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4 Ways to Cope with Gray Hair at 25

Feeling uncertain. Frustrated mature man in shirt and tie holding hand in hair and looking away while standing against grey backgroundYou can blame your mamma for your less fortunate genetic heritage, but this won’t make those nasty grays go away. How can you cope with gray hair while you’re still in your 20s? Should you try to mask your depigmented strands or should you try to accept them as a part of who you really are and try to use your salt and pepper look to create your unique signature style? At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Here are four easy ways to handle grays without letting this problem get the best of you.

  1. Rely on a Uniform, All-over Color. Dyes won’t help you recover your long-lost pigment, but at least they will enable you to cover your white streaks for a certain period of time. Choose the type of hair dye based on the intensity of the hue that you wish to achieve, the level of contrast between your natural hair and your shade of choice and the type of results that you want to obtain (in this case you’d have to choose from permanent, demi- or semi-permanent coloring formulas).
  2. Take the Highlights and Lowlights Route. If you think that an all-over color is pretentious and high-maintenance, chances are that you will love a more natural look based on lowlights and highlights. These additions can help you make your grays seem less visible, while also framing your face and highlighting your best features.
  3. Embrace Your Grays. Here’s another option that you should consider: go gray naturally, or by counting on your colorist’s professional services. According to an article published by S. News, going gray may allow you to debunk stereotypes that may have influenced your option about white locks. Instead of making other people perceive you as insecure, old and unattractive, colorless tresses displayed at a very young age could indicate that you are a self-confident, experienced person who is not afraid to be different.
  4. Start Taking Catalase Supplements. Maybe you think that gray hair can wait; or perhaps you have already given colorless strands a try and you feel that you have to reignite your relationship with hair dyes. In this case, why not try something different? Catalase supplements could help you address the cause of premature graying, by breaking hydrogen peroxide molecules into water and oxygen. By neutralizing the culprit for gray hair, these pills for gray hair could lead to fortified, rejuvenated locks with a more intense color.

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