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Does Stress Cause Grey Hair?

The process of graying depends on a number of reason, and varies from person to person. Just like each individual reacts to different emotions, scenarios and life on a whole differently, so do their bodies. Grey hair due to stress is as yet a debatable subject, with researchers claiming that it can play a minor factor in some cases, but cannot be taken as a generalized diagnosis in every case.

Does Stress Lead to Grey Hair?

In order to understand the effects stress has on our hair follicles or pigmentation, we first need to understand how different individuals react to stress. Not everyone reacts to stress the same way, some may start loosing weight when under a lot of stress whereas others tend to eat more in such cases. Similarly, researchers do believe that taking a lot of stress can have an affect on our hair too, where some may suffer from hair loss others might end up getting premature grey hair.

Stress and Grey Hair

Increased level of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol during stress cause unstable molecules to start attacking and damaging the body. So when and if these unstable molecules or free radicals attack melanin, the hair starts to lose its color. However unlike what some believe, hair does not lose color overnight or within a week. Continuous stress for a period of two to three years can result in premature grey hair. Stress also causes imbalances in our body, so if an individual under stress starts eating unhealthily or does not follow a proper diet, then it will invariably decrease the level of zinc, vitamin and catalase in our body, which can affect hair follicles and reduce melanin levels.

The fact that most presidents start going grey only after a year or two in office is proof enough that stress does cause grey hair. According to Michael Roizen of Cleveland Clinic, Presidents age two years for each year in the office, so keeping that in mind it can be hypothesized that although grey due to prolonged stress cannot be generalized due to stress, but it can and does play a factor in premature graying.

Can the Grey Hair Process be Reversed?

People generally opt for natural or manufactured hair dyes in order to cover grey hair, but the process can be reversed with the help of vitamin supplements like Get Away Grey. These supplements contain high levels of catalase which are instrumental in reversing the process of grey hair.

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