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3 Fun Things That Men Should Know about Their Gray Hair

Woman Receiving Gift From Man At HomeYou often look in the mirror and blame your stressful life for the premature appearance of those silvery strands, but do you actually know and understand the story of your gray hair? In its purest form, graying hairs are neither a curse, nor a blessing. They are a part of who you really are and demand as much respect (and proper maintenance) as your pitch-black hairs. If you want to upgrade your hair care ritual or identify and address the causes of your colorless streaks, start by analyzing and assimilating the interesting info listed below.

  1. The Process of Going Gray Is Influenced by Two Categories of Factors. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot go gray overnight, unless you rely on artificial pigments coming from a box. The natural aging process and our genetic heritage determine the pace of our hair oxidation. According to scientists, a change in hair pigmentation may also be influenced by other extrinsic (pollution levels, chemical exposure, toxins and climate) and intrinsic factors (age, body distribution, hormones and genetic defects).
  2. Your Gray Hair Is Stronger Than You May Actually Think. Here is another interesting hair-raising fact: a scalp counts anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. Each hair can support a weight of approximately 100 grams (the equivalent of 3.5 ounces). This means that your locks could easily hold anywhere from 10 to 15 tones. But the fact that gray hairs can be frail because of their loss of natural oils is also true. This is precisely why you should aid your aging tresses by taking the right type of vitamins for gray hair based on mineral and herbal compounds.
  3. You Can Win the Fight with the Hair Oxidation Process. These days, you don’t have to live with gray hair if you don’t want to. Assuming that you consider dyes a cheap trick employed to camouflage white strands and would much rather rely on real scientific breakthroughs to bring back your natural pigment, choose to buy and use catalase supplements. Pills based on catalase interfere with the oxidation process, by removing hydrogen peroxide from your hair shafts and preventing the gradual loss of natural pigment triggered by this oxidative agent.

If you would like to find out more about the safe, totally natural approach to gray hair rejuvenation and beautification, just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how you could order the innovative product that could help you keep your pigment on your strands for many more years to come.

3 Reasons Why Artificial Gray Hair Coloring Techniques Are Bad for You

beautiful young woman dyeing hairsGray hair is not one of your worst problems. Sure, you hate its frizziness and its lifeless aspect, but your colorist is so nice to you all the time and offers you the best treatments that you need to address these issues. Hair dye is your best ally. You apply it on your colorless roots every 3 to 4 weeks and your grays vanish in no time. In theory, this sounds like the perfect story with a happy ending, but we all know that the results you manage to achieve through this method are ephemeral. Need another motive to ditch the old coloring kit and see your stylist less often? We can give you at least three good reasons that would justify this move.

  1. Hair Dyes May Comprise Toxic Beauty Compounds. Here is a piece of information that might actually shock you: according to a Huffington Post article, the beauty industry is highly unregulated, as new beauty products do not have to pass through a pre-approval process before entering the market and landing in your shopping cart. According to the same source, many of the synthetic chemicals comprised by creams, lotions and coloring agents are known as skin penetrators, skin irritants and endocrine disruptors and are potentially carcinogenic. After assimilating this info, at this point you probably have a strong base to motivate your preference for all-natural anti gray hair products.
  2. Experimenting with Hair Dyes Is Not Always a Good Idea. You wanted blonde, but your hair dye didn’t listen. You’ve read and followed the step-by-step instructions that came with the products, and still somehow your grays have become light orange. The results provided by DIY coloring kits are often unpredictable, especially when you dye gray hair, which usually tends to absorb as much pigment as possible from the environment.
  3. Hair Dyes Only Manage to Conceal Your Grays. Here’s the ugly truth that nobody wants to hear: dyes are only a temporary solution to your gray hair problem. Moreover, sometimes they actually impact your hair health, making you cope with a few additional issues, such as split ends and an excessively dry scalp. Instead of opting for short-term improvements, go for a different alternative that actually addressed the cause of your loss of pigment. Getawaygrey contains catalase, the powerful enzyme that turns hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. By neutralizing the agent that is responsible for your hair oxidation process, these pills for hair can help you rejuvenate and protect your strands from the inside out.

To become more familiar with the notable benefits of gray hair supplements based on science, just visit the official Getawaygrey website and discover the ingredients that can help you say go away grey in only a few weeks.

