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Ali MacGraw Proves That White or Gray Hair Can Be Incredibly Appealing

ed7d2ad5adae33a3428b101397afd1beWhen was the last time that you actually listened to what your graying hair had to say? “Dear aging hair, you are colorless and frizzy, you don’t get to have an opinion!” If most women could maintain a dialog with their discolored tresses, this is probably the first sentence that would roll off their tongue. But how does this rocky relationship with your locks actually benefit you? It doesn’t. Ali MacGraw is one of the very few (famous) women who are no longer intimidated by white strands and the perfectly normal aging process whose changes become visible after the age of 50.

Ali MacGraw Proves That Natural White Hair Is the Foundation of a Immaculate Look

Those who watched Oprah’s show in 2010 got the chance to hear what Ali MacGraw, a 71-year old beautiful brunette, had to say about aging and the inherent transformations linked to this stage in one’s life. Four years later, just in time for her 75th birthday party, Ali decided to ditch her coloring sessions and learn to love her graying hair as is. Due to the fact that Ali now lives in Santa Fe, far away from the spoken and unspoken rules of beauty and style dictated by celebrities, she feels free to go natural and flaunt her faultless snowy white locks. Ali now spends most of her time among mature, independent women who respect her decision and share her own values and principles in life. Once you manage to banish all that tiresome Hollywood pressure, you realize that hair color isn’t all that important. You can go blonde, go dark or just shave your head and wear a wig, as long as your choice makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

According to Huffington Post, the transition from dark to all-white wasn’t so easy for Ali. The 75-year old American actress even said that her transitional locks “looked awful for a while.” However, the series of changes that she has undergone flatter her perfect features and also give her the self-confidence that she needs at this point.

To Color or Not to Color? Should you dye your graying hair or should you just let it be? In the end, this is a personal choice that has very much to do with the level of pressure that you might experience at home or in your work environment. Nonetheless, if you wish to stay true to yourself and embrace your graying hair without relying on a single drop of dye, consider taking catalase supplements. These pills for hair could help you address the fading color issue by restoring the natural brilliance of your tresses and fortifying them from within.

How to Keep Your Grays Healthy without Spending a Fortune on Salon Treatments

gray-hair-color-6Picture this: you run into one of your best friends from high-school and she doesn’t even recognize you! To make things even worse (if possible) she blames this incident on your hair. “What on earth did you do to your hair? It looks so…different.” In this case, we all know that she’s actually referring to the things that you haven’t done. For some reason or another, you never have enough time to condition your graying hair properly. Since you can’t stand hair dyes, you haven’t done anything to improve that dull fading color. Furthermore, you have also ignored the fact that you should upgrade your current cut, which indicates that you’re still stuck in the early 80s. OK, so in these terrible circumstances, how could you work on your appearance by bring your gray hair back to life? If your goal is to keep your strands healthy and shiny, here are a few useful tips that will support your mission.

Try a Glossing Treatment. Gray hair follicles can work against you, simply because they deliver a reduced level of natural oil and negligible amounts of melanin. This is why gray hair tends to become frizzy and lifeless. The solution to this problem is within reach and comes in the form of a glossing treatment that you can apply in your own home. Results can last for up to one week, especially when you use a quality product like John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze. To maximize the effect, condition your gray hair twice on a weekly basis, to nourish and protect the outer layer of your cuticles and create a luscious, light-reflecting surface.

Fatten Up Your Locks. Nobody says that you would look good with a voluminous mane that could make you resemble Diana Ross, but this doesn’t stop you from giving your aging tresses a little bit of TLC. To add volume to your flat grays, you can try different types of sprays that can be pulverized right at the root of your hairs. Or better yet, you could rely on mousse-like aids that coat every single strand and boost the diameter of your grays.

Utilize Gray Hair Smoothers. The texture of gray hairs is different than the one displayed by pigmented strands. So how could you possibly style and beautify wiry, rebellious hairs that refuse to lie flat? According to More, you should try to tame your aging locks by applying a smoothening serum, like the ones introduced by Pantene or Kerastase. Aids based on silicone are particularly effective because this ingredient has remarkable cuticle-flattering properties.

These three steps will guide you towards healthier gray hair. Nonetheless, if you think that real beauty flourishes from within, choose to feed and protect your strands from the inside out by taking vitamins for hair based on catalase on a daily basis.

