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Grey Hair Products You Should Use Regularly

Occurrence of grey hair is a natural phenomenon that can happen due to aging, nutritional deficiencies, hereditary factors or other lifestyle elements. Whether you start getting grey hair at an early age or at an older age, grey hair is not something that is very much liked by people. They not only make you look older but are also quite hard, brittle, dull and frizzy, and can be quite hard to maintain without causing breakage. In order to maintain, improve or cover your grey hair, here are some grey hair products that you can use on a regular basis:

Moisturizing Shampoos

For grey hair, there is especially formulated clarifying or moisturizing shampoo that can be used. These shampoos clean away any residual chemical from your scalp and make your grey hair look soft, smooth and shiny. Some of these shampoos also have pigmentation or tinting particles that are useful in preventing grey hair from looking yellowish.


Since grey hair gets hard and brittle, conditioners should be used to keep them moisturized so that they can be kept soft. There is a specialized range of grey hair products that include several conditioners that can be helpful. If you have dyed your hair to cover the grey, using some intense conditioners is even more advisable since coloring can further damage your hair.

Permanent Hair Color

The most commonly used solution by people for grey hair is hair dye. There are several dyes that are formulated specifically for grey hair. Hair colors that are permanent can last for several months. However, grey roots can start showing as soon as within 6 weeks, so the dye should be used after every month or so in order to keep the roots covered.

Temporary Color

Temporary hair colors used for grey hair last usually for a few weeks and keep fading away every time they are washed. However, these dyes are far gentler on hair than permanent dyes and can be used more regularly in order to keep the grey roots covered all the time.

Touch-Up Kit

Among the range of grey hair products, the root touch-up kit is quite useful. They often contain additional color matching to the color you have used to dye your hair, special brushes or hair mascaras that can be used conveniently to cover only the grey roots without having to dye your complete hair.

Catalase Supplements

Catalase supplements are used to overcome the deficiency of protein in your body that results in causing grey hair. These supplements can prevent further growth of grey hair and the new hair that grows in your natural color. Get Away Grey is one of the best catalase supplements that you can get simply by placing your order at GetAwayGrey.com .