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3 Ways to Get Seductive Transition Locks Using Accessible Gray Hair Solutions  

Portrait Of Beautiful Senior Woman SmilingGray hair is not always ugly and difficult to manage. There are dozens of gray-haired A-listers whom we all know and love; most of them succeed in turning their depigmented strands into a fashionable accessory. Do you know what their secret is? Aside from the fact that they shed thousands of dollars on salon treatments and stylists, they take pride in a uniform color. The unpleasant, odd-looking contrast between your white streaks and your raven strands is what makes your mane seem so bizarre. Fortunately, you can overcome this problem by following a few easy tips leading to sultry transition hair.

  1. Get a New Haircut Every Three Weeks. According to The Blade, in order to facilitate the transition from dull and grayish to bold, immaculate white and beautiful, you should get a new cut on a monthly basis, or every three weeks if possible. By experimenting with different styles you can find new ways to express your personality and accentuate your most flattering features. Most importantly, you would also manage to get rid of the split ends and the lower layers that still bare the traces of your old, not very inspired dye job.
  2. Try Bangs, Lowlights in the Front and Makeup Tricks. If you’d rather stick to a certain style that would definitely fit you like a glove and enhance your youthful appearance, get bangs and try a few silvery accents delivered in the form of lowlights distributed in the front. Silvery shades will help the grays blend it smoothly. Next, according to Schwarzkopf, you may also want to upgrade your makeup techniques to make them just a bit more gray hair-friendly. In this case, your goal would be to make your best features pop and counterbalance the washed out look that your grays may amplify. Perfectly defined eyebrows, red lipstick and a natural-looking cut should be a part of your arsenal.
  3. Try Catalase Supplements. If you don’t want to try any styling tricks to get flawless transition hair, start taking catalase supplements regularly, to witness a gradual darkening effect. By stopping excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide from oxidizing your strands, these pills let you say go away grey and bring back your natural pigment.

Getawaygrey is an innovative gray hair solution based on catalase and several herbal and mineral compounds that contribute to healthier, more luscious strands. For more info on how this product works, as well as its ingredients and ordering methods, just visit its official website and spread the word about its notable benefits.