3 Unbelievably Simple Gray Hair Dyeing Tips for Men That You Should Apply Right Away  

Stressed Man Working On LaptopMost men can’t wait to get hit by premature graying, thinking that their new silvery strands could help them gain the charm and the self-confidence of some of the most sought-after Hollywood actors, like Sean Connery, George Clooney and John Slattery. But maybe you’re different. Maybe your graying hair is linked to your fear of aging and this is why you can’t wait to find the best way to conceal that ugly fading color. Should you accept the fact that you’ve lost the battle with the hair oxidation process or should you try to restore your raven locks at all costs? Your colorist will tell you that shades of silver are perfectly avoidable. But how could you achieve a faultless, natural-looking color on your own, in the comfort of your own home? Things aren’t as complicated as you may think. Here are a few professional tips that you should follow to camouflage your grays in the safest, most effective manner.

  1. Read and Follow the Product Instructions. Many people skip this phase and just go with the flow. Don’t repeat this mistake. If the instructions say that you should leave the formula on your locks for 15 minutes, then just let it rest for exactly 15 minutes. And also choose to do a patch test to make sure that the product can be applied safely on your scalp, without causing any type of allergic reactions.
  2. Use Vaseline to Prevent Skin Stains. Stains on your forehead will let everyone know that your gorgeous color comes from a tube, and you probably wouldn’t want this to happen, right? Well, in this case, you would just have to apply a small amount of Vaseline around your hairline to prevent staining. Vaseline will stop your skin from absorbing the new pigments.
  3. Use Sea Breeze Toner to Remove Stains. Don’t overstress yourself trying to get rid of stains left by your favorite coloring product on your forehead and around your temples. Just rub the stained areas with a little bit of Sea Breeze (toner) and let the product work its magic.

All in all, remember that you could always count on fairly accessible dyes especially formulated for men, like Just for Men or Clairol Natural Instincts for Men. Also, a fast salon service called Redken for Men Color Camo can help you get rid of gray hair in less than 15 minutes and costs around 30 dollars, according to About Style. Whichever option you choose, remember that your goal is to work with your natural hue by toning down your grays, not by trying to obliterate them. Last but not least, if dyes aren’t your thing, start taking catalase supplements to brighten up your mane and take pride in much more beautiful and resistant strands.

Gray Hair Trends: Dascha Polanco Stuns with New Amazing Ombre Grayish Hair Color

Laurel DeWitt - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015What’s the coolest color in the catalogue? Top stylists will point towards gray. You may beg to differ. “What on earth do you mean by that? I’ve been struggling to cover my grays for a couple of decades.” Well, it seems that the trendiest kids on the block have succeeded in reinventing this rather controversial hue. At this point, grayish shades with metallic accentsare considered an inspired choice.

Celebrities Help Gray Hair Make a Huge Comeback

One thing’s certain: young stars aren’t afraid to experiment. As it turns out, top-rated celebs know no limits. From radical dye jobs to drastic wardrobe upgrades, the wild and famous youngsters have done it all. Dascha Polanco is no exception to this rule. During the New York Fashion Week, the gorgeous Dominican actress has stolen the show with her insanely attractive gray hair. No, she hasn’t been impacted by premature graying. She just wanted to implement a series of changes and decided to give metallic gray a chance.

Her new look is individualized by her purple tips. The transition between gray and purple is very natural and won’t make your eyes bleed. As a matter of fact, even though it may be hard to believe, gray hair is an awesome pick for the “Orange Is the New Black” star. The colors match her complexion and the subtle ombre effect is to die for. Furthermore, her classy waves add volume to her locks and contribute to an effortlessly chic appearance that turns heads instantly.

Polanco isn’t the only young, beautiful celebrity who has voted in favor of graying hair way ahead of her time. Nicole Richie, Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne are only three other famous ladies who know how to style and flaunt gray hairand turn it into a truly iconic accessory. Other teen idols, like Katy Perry for instance, have been sporting metallic tones for years in a row. Perry is no stranger to bold shades of gray, blue and green that fit her personal style and taste.

Would Gray Hair Also Work for You?

Only a few men and women over 40 could dye their hair green or blue and be fully satisfied with their choice. Nonetheless, going gray on purpose is a complete different story. Silvery manes look good at any age and can complement most complexions. Silver may soon become the new black. On the other hand, if the mere thought of living with gray hair scares you to death, choose to conceal those first depigmented strands using semi- or demi-permanent dyes. For a gradual darkening effect, you could also take catalase supplements that interfere with the natural hair oxidation process.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Give Short Gray Hairstyles a (Second) Chance

0809p32-gray-mWe have all learned the lesson of grace and femininity. If we were to summarize it, it would probably sound something like this: “stay away from short hairstyles that could make you look like an equally rebellious female version of Billy Idol”. But short cuts aren’t always edgy and masculine. As a matter of fact, we can give you at least 3 excellent reasons why shorter styles are the perfect pick for classy, modern women over 40.

