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Gray Hair 101: Pigment-Protecting Tips and Tricks for Luscious, Younger-Looking Tresses

gray hair concealerMillions of men and women think that dyes are a real gift from above enabling them to work on their appearance and maintain a youthful look. If you dye your gray hair on a regular basis, then you must know how frustrating it is to deal with a fading shade.

On your way home from the salon you noticed that people were admiring your glossy locks; some of them were definitely envying you for that radiant color that turned heads effortlessly. Two weeks later, you are stuck with a dull tone that you can’t even define. One thing’s certain: it’s definitely not your original bold ruby red! As a matter of fact, while looking in the mirror you only see a bunch of rebellious grays that don’t do you any favors. So what now? You can set up a new coloring appointment and make the exceptional results last longer, by simply following these basic pigment-protecting tips.

Cover Your Head. Use a hat or a swim cap as often as possible. Chemical-rich waters and sunlight are not exactly your best friends when it comes to protecting your pigment. Do you still think that you don’t have to wear a shower cap in your own bathroom simply because your water is low on chlorine? If so, we’ve got some upsetting news for you. According to WebMD, even plain water can dilute your artificial pigment and make your dyed tresses lose their brilliance sooner than expected.

Use UV Absorbers. Assuming that you can’t stand the basic accessories listed above, how could you defend your pigment and maintain the charming glossy effect of your dyed locks? Try a light, leave-in UV absorber that succeeds in filtering and blocking some of the most potent rays responsible for your fading color. These aids are fairly accessible and extremely easy to apply. Products launched for everyday people, like Garnier Fructis Color Shield Color Sealer Lightweight Leave-In, cost around 5 dollars and let you flaunt your celebrity-inspired color and cut for weeks in a row without complaining about any negative changes triggered by sun exposure.

Upgrade Your Shampooing Routine. Color coming from a tube will fade away faster if you wash your hair on a daily basis. To avoid this drawback without being forced to wash your mane less often, choose to replace your regular shampoo with a special product that actually deposits pigment onto your graying hair every single time you use it.

If none of these tricks sound good to you simply because you no longer want to rely on artificial pigments to maintain your classy look, keep in mind that you can always go back to your natural shade by taking vitamins for hair containing catalase. Innovative catalase supplements based on science can restore your pigment in only a few weeks, leading to suppler, silkier, glossy hair.