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4 Myths about Premature Grey Hairs You Should Ignore

Getting premature grey hairs is becoming quite a common phenomenon nowadays and as the number of people with premature grey hairs increases, so does the endless myths associated with their causes, effects, and remedies. Some attribute it to genetics while others hold lifestyle choices the culprit. Between all this, there are several myths about grey hairs that are not completely accurate, but are so common through the ages that they are now considered as true. Here are some of these myths which you should not pay heed to at all:

Stress and Smoking are Harmless

While many people keep emphasizing on the point that grey hairs at early age are by no means a consequence of lifestyle choices, this is not absolutely true. Smoking and stress, to some extent, do cause graying of hairs. Stress causes your body to release hydrogen peroxide in excess which grey your hairs faster. Similarly, it is found that people who smoke have four times higher chances of having grey hairs at early age than those who don’t.

Plucking One Grey Hair Will Cause Two More

This old wives’ tale is the most ludicrous yet the most widely believed one. It is your hair, not the mythological creature Hydra whose heads keep popping out. If you pluck one grey hair from your head, you will not grow two more grey hairs at its place. There might be a chance that you will notice more grey hairs because your hair graying process has progressed, but not because you plucked one and others are back to take revenge!

You Can Become Grey-Haired Overnight

While it might be true that stress and trauma occasionally fuels up the graying process of hairs, they cannot cause you to become ‘white’ overnight. Hairs that are already grown cannot change color, no matter how stressed you are. However, some conditions, such as severe trauma or stress can result in you losing your darker hairs faster, leaving behind the grey and white ones. Due to the loss of dark hairs, these light ones become more prominent making you think you are growing more grey hairs.

You Cannot Reverse Grey Hair

While not all products advertised for reversing hair graying process are genuine, there are still ways to naturally reverse your hair color back to original. Premature grey hairs are usually caused due to excess production of hydrogen peroxide, which can be prevented by Catalase, an enzyme produced by our body. In order to increases the amount of Catalase in your body, you can use Get Away Grey, which is a formula that  provides natural solutions to reverse grey hair back to original your original color. You can visit GetAwayGrey.com to get this formula with a complete money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.