loss goals and trigger several other unpleasant consequences impacting your looks and health.
  2. Berries are rich in vitamin C and have proven antioxidant properties. These delicious fruits can help you prevent free radical damage and display a brighter complexion, while also promoting healthy hair growth.
  3. Almonds can facilitate your transition from a dark mane to a silvery white one by boosting the vigor of aging strands. According to Livestrong, almonds contain a high dosage of magnesium. Studies have shown that a magnesium deficiency can be linked to hair loss; on the other hand, magnesium is known as the essential mineral that contributes to the growth of stronger strands. Here’s the good news: ¼ cup of roasted almonds ensures 45% of the overall amount of magnesium that an adult should assimilate on a daily basis.

Catalase Supplements Could Help You Take Your Gray Hair to a New Level

The three snack ideas listed above can certainly help you improve the texture and feel of your hair. But to actually witness traceable signs of improvement, you would have to consume them regularly. You might ask: what else could I do for my gray hair, aside from adjusting my dietary habits? You could start to take Getawaygrey, a premium type of catalase supplements. Containing 5,000 iu of catalase, these pills battle the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that bleach your hair from the inside out. To discover the breakthroughs behind this new product, just go to www.getawaygrey and find out how this gray hair solution could help you treat your gray hairs.

Why Does Gray Hair Become Yellowish and How Can You Stop This Process?

Grandmother using laptop at homeFor decades in a row, you’ve been waiting for the first silvery strands to appear around your temples. For some reason, you’ve always thought that gray hair could help you be perceived as an experienced, attractive and somewhat mysterious and charming person. In reality, your white locks are far from being perfect. Instead of representing the cool accessory that manages to individualize your look and make every single clothing item that you wear seem more expensive, grays have turned out to be quite a disappointment for a number of reasons. Aside from the fact that they are difficult to manage, they are also gradually gaining very unpleasant yellowish accents. What’s causing this awful change and how can you address this problem rapidly and effectively?

Why Does Colorless Hair Turns Yellow?

If you already flaunt white locks, this means that your melanocyte cells have stopped producing melanin. Lack of hair pigment is the reason why your tresses are turning yellow. Colorless hairs have the tendency to absorb pigments from the environment. According to Livestrong, there are several common factors that could be responsible for the appalling yellowish tint, including smoking, environmental toxins or an excessive amount of styling products applied on your mane.

Can You Keep Your Depigmented Hair Shiny and White?

Now that you know what’s behind this odd natural coloring process, you are probably wondering if you could actually prevent it safely and effectively, using DIY gray hair solutions. Yes you can! An old yet incredibly effective recipe based on 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can help you kick those yellowish tones to the curb. Mix the two compounds until you obtain a paste. Apply the mix on your damp locks and let it rest for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair; then pour approximately one cup of cider vinegar over your mane. Cover your head with a towel and let your hair dry. To achieve excellent results, you would have to repeat the whole process on a weekly basis. These three potent ingredients will help you keep your hair clean, healthier-looking and brighter than ever before, while preventing the yellow tint that nobody likes to see in the mirror.

Would It Be Possible to Reinvigorate the Color of Your Locks?

Over the past decade, you’ve reached the conclusion that gray hair will never do you a favor. Colorless strands just make you feel tired, ill or older than you really are. If you’re craving for a change, but don’t want to apply a drop of dye on your roots, consider taking catalase supplements. Getawaygrey is a promising vitamin complex for hair based on catalase, which could help you witness a gradual darkening effect in a few weeks. Getawaygrey has triggered positive user results and comes with a money back guarantee. For more info on how it works and what it could do for your aging hair, go to www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out everything there is to know about this promising product.

3 Problems Only People with Gray Hair Can Relate to (and How to Solve Them)

portrait of  an exhausted manSome men love the idea of flaunting a few silvery hairs that could increase their attractiveness and level of self-confidence. But most women dread the idea of letting their grays show. Let’s face it: this double standard is one of the paradoxes that our modern society still fuels in 2015. Assuming that you are considering the idea of going gray, make sure you are actually prepared to face the challenges that this process might throw at you along the way. Here are three common gray hair problems that most silvery foxes are familiar with.

  1. You Are Tired of Brassy, Colorless Hair That Always Looks Unclean and Overly Distressed. Colorless hair is associated with a long list of aesthetic concerns. First of all, hair that grows white is coarser and drier than fully pigmented strands. This is why people with gray hair always complain about white hairs that are virtually impossible to manage. Secondly, colorless hair tends to borrow pigments from the environment; this is the simplest explanation for the yellowish tint that makes white hair look unclean and totally unappealing. Still want to go gray naturally and sport a gorgeous mane? In this case, you would have to carry around with you an anti-frizz agent, hairspray guaranteeing a strong hold and a high-shine spray, mousse, gel or pomade at all times.
  2. You Are Often Mistaken for Your Friends’ Mothers. Gray hair could easily become responsible for more than a few awkward moments. Can you imagine how embarrassing it must be to be mistaken for your friend’s mom, when you and your friend are practically the same age? While properly maintained gray hair can be a somewhat interesting accessory, it can also age you. On the other hand, a natural color achieved and preserved by taking the right hair vitamin complex can make you look younger, healthier and much more attractive.
  3. The Younger Colleagues Always Manage to Outshadow You at Work. Do you feel like your youngest coworkers get all the credit for all your hard work during presentations? The sad truth is that in today’s society we are still evaluated based on our looks in almost any environment. At your workplace, gray hair can become a real drawback, especially when you operate in the field where a faultless image is everything.