First Reason: Short Cuts Are Very Versatile. Shorter hairstyles are anything but boring. As a matter of fact, a good short cut could enable you to be a daring biker girl by day and a glamorous diva by night. Side-swept bangs and layers could be combed for an effortlessly chic daytime-appropriate look or styled into wavy Old Hollywood curls for special evening events. Bottom line: short hairstyles are a lot of fun and let you put your creativity and imagination at work.

Second Reason: Short Cuts Are Celebrity-Approved. Jamie Lee Curtis and Halle Berry are only 2 top-rated celebs who know that properly maintained short cuts can be very flattering. The second actress still relies on dyes to camouflage her gray hair, while Curtis seems to be very fond of her discolored tresses. Either way, their less conventional face-framing short cuts fit them like a glove and prove that you don’t have to count on extensions and display fake Rapunzel-inspired hair to be successful in a world where you still get judged based on your appearance.

Third Reason: Short Cuts Require Very Little Maintenance. Don’t like to wake up an hour earlier in the morning just to comb and style your long, frizzy graying hair? Would you be willing to simplify your daily grooming ritual? If all your answers are affirmative, pay your stylist a visit and start exploring different short styles and new colors that would match your complexion,age and facial features. If you don’t want to color your mane, do keep in mind that a shorter length would help you cope with the inherent problems associated with premature graying (excessive dryness, frizziness) better than any other option.

Moreover, think about bobs and pixies from a completely different perspective: you could always beautify your locks and stick to a more feminine image by wearing the right head and hair accessories.

Most Elegant Evening Gray Hairstyles for Women Over 50  

Hairstyles-For-Older-Women-3Every single time you get invited to a very special event, you spend a few hours in different boutiques trying on dozens of glittery shoes and dresses. A couple of days before the party you spoil yourself with a mani-pedi, facials and the most complete spa treatment that you can afford. What about your gray hair? Last-minute decisions revolving around a new cut and color are very seldom a good idea, especially when you are getting ready for a cocktail party or a gala. Fortunately, there are quite a few sleek, low-maintenance hairstyles that flatter most women over 50 and don’t require an entire arsenal of styling tools and products to look their best for many hours in a row. Here are a few examples worth mentioning.

A Long Bob. The long or medium bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles that you could ever decide to try. It is suitable for women of all ages and is a great match for all face shapes, hair colors and textures and complexions. If you want to rely on this elegant style to hide your gray hairs, consider getting highlights and lowlights, or go for an asymmetrical cut with a messy parting to distract attention away from the depigmented strands.

Hairstyles-For-Older-Women-7Shoulder-Length Blonde Hair with Loose Curls. This hairstyle is a safe bet for most aging women for a number of reasons. First of all, as soon as they get hit by premature graying, more than a few classy ladies decide to lighten up their locks. A lighter color makes the grays less visible. Secondly, shoulder-length cuts work best for those who want to accentuate their feminine side and maintain a youthful look. When it comes to getting a new cut, don’t go to extremes. Aging hair that is way too long or too short may no longer suit you. Thirdly, loose curls add warmth to your face and contribute to an effortlessly chic romantic look. You can pull your curled locks in a pony or style them in a slightly messy updo. Either way, use your favorite hairspray to finish the look. You may also want to count on a high-shine styling product (preferably a different spray) to maximize the brilliance of your graying hairand accentuate your blonde tones.

Short Hairstyles with Side-Swept Bangs. You’ve tried to get rid of gray hair naturally using homemade potions without witnessing any signs of improvement. So now what? Here’s an idea: cut your hair short and create multiple layers and modern side-swept bangs. This is Emma Thompson’s iconic look that never ceases to attract compliments. To keep your aging hair in excellent condition, you may also want to start taking vitamins for gray hair based on catalase.


6 Things That No Woman over 50 Should Ever Wear

make-up-for-gray-hairAre you concerned about the fact that the aging process could change who you are by forcing you to adopt a more rigid dress code on a daily basis? To eliminate these worries, you would just have to turn on the TV on or buy yourself a bunch of fashion magazines.