Senior Woman Enjoying Snack At Outdoor Café

Things You Should Know about Natural Gray Hair Remedies

Senior Woman Enjoying Snack At Outdoor CaféAs we grow older, we gain more experience and find more effective ways to face the challenges that life may throw at us. But at the same time, aging is one of the natural processes that we anticipate with fear. How could we cope with the first graying hairs without panicking and without rushing to call our colorists and ask them to dye our distressed locks? The answer is simple: men and women who hate the idea of going gray and also dislike chemical-rich options created to mask the loss of pigment can always turn to natural remedies comprising only safe ingredients provided by Mother Nature. So what type of gray hair aids should you actually put on your “to buy” list?

It all depends on the type of results that you would like to achieve. For instance, rinses, oils and masks based on herbal ingredients are the softer, less invasive alternative to hair coloring kits. They coat your strands and ensure a gradual darkening effect that varies in intensity and duration. On the other hand, vitamins for gray hair based on catalase go against the hair oxidation process by interfering with the culprit for depigmented strands: hydrogen peroxide. By decomposing hydrogen peroxide into two harmless compounds (oxygen and water), these supplements let you take pride in darker hair for a longer period of time. Here is some additional info that can help you choose the best category of 100% natural products for your gray hair.

  • Natural Gray Hair Solutions That Help You Mask Those Silvery Strands

If you just want your tresses to borrow darker accents for a few days, weeks or months, you could put all your hope in one or more DIY potions based on plants, which add color to your locks and make them become more supple and younger-looking. According to lovetoknow.com, there are quite a few topical solutions for gray hair that you could follow, using the most common, inexpensive ingredients that you will always find in your kitchen. The potato peal rinse mixed with lavender oil is only one example worth mentioning. Also, if you love the coverage provided by hair dyes but would very much like to stay away from harsh chemicals, keep in mind that there are several greener formulas that ensure the same benefits as standard hair coloring kits. For instance, Life Mountain Naturals brings you the safest type of herbal hair dye available in eight different shades.

  • Natural Gray Defenses That Tackle the Root of Your Gray Hair Problem

If you are a problem-solver by definition, chances are that you won’t sweep your grays under the rug. If you want to be able to say go away grey without relying on camouflaging tips and tricks, choose to take two pills of getawagrey on a daily basis to be able to witness a natural darkening effect over the course of a few weeks. In this case, the beneficial changes take place on the inside, as catalase is battling the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that are robbing your hair of its pigment. For more info about this innovative product, just visit its official website and stay up-to-date with the natural aids that can bring your gray hair from dull and distressed to fabulous and healthy.

Best Makeup Styles for Women with Gray Hair  

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Celebrities can pull off almost any kind of makeup style and usually look fierce on the red carpet. But clearly, the efforts that they make to look impeccable at any age are supported by an army of skilled and dependable stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists. So instead of obsessing with Meryl Streep’s flawless barely there makeup and her uniform gray hair, try to focus on ways in which you can perfect your own styling ritual to achieve a perfect balance between the tones and the appearance of your hair and skin.

As we grow older, we start losing pigment. The color of our hairs fades away and our skin becomes paler. In this context, it becomes obvious that you need to work a bit on your makeup techniques to make them correspond to your new reality. Here are a few guidelines that every woman over 50 should consider before applying her favorite moisturizing cream and foundation.

Choose Your Favorite: Bold Red Lipstick or Smokey Eyes (Sorry, You Can’t Have Both!). Red lips and smokey eyes are the distinctive elements that can create a contrast with your depigmented tresses and actually make your best features even more noticeable. However, red lipstick and dark matte eye shadow are never a part of the same story, so they should never be associated.

Opt for a Quality Foundation and Ditch the Powder Blush. Go for a premium foundation compatible with your age and skin type. Skin care products containing SPF are always the smartest alternative, because they ensure a great level of protection against UVA and UVB rays. In addition, to avoid the old lady look, try to stay away from powder blush. Fine particles of powder will inevitably sit in the rough patches and lines that may already be visible on your face. Unfortunately, the results won’t give you any satisfaction, as your cheeks will most likely seem uneven and splotchy.

Get Perfect Eyebrows, Toss the “Bleeding” Lipstick and Use Concealer in Moderation. Perfectly styled eyebrows are the key to correcting the unpleasant aspect of droopy eyes. In this case, you would have to recreate a perfect, natural arch and use a brown eye shadow or a special eyebrow styling kit to fill in those sparse spots that may impact the shape of your brows. When it comes to applying concealer, don’t choose extremely light hues, as they will only make your skin look paler, while also emphasizing your bags and deep wrinkles. Buy and use a good concealer that does a great job at masking those nasty brown circles and distribute it evenly by patting it with a flat brush. Last but not least, if your lips and the area surrounding your month display deep creases, try to avoid lip glosses and dramatic shades of lipstick, because both options would only creep into your wrinkles and lead to a messy look.

