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Most Flattering Cuts for Women with Thinning Gray Hair

shortgreyhaircutsbobcurlyYou don’t have to flaunt long, voluminous tresses to get (and stay) in the center of everyone’s attention. Yes, we would all like to have Oprah’s graying hair. We can’t get enough of those glossy, healthy-looking locks with large curls, guaranteeing a polished romantic look that could never be considered outdated or inappropriate. Unfortunately, this perfect image could be blown away by your thinning hair problem. Hormonal imbalances associated with the natural aging process may result in thinner, frailer gray strands that limit your options in terms of styling. In some cases, banding spots could also be a part of your reality. In this context, how could you camouflage these drawbacks and recover your self-esteem? The answer is quite simple: update your cut and make it match the texture of your strands.

Getting the Right Cut

A recent study conducted on behalf of Viviscal indicates that approximately 76% of all UK-based women will be forced to deal with hair thinning or shedding at some point in time. Cheryl Baker is no stranger to this problem. She has been battling hair loss linked to menopause and its endless list of changes for more than one decade. Her signature hairstyle is her best ally when it comes to masking this aesthetic concern. Baker sports a swept-over updo. The fine, face-framing wisps that complete her look make the whole haircut seem fun, unpretentious and elegant at the same time. Aside from the optical illusion that she creates with her beehive-like coiffure, Baker also takes vitamins for hair ensuring the healthy growth of her locks.

Do you think that this option is a tad too dramatic for you taste? In this case, you may want to apply the styling tips provided by Sandra Bullock, a gorgeous woman with naturally fine hair. To uncover her secret you would just have to study her red carpet appearances. At a first glance, you will notice a waterfall of perfectly defined, yet incredibly natural-looking curls. Regardless of their size and level of perfection (remember that teased curls could actually look more glamorous than perfectly styles ones), curls will add volume to your gray hair and make it more seem much more appealing.

In case you’d rather stick to a less elaborated hairstyle, how about a medium-length cut? If you have fine straight hair, you can opt for a versatile half-down-half-up coiffure or a messy top knot. This is the alternative that Cameron Diaz often chooses to embrace, to recreate a classy, laid-back image in a matter of a few seconds.

Support Your Graying Hair from the Inside Out

While you’re looking for the best cuts and styling options for thinning hair, do remember that gray locks often need a little bit more attention. Make sure they are properly nourished and protected against a wide range of threats by taking catalase supplements. Catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide molecules and battles the hair oxidation process, helping you achieve an ideal shade and take pride in an impeccable image for many more years to come.