Catalase Supplements Represent the Solution to All These Problems

How do you solve all these pressing problems? As you may already know, hair dyes represent a very unreliable, temporary fix. On the other side of the coin, innovative catalase supplements based on real science manage to tackle the root of the graying issue. By blocking the hair oxidation process, this product lets you keep your pigment on your strands for the longest period of time. Getawaygrey is the revolutionary vitamin complex that actually prevents, stops and reverses silvery hairs safely and effectively. For more details on usage, benefits and ordering methods go to www.GetAwayGrey.com and say no to gray hair as soon as possible.

3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do to Improve the Appearance of Your Gray Hair

Presentation of ideaYou never stop complaining about the poor condition of your gray hair. This has gradually become one of your favorite conversation starters, as you keep asking your friends and co-workers for gray hair care advice. Yes, excessive frizziness, dryness and an upsetting fading color are the main issues that most people impacted by premature graying have to deal with. Does this mean that you should let those white strands ruin your cool image? Not in a million years! As a matter of fact, a clever gray hair management tactic can help you address this problem once and for all. Here are three important things that could take your grays from appalling to envy-generating in only a few weeks.

A Revised Hair Washing and Conditioning Routine. Start the series of changes by rethinking your washing and conditioning ritual. Wash your hair less often (2 or 3 times a week would be best). Apply a nourishing conditioner every single time you wash your gray hair and don’t hesitate to opt for a salon deep conditioning treatment at least once a month. Instead of washing your mane daily to increase its shine and amplify its healthy aspect, choose to brush your locks more often. Correct brushing techniques correlated with scalp massages will enable you to stimulate blood circulation, promote a healthier hair growth and also distribute the natural oils that your scalp produces on the entire length of your strands. This will help you keep those nasty dry grays under control while minimizing the frizz effect.

Inexpensive, At-Home Treatments Based on Essential Oils and Herbal Rinses. A homemade hair mask based on the right essential oils could do wonders for your white hair; the same goes for rinses based on plant-based extracts.  Choose natural options that work best for colorless strands, such as combinations of almond oil and lemon juice, or black tea and coffee rinses, which could ensure a natural darkening effect.  According to ZNews, one could also color grays gradually, naturally and safely using a mix of coconut oil and curry leaves or amla paste.

Catalase Supplements. Some people aren’t big fans of homemade potions that are difficult to prepare. They prefer to use much more convenient gray hair solutions that also count on the support of modern science. If you are one of these people, consider taking catalase supplements to recover your long-lost pigment. These fantastic supplements based on catalase interfere with hair oxidation, ensuring a darker color naturally. In case you wish to go back to your natural tone without dyeing your strands, take 2 pills for gray hair on a daily basis and see how this product can rejuvenate, protect and fortify your strands in only a few weeks.

Should Gray Hair Be Interpreted as an Obstacle in Women’s Professional Lives

Happy Mature Woman With Glasses

We are often told that youth is wasted on the young.  At 40, you can truly relate to this statement.  You are educated, experienced, daring and ready to conquer the world.  But could your gray hairs constitute an obstacle standing in the way of your career goals?  There is no easy answer to this question.  According to the Denver Business Journal, many women choose to play the old-school dye game, in an attempt to preserve their youthful appearance.  Most of them complain about the fact that their attempts to go gray in style have already failed miserably for a number of reasons.  Many more have been frustrated by the lack of ways to reverse gray hair naturally.  Taking into consideration the fact that some of the boldest and most successful advocates of silver hair did not manage to terminate  their relationship  with hair coloring kits until they finally ditched their day job in favor of self-employment, should you be worried about the impact that colorless hair may have on your career?

Should You Rely on Artificial Pigments to Work on Your Appearance?

An article published by Forbes reveals the unpleasant truth: at our workplace, we are judged based on our appearance.  In a field where your image is more important than your actual competencies, you should definitely work twice as hard to maintain a pleasant, youthful appearance.  In this particular set of circumstances, you might be wondering: Are dyes the one and only solution to your gray hair problem?  Not exactly!  As a matter of fact, the best alternative to hair coloring kits was designed to tackle d  the root of your pressing aesthetic concern.