Why do you want to stop gray hair in the first place? Lack of color doesn’t have to be your worst problem. Matte shades of gray, navy and brown, as well as bold metallic tones, soft blushes available in warm hues and neutral, moisturizing lipsticks can help you upgrade your image in a matter of a few seconds, even when your hair is 100% colorless. But don’t forget that gray hair needs more than a few clever makeup tricks to look its best. To obtain the softest, silkiest locks and interfere with the natural oxidation process to get back to a vibrant, more uniform color, just take catalase supplements twice a day.

3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Scalp and Achieve Healthier Gray Hair

bigstock-Young-woman-washing-head-by-s-37586176You have recently decided to embrace your grays with pride and dignity. At this point, you are actually pleased with your hair’s natural tone. However, you are very bothered by the fact that your tresses look flat most of the time and require many different styling products to maintain their appeal. Therefore, you forget that sometimes less is more and start to mix mousse with strong-hold hair spray and gels. The result is usually disastrous, as you are forced to wash your hair more often to remove product buildup. On the other hand, your daily gray hair washing routine is putting a lot of pressure on your delicate locks, making them become dry and frizzy. So how could you break out from this vicious circle? The answer is simple: a healthy scalp leads to healthier hairs. If you’d like to take better care of your scalp, here are a few easy tips that will point you in the right direction.

Use Sunscreen Religiously. We all know that the sun is partially responsible for your fading color. You may be able to live with a few sleek blondish strands, but you shouldn’t let the hot sunrays impact the condition of your scalp. According to About Style, in order to keep things cool and prevent sun damage that may affect your hair health, you should wear a cap and/or use sunscreen as often as possible, especially when you have to spend a few hours in outdoor spaces on a torrid summer day. Some of the best products also act as all-in-one styling aids, are not greasy (come in spray form) and are extremely easy to apply. You just need a couple of puffs and you’re ready to go!

Prepare Your Own Cheap and Effective Conditioner. Forget about remedies that come in a bottle and cost a fortune and focus on the not-so-secret DIY recipe that could fortify and protect your scalp and graying hair. In this case, you’ll need to come up with a protein-packed cocktail. Prepare a mix of natural yoghurt and eggs and apply it on your scalp and tresses. Let it rest for a few minutes and then wash and rinse your hair like you usually do.

Beer Works Best for Salon-Smooth Graying Hair. When it comes to achieving salon-smooth and silky hair, you would probably expect to spend thousands of dollars on top-rated styling aids, right? Well, if you see things from this perspective, chances are that you are overlooking one key ingredient that can transform your scalp and graying hair and take them from dull to amazing in a matter of a few minutes. Yes, we are talking about your favorite liquid snack: beer. In this case, according to The Times of India, you would just have to pour a little bit of beer on your wet hair and massage your scalp with your fingers for approximately 20 minutes. Afterwards, you should complete the process by rinsing your hair thoroughly to eliminate the prominent smell of beer.

These tips will allow you to keep your scalp (and aging hairs) in excellent condition. However, don’t forget that amazing transformations start from within, so choose to take catalase supplements regularly to achieve a gorgeous color and texture is a safe, natural manner.

Gray Hair Diary: What Are the Factors That Can Accelerate the Growth of Your Locks

make-up-for-gray-hairMost women are fully aware of the fact that long, silky, glossy hair is one of the most powerful weapons of seduction. This is precisely why they spend a lot of money on salon treatments and always hesitate when it comes to upgrading their cut. “My hair is so long and pretty. I don’t have the heart to trim it.” If you hear yourself making this statement quite often, this means that you are striving to maintain a solid relationship with your graying hair. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trim your split ends regularly. At the same time, if you have experimented with your scissors only to achieve disastrous results and now you wish you could turn back time, we have good news for you. There are several factors that could accelerate your hair growth safely and effortlessly.

Scalp Massages. Who doesn’t love a long, relaxing scalp massage? This type of pampering treatment will help you unwind, but it will also improve your blood circulation and channel a greater amount of nutrients towards the roots of your hairs. According to Schwarzkopf, you could also perform this simple and absolutely free therapy by combing your strands with your fingers and pulling on your hair in a very gentle manner. Tapping and pulling techniques are very effective and can enable you to grow longer, more luscious hair faster than ever before.

