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6 Things That No Woman over 50 Should Ever Wear

make-up-for-gray-hairAre you concerned about the fact that the aging process could change who you are by forcing you to adopt a more rigid dress code on a daily basis? To eliminate these worries, you would just have to turn on the TV on or buy yourself a bunch of fashion magazines.

You’ll notice that numerous well-known celebrities who are in their 60s, 70s and 80s are still drop-dead gorgeous and manage to dress well onany occasion. Let divas like Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone and Jane Fonda become your primary sources of inspiration and start implementing the right lifestyle changes. The most radical transformations start inside your closet. If you have already been impacted by premature grayingand can count more than a few subtle wrinkles on your face, keep reading to discover 6 elements that you should avoid from now on, simply because they affect your looks and personal style.

1. Leggings Paired with Crop Tops. This sporty combo is suitable for an energetic 6-year old or for an extra skinny supermodel. If it definitely not flattering on a 50 something year old; and no amount of time spent at the gym could ever change that.

2. Minis and Cleavage-Baring Glittery Dresses. Lovely ladies like Jennifer Lopez or Kyle Minogue who are in their 40s can still pull off the glamorous cut out glittery dress look. They also look great in minis and shorts. Nonetheless, these clothing items are not exactly age-appropriate for ladies over 50. Even if you have fabulous toned arms and legs, choose to highlight your assets in a more subtle manner, by wearing a full-length dress, preferably with long sleeves or a shawl.

3. Fleeces and Jogging Bottoms. Jogging bottoms and fleeces are only suitable for a quick run in the park. No matter how active your lifestyle really is, keep this kind of apparel in your gym locker.

4. Hysterical Prints. Floral prints are a good choiceat any age. However, combing them with stripes (especially horizontal ones that add a few inches in all the wrong places), polka dots and tribal prints is never a good idea. Choose your motifs wisely and don’t try to mix and match different prints that don’t make sense together.

5. Brightly Colored Eye Shadow. Bright shades of blue, pink or silver won’t do you any favors after turning 50. On the contrary, shimmery metallic colors will only accentuate the fine wrinkles around your eyes and make you look pale and tired.

6. Odd Hair Colors. We totally get it: you rely on dye to camouflage those nasty gray hairs. But premature graying shouldn’t be considered a good excuse to experiment with your aging locks. Opt for a simple, low-maintenance, extremely versatile cut, like a long or medium bob for instance, and dye your hair in a lighter color to help your grays blend in. if you don’t want to color your tresses, remember that you could always decide to take vitamins for gray hair based on catalase to get one step closer to a smoother younger-looking mane.