What is Catalase? Benefits and Supplements

What is catalase? This is a question that is on the minds of a lot of people. Well, catalase is a common enzyme that is present in most living organisms. The reactions in catalyses are important to life, for example: it helps the body to break down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, thus preventing the accumulation of carbon dioxide bubbles in the blood. It also oxidizes toxins in the body such as formaldehyde, alcohols, phenols and formic acid. Let’s take a detailed look at the use and benefits of catalase.

Works as a Anti-Aging Agent

Catalase is a powerful anti-aging agent. Currently, researchers are working on finding even more benefits of catalase with possible links to extending life span. It could work on de-generating our systems and making us feel younger.

Helps Reduce Fat

Experts believe that catalase could also play a role in reducing body fat. Lab rats were tested using this theory and reports indicated a 20% reduction in body fat. The study also revealed a link between catalase and muscle strength.

What is CatalaseGrey Hair Solution

High levels of catalase can help reverse grey hair. Experts believe that a lack of catalase in the system can cause grey hair.  When there is a drop in catalase levels, hydrogen peroxide cannot be decomposed. The accumulated hydrogen peroxide bleaches the hair inside out and causes it to turn grey.

Protects your DNA

Excessive stress and damaging oxides can damage your DNA. Catalase works as an anti-oxidant enzyme that can help protect your DNA.  Studies have indicated that catalase has long term health benefits as well.

Used in the Food Industry

Catalase is also used in the food industry. It removes hydrogen peroxide from milk and helps with cheese production. It also protects food from harmful oxides thus keeping it safe and healthy for us to consume.

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