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Grey Hair Supplements: What’s the Big Deal?

Vitamin B-12

Consuming more Vitamin B-12 can help you combat gray hair.

There have been many studies on the possibility of curing grey hair with a simple pill, but is it true? Could there be one simple solution to the natural graying process? With all of the research done in the last few years, we can conclusively say, yes!  Supplements are a great way to integrate a natural grey hair reversal, but only if you have the right ingredients. Let’s look at a few different adaptations of the grey hair supplement.


Many of the more recent supplements on the market have channeled a melanin-triggering element in their ingredient list. Supplements such as Melancor tout melanin producing components that work to revitalize grey hair. With ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, let alone know the function of, this supplement would seem to be an all-encompassing vitamin with natural elements as well as manufactured ones. While these manufactured elements may indeed trigger the production of melanin, one might wonder just what all those ingredients are meant to do. After all, it takes quite a few links to even find this list of ingredients.


This element is newer to the supplement industry, and is a proven component that stimulates the growth of melanin-producing cells. Though this may sound the same as the paragraph above, it is quite different. By stimulating the production of cells, you can be certain that reversal of your grey hair is eminent. Instead of promising an encouragement of melanin itself, this supplement works to encourage cell growth. These cells are responsible for producing melanin, and allowing your hair color to return to its natural luster.

Your Cure – and Yes, It’s a Supplement!

Not only do these supplements contain Catalase, but also Biotin, Chlorophyll and Plant Sterols. This means you are getting natural ingredients from the earth’s environment to help you maintain your natural color. The extracts and vitamins included in this supplement allow your body to naturally maintain an environment that will produce your body’s physical process of hair and skin color.

GetAwayGrey is this solution for anti-grey pills. Daily doses of this supplement allow your body to obtain the stimulation it needs to begin producing melanin for your skin and hair. Grey hair can be directly reversed with this daily use. No dyes. No harsh chemicals. And best of all – no new hairstyles! Just simple and easy grey hair reversal to give you your life back.

Contact us today to partake in our risk-free solution, use our gray hair supplements and start changing your life!