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Gray Hair Diary: Simple Ways to Avoid Weight Gain after the Age of 40

Gym & FitnessLife is very simple when you’re 20. You can wear different types of clothes without looking ridiculous, try various makeup styles without getting judged and eat all your favorite foods without gaining a lot of weight. However, middle age brings a great variety of changes that may catch you by surprise. For instance, you may notice your first wrinkles and gray hairs. On top of that, you may realize that you are constantly getting fatter and fatter, even though your dietary habits have remained the same. According to a Daily Mail article, middle aged people who eat as much as they did when they were 40 gain on average 30lb on an annual basis. This is no joke: we are talking here about almost 14 kilograms that will modify your appearance and your self-perception. So how could you stay in shape and prevent the accumulation of unnecessary pounds after 40? Here are a few pointers that you should factor in.

Make Healthier Dietary Choices. In most cases, it’s not about how much you eat. What you eat and how often you have a meal are two other elements that you should analyze. Maybe you just have a black coffee in the morning on your way to work, skip lunch and replace it with a few chocolate muffins that you gobble inside the office. By 6PM, you start to fantasize about unhealthy but oh-so-yummy fast food and since you don’t actually have time to prepare your own dinner, you agree to make a last compromise before kickstarting a new diet and decide to feast on burgers and fries. If you want to control your weight, you have to include as many fresh ingredients in your daily diet. Protein-packed meals that are easy to prepare and enjoy anytime, anywhere, are your best friend simply because they won’t threaten your waistline and will also ensure smoother, silkier graying hair and skin. If you choose to include meat in your diet, go for healthier options that are pesticide and hormone-free. Drink plenty of water, stay away from processed foods and eat only when you are really hungry.

Stay Active. Eating fresh and clean is only a first mandatory step in the right direction.  A great regimen also involves constant physical activity tailored to your age, goals and preferred activities. Fitness is an excellent option for both men and women over 40. According to WebMD, as we age, our connective tissue becomes more rigid. This is why middle aged people more exposed to joint injuries. If you used to swim, run or attend aerobics classes in your 20s or 30s, you may want to give swimming, walking or low-impact exercises a chance while you’re in your 40s. Yoga, Pilates and dance classes are only three other cool options that will keep your body slim while also revitalizing your social life.  In the end, what you need to remember is that sustained physical exercise will help your body cope with the natural aging process and allow you to take pride in more beautiful skin and gray hair.

Dietary changes and physical activity are two key components that could improve your appearance at any age. If you want to feed and protect your strands while controlling the hair oxidation process, then you may want to take scientifically proven catalase supplements, leading to more vigorous and luscious locks.