Catalase Supplements Represent the Best Alternative to Hair Dyes

Catalase supplements can actually disintegrate hydrogen peroxide buildups and interfere with the normal hair oxidation process.  By decomposing the culprit for gray hair into water and oxygen, these pills for gray hair based on the catalase enzyme can help you recover your natural hair pigment at any age.  This new generation of gray hair solutions is based on science and won’t make you wait forever for the first signs of improvement.  By taking Getawaygray on a regular basis, you could notice a subtle darkening effect  over  the course of the first 8-12 weeks.   For more information on how this revolutionary product actually works, visit GetawayGrey’s website and get ready to say go away grey and fall in love with your pigmented tresses once again.

Gray Hair News: Beauty Expert Elsa McAlonan Advises Women to Go Back to Their Colorless Roots

Portrait of Attractive Senior WomanThe appearance of the first grays can trigger a panic attack and make both men and women reevaluate their entire existence. Where did the year go? What have I done with my life? Come to think about it, premature graying can force you to question some of the most important aspects of your personal and professional achievements and failures.

How to Terminate the Rocky Relationship with Hair Dyes

On the other hand, hair dyes enable you to avoid answering these questions. The bad news is that your smooth relationship with your hair coloring kits inevitably starts to face the first challenges after only a few weeks. While looking in the mirror, you can’t help but wonder: is there a simple and cost-efficient way to ditch regular touchups and still flaunt a flattering color?

According to columnist and beauty guru Elsa McAlonan, the key is to love your silver hairs and accept the fact that gray can be quite a favorable and surprising color. In her article published by Daily Mail, Elsa McAlonan provides a few tips contributing to a smoother transition from colored to natural, gray hair. According to this source, a less dramatic makeup based on lavender eye shadow and soft pale pink tones, a wardrobe makeover revolving around a bolder and more generous color palette and a few creamy highlights could help you turn those fifty shades of gray into a powerful fashion statement. When you don’t feel like getting a new cut or accentuating your color, you can always switch your parting and achieve a natural, modern and slightly messy look in 5 seconds or less.

How to Use Catalase to Recover Your Hair Pigment

Gray hair can be a lot of fun, as long as you have the time, energy and patience to test all the cosmetic products designed to maintain its radiance and improve its texture. What if this is not an option? If you dislike the idea of sporting colorless strands, keep in mind that there is a new line of pills for gray hair that can give you the chance to restore your pigment safely and completely naturally. Two pills of Getawaygrey will help you achieve this goal in only a few weeks. Containing the perfect dosage of catalase, this product stands in the way of the hair oxidation process and lets you admire the natural color of your locks for the longest period of time.

3 Reasons Why “Antique” Gray Hair Went Mainstream

Senior Woman With Arms Crossed SmilingSome of the biggest, boldest and most memorable trends are always launched by A-listers who are well-known for the radical transformations that keep them into the spotlight. After making tattoos and piercings look cool, edgy celebs like Rihanna, Nicole Richie and Adam Lambert have decided to give gray hair a try. The same makeover idea has been reinterpreted by other style icons, such as Zosia Mamet and Kylie Jenner, who have turned “antique” gray into one of the hottest hair colors of the season.  Wondering why this somewhat odd and pretentious color keeps hitting the front page? Here are three plausible explanations for the recent gray mania that has taken us by surprise.

  1. All the Cool Kids Rock It. Fashionable celebs make controversial styling changes and their devoted fans follow in their footsteps. This is one of the reasons why antique gray is now seen as the predecessor of the platinum blonde, the trademark of popular female artists such as Gwen Stefani, Cristina Aguilera or Marilyn Monroe.
  2. It’s Different. Antique gray seems to be the perfect choice for teens who wish to individualize their style. It’s not purple (a trend that’s already been done to death in the past) and it’s not platinum blonde; therefore, it is 100% new, daring and original. In addition, light gray with violet accents is seen as a great pick for any cut of haircut, ranging from clean, slightly boyish pixie cuts to loose, romantic curls.
  3. Antique Gray Flatters Any Complexion. Antique gray is one of the very few colors that will look good on you regardless of your complexion. You can picture grayish locks on a pale, bronzed or ebony face; each combination is unique and strikingly beautiful in its own way.

Not a big fan of the trending “antique” gray hair color? Truth be told, there are plenty of reasons why you should avoid this bold hue. According to an article published by The Atlantic, in order to achieve this tone one must undergo a pre-bleaching routine that usually weakens hairs and robs them of their natural glow and vigor. Moreover, because of its lightness, this shade is also exposed to yellowish tints, so vigilance and toners should automatically become a part of your gray hair management strategy. In case you’d much rather recover your pigment the easy way and prevent those capricious fifty shades of gray hair, choose to take catalase supplements regularly. Two pills taken daily can help you prevent, stop and even reverse the signs of premature graying, by simply dissolving the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide present in your organism. For more info on this new generation of hair vitamins just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how the optimal dosage of catalase could lead to darker locks rapidly and absolutely naturally.