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Catalase Sources – What to Eat?

Catalase is among one of the most important proteins produced naturally by our bodies. It helps our body break down hydrogen peroxide, which acts as a bleaching element causing grey hair, into water and oxygen. With age, the production of this important protein in our body can go down which results in graying hair at an old age. In some cases however, sources of Catalase in your body can deplete much faster which is the reason of premature greying of hair.

There are anti graying supplements like Get Away Grey that can be quite effective in sustaining Catalase in your body. You can easily order these supplements online at GetAwayGrey.com . Moreover, by taking the right diet you can ensure that you are taking in the right amount of required minerals and proteins to sustain sources of Catalase in your body. Here is a list of things you should add to your meals more often if you don’t want to welcome grey hair for a long time:

Barley, Wheat and Sprouts

Barley grass, wheat, green sprouts, alfalfa and Brussels sprouts contain significant amounts of Catalase and other beneficial antioxidants. The sprouts that are younger and raw are much richer with Catalase. Moreover, all these grains should be organically grown since food processing and high temperatures can diminish the presence of Catalase in these food sources. To stop grey hair, adding them to your meals can be quite beneficial.


Some vegetables are also quite high on the amount of Catalase they contain. Avocado has the largest amount of Catalase in them but since they are also high in fat, they should not be consumed in abundance. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are two very nutritious and affordable sources to get protein, and can be incorporated with your meals easily. Other vegetables that contain substantial amount of Catalase enzymes include onions, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, celery, parsnip, radishes, carrots, kale, red cabbage, red pepper, turnips and leeks. Most of these vegetables can be easily made a part of your daily diet in form of salads or sidelines to stop grey hair.


Among fruits that have the richest sources of Catalase, pineapple, banana, watermelon, apricots, cherries, peaches and kiwi stand at the top. Apples and grapes also contain substantial amount of Catalase in them, while almost all other fruits contain Catalase to some extent. To stop grey hair, the best thing to do is to eat these fruits raw, since cooking them on high temperature can damage the enzymes in them.


If you want something that belongs to the meat category, beef liver is the richest source that contains Catalase enzymes. It also contains several other minerals that aid the body in the natural production of Catalase. However, it is also rich in fats and too much consumption of it to stop grey hair can lead to other health issues.