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Should You Dye Your Hair White to Hide the First Signs of Premature Graying?

Beautiful young woman dyes her hairYou don’t have to be an experienced colorist to realize that blondes handle the effect of premature graying much better than brunettes. Their fair locks do a great job at camouflaging the new colorless strands; a blonde would just have to add a few discrete lowlights and highlights to make those grays untraceable. On the other hand, people with dark hair are striving to find the simplest method to get rid of gray hair naturally and safely. If you are also dealing with this aesthetic concern, you may consider the idea of dyeing your hair white. You simply cannot go wrong with a snowy white hue: this color matches all the key pieces comprised by your wardrobe and works equally well for any kind of complexion.

Should You Go White Instead of Going Gray?

If you don’t like to make any compromises that might affect your impeccable image, chances are that you dislike the idea of sporting gray strands. After all, this pale shade has too many variations and very little personality. Should you go white instead of choosing to live with an unflattering fading color? Before you make up your mind, here are a few things that you should know about the process of dyeing your hair white.

  • You can use a white hair dye stuff or a white hair rinse that you can order online to get snowy white tresses; nonetheless, through this method you can only achieve temporary results; after a few washing cycles, your hair will inevitably reveal its natural pigment.
  • You can bleach your hair every 2 weeks (depending on how rapidly your hair can recover after this aggressive coloring treatment) to remove your natural color from your hair. After completing this phase, you would have to apply a purple toner to offset the yellowish tint that usually appears on bleached hair.
  • You should rely on professional services to lighten up your mane; bleach can deteriorate your aging hair in an irreversible manner; keep in mind that you may be forced to cut your hair short or dye it in a darker color to mask the end result of a disastrous DIY coloring job.

Could Catalase Point Towards a Safer Method to Deal with Gray Hair?

According to recent research, catalase could help decompose the culprit from premature graying, hydrogen peroxide, into two harmless elements: water and oxygen. Pursuing this idea, esteemed researchers have developed, tested and introduced a promising gray hair solution based on catalase. Getawaygrey is a vitamin complex based on herbal and mineral compounds that could help you treat gray hair. If you hate the idea of experimenting with different types of dyestuff and would much rather intervene from the inside out to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, consider putting these natural supplements to the test. Order your first bottles by visiting www.getawaygrey.com and get ready to say go away grey the easy way.