Special Shampoos and Conditioners Designed to Help You Achieve Thicker Hair. Hair care products containing Q10 coenzyme are a great ally for all men and women who are trying to make their hair become stronger and more voluminous. This coenzyme boosts keratin production and leads to healthier-looking, more resistant hairs. Some shampoos coat every single strands with a protective film based on a collagen complex and various other essential ingredients. The film serves a very important purpose, as it stimulates your aging hair to become thicker and less fragile.

Catalase Supplements. Vitamins for hair are a great choice, simply because they allow users to feed and rejuvenate their strands from the inside out. Catalase works against the hair oxidation process, by destructuring hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. On top of that, these pills for gray hair also contain a mix of natural extracts from excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that give you the chance to grow longer, healthier, more luscious hair and say goodbye to clip-on extensions and other tricks that you may rely on at this point to display an envy-generating mane.


Discover the Link between Exercise and Healthy Gray Hair

Mother And Daughter Cycling Through A ParkYou try to eat healthy, drink those 8 glasses of water on a daily basis and use the most expensive shampoos and conditioners that you can find on the market, and still your gray hair doesn’t seem to appreciate your effort. At the end of the day, your grays are still lifeless and unappealing. Where did you go wrong? To help you solve this dilemma, we’ll ask you a different question: How often do you hit the gym? Are you one of those people who think that they exercise more than enough simply because they climb the stairs, vacuum the carpets and dust their entire house regularly?  In this case, you should know that this type of physical activity won’t help you unlock the real benefits of a sustained exercising routine.

Is There a Solid Connection Between Healthy Grays and Exercise?

According to Health Analysis, exercise represents the key to maintaining a full hair line. Sustained physical effort can improve your quality of life in various ways. By boosting your circulation, improving your metabolism, increasing your energy levels and enabling you to control your appetite, exercise will always give you the opportunity to implement positive changes in your life. Exercise stimulates your circulation, speeding up the transportation of nutrients that need to reach your body cells. The result is not difficult to anticipate: physical activity will lead to a healthier scalp, a fuller hair line and healthier, much more luscious strands.

But what kind of physical exercises should you perform when you’re in your 50s? Pushups and squats may not be the best choice, especially when you’re constantly complaining about your aching back and joints. On the other hand, according to WebMD, dance exercise, walking and jogging are the safest, most effective alternatives for women over 50 who want to stay in excellent shape. Aerobic exercise could also be good for your cardiovascular system; plus it could also support your weight loss goals. Exercise tailored to your very own medical history may also allow you to prevent a wide range of diseases, including osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, an exercising routine can also tame some of the most annoying symptoms associated with menopause, including sleep problems and hot flashes.

Give Your Grays a Helping Hand

Therefore, before trying to fabricate new excuses for your sedentary lifestyle, reevaluate the main ways in which exercise can benefit your gray hair and your body as a whole. If you think that your grays could use a stimulant to regain their intensity and unique glow, start taking vitamins for hair based on catalase. Two pills taken every single day could allow you to beautify and fortify your strands from the inside out.

Signs That Your Gray Hair Needs Help Now

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isol“Why does my hair look so flat and boring? After all, I do wash it 3 or 4 times a week!” Does this sound like a question that you are asking yourself on a daily basis? If your tresses are far from being your pride and joy, you should probably consider improving your regular hair care regimen. Here are a few common issues linked to aging hairand their most effective solutions.

1. An Oily Scalp. Gray hair becomes dry and frizzy mostly because it gradually loses its natural oils. However, in some cases hormonal imbalances that may affect your looks and wellbeing after the age of 50 could also be responsible for a greasy scalp. Furthermore, a superficial or incorrect washing and conditioning ritual may also accentuate this problem. When you apply conditioner, make sure you distribute the product evenly on your strands at least 3 cm away from your roots and stick to shampoos especially formulated for gray hair.

2. Split Ends. Since gray hairsare drier than fully pigmented ones, if you have already been hit badly by premature graying it wouldn’t be a bad idea to trim your ends at least once every couple of months to prevent breakage.

3. Bald Spots. Bald spots may also be blamed on hormonal changes, but there are several other causes that could trigger this extremely upsetting problem. Fungal infections, hair pulling (don’t pluck your grays!), too-tight hairstyles and braiding could also lead to bald patches, according toembarrassingproblems.com. Taking into consideration the fact that the real nature of your embarrassing aesthetic concern may not always be that obvious, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before adopting a treatment plan or any lifestyle changes.