You’ll notice that numerous well-known celebrities who are in their 60s, 70s and 80s are still drop-dead gorgeous and manage to dress well onany occasion. Let divas like Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone and Jane Fonda become your primary sources of inspiration and start implementing the right lifestyle changes. The most radical transformations start inside your closet. If you have already been impacted by premature grayingand can count more than a few subtle wrinkles on your face, keep reading to discover 6 elements that you should avoid from now on, simply because they affect your looks and personal style.

1. Leggings Paired with Crop Tops. This sporty combo is suitable for an energetic 6-year old or for an extra skinny supermodel. If it definitely not flattering on a 50 something year old; and no amount of time spent at the gym could ever change that.

2. Minis and Cleavage-Baring Glittery Dresses. Lovely ladies like Jennifer Lopez or Kyle Minogue who are in their 40s can still pull off the glamorous cut out glittery dress look. They also look great in minis and shorts. Nonetheless, these clothing items are not exactly age-appropriate for ladies over 50. Even if you have fabulous toned arms and legs, choose to highlight your assets in a more subtle manner, by wearing a full-length dress, preferably with long sleeves or a shawl.

3. Fleeces and Jogging Bottoms. Jogging bottoms and fleeces are only suitable for a quick run in the park. No matter how active your lifestyle really is, keep this kind of apparel in your gym locker.

4. Hysterical Prints. Floral prints are a good choiceat any age. However, combing them with stripes (especially horizontal ones that add a few inches in all the wrong places), polka dots and tribal prints is never a good idea. Choose your motifs wisely and don’t try to mix and match different prints that don’t make sense together.

5. Brightly Colored Eye Shadow. Bright shades of blue, pink or silver won’t do you any favors after turning 50. On the contrary, shimmery metallic colors will only accentuate the fine wrinkles around your eyes and make you look pale and tired.

6. Odd Hair Colors. We totally get it: you rely on dye to camouflage those nasty gray hairs. But premature graying shouldn’t be considered a good excuse to experiment with your aging locks. Opt for a simple, low-maintenance, extremely versatile cut, like a long or medium bob for instance, and dye your hair in a lighter color to help your grays blend in. if you don’t want to color your tresses, remember that you could always decide to take vitamins for gray hair based on catalase to get one step closer to a smoother younger-looking mane.



3 Ways in Which Celebrities Address the Gray Hair Issue

madonnaEPA_468x522The appearance of the first gray hairs can add some drama to your life and make you question the effectiveness of your beautification rituals. What can you do to your aging tresses to prevent the dull, partially scary old lady look? When in doubt, you can always take a closer look at the many Hollywood role models who know how to age gracefully. They may not be willing to share their anti-aging secrets with you, but their stylists are often very generous when it comes to sharing valuable info with the grand public. In case you are looking for a few celebrity-approved ways to cope with graying hair, just keep reading to assimilate the trendiest methods to make peace with silver strands.

1. Going Back to Dark Roots. Everyday people will tell you that dark roots are a real nightmare forcing men and women to camouflage their mane in between coloring appointments. On the other hands, first-class celebrities beg to differ. In their parallel universe, darker roots coupled with fair locks are a valid indicator of their youth. Let’s face it: one would expect Madonna to display grayish roots; after all, she is in her 50s. In reality, according to Daily Mail, Madonna, Tess Daly, Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston are only a few of the hottest celebs with age-defying bodies and gorgeous tresses who like to create and maintain a powerful contrast between ends and roots to prove that they still have enough natural pigment on their locks. Nonetheless, experts say that the color of their roots also comes from a tube.

2. Using Highlights and Lowlights as a Distraction. Looking for a much more subtle distraction? In this case, why don’t you try a mix of colors that make sense together? Try different tones of caramel and sandy blonde to obtain a classy, elegant Cindy Crawford-inspired look. These tones are a perfect match for any skin color and any age.

3. Relying on High-Shine Sprays to Give the Graying Look an Upgrade. At some point, you may get tired of dyes. In the long run, even magic wands and other temporary root concealers may bore you to death and fuel your frustration. If you want to maintain a glossy natural look, get a very simple cut tailored to the symmetries and asymmetries of your face and boost the appeal of your salt and pepper look by using a high-shine mousse, gel or spray. Furthermore, those who would much rather darken their manes gradually without coloring them can always take scientifically-proven catalase supplements to achieve their goal.

