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4 Things That You Should Factor in Before Coloring Your Gray Hair

iStock_000016018413_SmallWhat’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about gray hairs? “Gray hair doesn’t scare me. As long as I’ll find affordable hair dyes in any convenience store, I’ll never give those appalling grays a chance!” If you also share this belief, you should know that thousands of men and women worldwide turn to hair coloring kits to mask the first signs of premature graying. Assuming that the lack of hair pigment still scares you to death, here are four things that you should factor in before scheduling a first appointment with a professional colorist.

Nonpermanent Options Triggers Minimal Damages

A recent survey conducted by Angie’s List indicates that 79% of all respondents use permanent dyes to color their hair, while 21% rely on demi or semi-permanent formulas. In reality, nonpermanent options are suitable for locks that are up to 25% gray. These dyes are less aggressive and lead to a natural-looking color that tends to blend in with your grays smoothly, triggering minimal damages.

Highlights and Lowlights Can Make Your Hair Seem Fuller

Grays are usually more noticeable in the area where you part your hair. To make those depigmented strands less visible and avoid powerful contrasts that may impact your youthful appearance it is advisable to get a few discrete highlights in a color that matches your skin tone and natural hair pigment.

Any Type of Coloring Treatment Involves a Level of Damage and Commitment

No matter how hard you try to achieve a hair color that resembles your natural pigment, sooner or later you will have to schedule a new appointment with your colorist and ask for a quick retouch. Because of the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide present in your body, your new hairs will grow white. Contrary to popular belief, hair doesn’t go gray overnight; it actually grows like this. In most cases, this transformation takes place really fast, so you could notice the white roots a couple of weeks after your coloring job.

You Can Darken Your Locks Naturally Using Catalase Supplements

Why waste so much time, money and energy on touchups when you can prevent the appearance of the first white strands by taking pills based on catalase? Getawaygrey is a natural supplement based on an innovative formula designed to prevent, stop or reverse gray hair. Two pills taken on a daily basis can lead to a darker mane in only 8 to 12 weeks, without exposing the user to any unwanted side effects. For more info on such vitamin complexes go to www.GetAwayGrey.com and discover the formula that could help you feel young and attractive at any age by transforming your hair from the inside out.