4. Fading Color. Worried that your fading hair color is bringing you closer to that awful grandma look? Fortunately, there are ways in which you can address this problem. Firstly, you could use semi or demi-permanent dyes to experiment with different subtle colors. Secondly, you could reinvigorate your existing color by testing a few natural gray hair remediesbased on dermatologically tested active ingredients, like henna for instance. Thirdly, you could restore the healthy brilliance of your locks by taking catalase supplements twice each day.

By applying these simple tips you will protect your youthful appearance and boost your level of self-confidence one step at a time.

3 Easy Ways to Add More Volume to Your Gray Hair

long blond human hair close-upWe all know just how difficult it is to address the every-growing needs of aging hair after turning 50. In an attempt to tame their frizzy strands, most women apply tons of styling products on their mane. Unfortunately, this tactic is usually counterproductive and leads to flat, boring hairand a lot of product buildup that sticks to the graying hairsand contributes to a very unflattering greasy look. Should we ditch styling aids and learn to love our aging tresses as is? Not necessarily! If you want to make your hair seem bigger and fuller, here are a few tips that you should apply right away.

1. Opt for Blunt Ends and Bangs. Frail, discolored ends will only make your locks seem thinner and less attractive. No matter how much you love your hair, trim it on a regular basis. According to WikiHow, a modern hairstyle based on bold bangs and healthy-looking blunt ends could create the impression that you are flaunting the biggest, thickest, most gorgeous hair.

2. Get Big, Romantic Curls. Are you looking for a very flattering hairstyle suitable for 50 something women who follow trends religiously? In this case, why don’t you tell your hairdresser to work his magic and create a few loose, romantic curls? Curls are a great method to put your glossy graying hair on full display while adding volume to your mane. Remember the iconic 80s perms? You don’t have to go that far to get big, bold, beautiful hair. Just use a bunch of hot rollers or your curling iron to create curls in a matter of a few minutes and rely on your favorite hairspray to define them and keep them in place.

3. Get Extensions. Extensions are the key to fuller tresses. Clip-on models are extremely easy to apply. You can literally find hundreds of online tutorials providing easy step-by-step instructions. Maybe you’ve always wondered how celebrities who are in their 40s and 50s never complain about thinning hair, a common problem triggered by hormonal imbalances. The answer is simple: most of them use extensions made from real human hair. If you are ready to gown down the same path to add volume to your graying hair, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a few highlights in order to help the additions blend in well.

At the end of the day, you could also take vitamins for gray hair based on a generous selection of natural ingredients, including Fo-ti, horsetail, folic acid and nettle root extract. These elements keep graying hair in excellent condition, while the ideal dosage of catalase contained by these pills combats the oxidation process by decomposing excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide.

5 Ways to Make Peace with Your Graying Hair

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isolAre your grays stopping you from feeling young and attractive? Are you using dyes as a barrier against the natural aging process? In this case, maybe you should step away from your usual coloring products and learn to love and appreciate your graying hairas is. Most people think that silvery strands are not that bad, but they also affirm that the transition from dark to gray can be quite a hassle. For those of you who want to embrace graying hair in style with zero compromises here are 5 simple solutions to your challenge.

1. Use Less Coverage. According to Yahoo Beauty, you could start byreplacing your permanent coloring product with a semi or demi-permanent substitute. This way, you will obtain a less intense color that will fade away gradually, putting your grays on full display in a more flattering manner.

2. Cheat a Little: Get Highlights. Tired of fading color that doesn’t say much about your fantastic sense of style? Add definition to your aging tresses by getting highlights or lowlights.

3. Go As Light As You Can. Want to help those grays blend in and avoid powerful contrasts that could make you seem way older than you really are? Choose to go platinum. A lighter color will conceal your depigmented strands and let you stay cool. Be careful though: do not try to bleach your hair on your own. Bleaching powder is extremely aggressive and can damage your aging locks in a matter of a few seconds. Discuss your options with your colorist before making a first step in this direction.

4. Add More Grays to Facilitate the Transition. Did you know that gray is one of the most popular shades of 2014? And we’re not referring solely to the best-selling book and fashionable jewelry and clothing items displaying metallic accents. Grayish ends are incredibly hot this season. Numerous celebrities are crazy about lavender gray and ash gray. Therefore, you could rely on an ombre effect based on gray tones and a messy parting to mask your premature graying problem.

5. Darken Your Tresses Using Catalase Supplements. You don’t need to go gray if you don’t want to. But you should consider ditching dye, especially since there is a safer, more natural way to turn back the clock on your hair. Use catalase supplements to darken your mane gradually. These tested pills for gray hair work on the inside, by dissolving hydrogen peroxide accumulations that bleach your strands and force you to cope with silver tones sooner than expected.