5 Most Flattering Accessories for Gray Hair

woman-with-gray-hair-updoGray can be an amazing color, as long as you wear it right. This means that both men and women who have already been affected by premature graying should probably pay more attention to the stringent needs of their depigmented strands. A good conditioner, a high-shine spray and a brush with delicate bristles can do wonders for your aging locks.

But at some point, you may feel that you’re not putting enough creativity or effort in your daily styling routine. What’s missing? What’s stopping you from building and flaunting a flawless, one-of-a-kind signature look? The answer is not difficult to guess: your hair lacks the right accessories. If you’re looking for simple beautification tips based on hair accessories, keep reading to spot the trendiest pieces that could complement your grays.

1. Silk Scarves. What could be more versatile, fun and chic than a colorful silk scarf? You could wear them on your head in 1 million different ways. You could use your favorite one to create a spectacular turban or include it in a Russian-style braid, for a slightly edgy, unconventional look.

2. Combs. Retro combs are back in fashion. Condition your graying hair properly and use large rollers to achieve loose, beautiful Old Hollywood curls. Rely on a silver or golden vintage comb adorned with pearls or colorful gemstones to replicate the agelessly beautiful GretaGarbo look that would be perfect for any Great Gatsby-themed party.

3. Tiaras. If you’re more like Grace Kelly and adore elegant, slightly conservative clothing items and accessories, don’t hesitate to go for a superb tiaraadorned with crystals. This embellishment will never be suitable for a day at the office, but it can ensure a royal look and a very special glow during classy evening events.

4. A One-of-a-Kind Fascinator. Don’t plan to reverse gray hair in the near future? We totally respect your choice. In this case, you could boost the appeal of your silver strands by wearing abold, unique fascinator decorated with various intriguing elements, such as peacock feathers, poppies, autumn leaves, pearls or a short veil. First-class celebs like Eva Mendes and Sarah Jessica Parker are totally addicted to this statement accessory; not to mention that the Duchess of Cambridge rarely leaves her house without an extravagant headpiece these days.

5. Your Own Hair! Your hair is your most valuable accessory. Explore its full potential by unleashing your creativity. Use different types of laces (leather, colorful cotton or silk and so on) to create unique, romantic braids. At the end of the day, if you think that your gray strands are a major turn-off ruining your best outfit ideas, choose to restore your natural pigment the easy way, by taking catalase supplementsthat turn grays into fully pigmented strands in no time.

5 Ways to Untangle Gray Hair Fast and Painlessly

long blond human hair close-upDo you hate your graying hair mostly because it is always frizzy and almost impossible to control? Would you give just about anything to achieve a nice, clean look based on silky, glowing locks that look and feel amazing? In this case, you just have to find a way to fight the excessive dryness of gray hair and keep you tresses properly conditioned at all times. If you’re actually looking for tips on how to untangle vulnerable, aging hair the easy way, here are a few suggestions that may work for you.

1. Spray Your Locks. According to Wikihow, you should start by applying any type of detangling agent on your tresses. You could buy and use a special spray that you could find in any drugstore, but you could also spray it with water. Once your grays are wet, it will be easier for you to detangle them without enduring a tremendous pain.

2. Get a Wide Tooth Comb. Using a quality wide tooth comb, break up your matted hair with delicate picking motions. Separate your graying hairs into smaller sections and start combing them gently. You could dip the comb into a detangling mix based on water and liquid keratin to simplify your mission. Liquid keratin will make it easier for you to detangle deteriorated strands, plus its active ingredients will leave your hairs smooth and shiny.

3. Use a Brush. After separating your hairs into tinier sections, take a brush and try to tame every single strand. Make sure you grip your gray hair 1 inch from your scalp, to avoid pulling out or deteriorating your healthy strands.

4. Blow Dry Your Hairs. Let your grays dry naturally or blow dry your locks. The final choice is up to you. At the end of your blowout, don’t forget to apply a premium anti-frizziness styling product that will keep your graying hair in place for the longest period of time. Hairstyling is another aspect that you should focus on. If your hair is fragile and prone to breakage as is, try to avoid complicated updo styles or extremely tight pony tails that could make you shed more than a few perfectly healthy strands.

5. Take Vitamins for Hair. Sometimes, aging hair needs a little bit of support from within to stay healthy and shiny. If you are not ready for grays or simply want to increase the appeal and improve the texture of your tresses, just take catalase supplementsto achieve your goal. These vitamins for hair act like a revolutionary grey defense and are the key to silkier, radiant hair that gets tangled less often.