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Gray Hair Trends: Dascha Polanco Stuns with New Amazing Ombre Grayish Hair Color

Laurel DeWitt - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015What’s the coolest color in the catalogue? Top stylists will point towards gray. You may beg to differ. “What on earth do you mean by that? I’ve been struggling to cover my grays for a couple of decades.” Well, it seems that the trendiest kids on the block have succeeded in reinventing this rather controversial hue. At this point, grayish shades with metallic accentsare considered an inspired choice.

Celebrities Help Gray Hair Make a Huge Comeback

One thing’s certain: young stars aren’t afraid to experiment. As it turns out, top-rated celebs know no limits. From radical dye jobs to drastic wardrobe upgrades, the wild and famous youngsters have done it all. Dascha Polanco is no exception to this rule. During the New York Fashion Week, the gorgeous Dominican actress has stolen the show with her insanely attractive gray hair. No, she hasn’t been impacted by premature graying. She just wanted to implement a series of changes and decided to give metallic gray a chance.

Her new look is individualized by her purple tips. The transition between gray and purple is very natural and won’t make your eyes bleed. As a matter of fact, even though it may be hard to believe, gray hair is an awesome pick for the “Orange Is the New Black” star. The colors match her complexion and the subtle ombre effect is to die for. Furthermore, her classy waves add volume to her locks and contribute to an effortlessly chic appearance that turns heads instantly.

Polanco isn’t the only young, beautiful celebrity who has voted in favor of graying hair way ahead of her time. Nicole Richie, Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne are only three other famous ladies who know how to style and flaunt gray hairand turn it into a truly iconic accessory. Other teen idols, like Katy Perry for instance, have been sporting metallic tones for years in a row. Perry is no stranger to bold shades of gray, blue and green that fit her personal style and taste.

Would Gray Hair Also Work for You?

Only a few men and women over 40 could dye their hair green or blue and be fully satisfied with their choice. Nonetheless, going gray on purpose is a complete different story. Silvery manes look good at any age and can complement most complexions. Silver may soon become the new black. On the other hand, if the mere thought of living with gray hair scares you to death, choose to conceal those first depigmented strands using semi- or demi-permanent dyes. For a gradual darkening effect, you could also take catalase supplements that interfere with the natural hair oxidation process.