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3 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know about Gray Hair

Thinking womanMost people hate the idea of going gray while they still feel and look young. We all know that discolored strands can be quite unruly and virtually difficult to style. Moreover, gray hair requires radical changes related to your makeup style and outfit choices. At the end of the day, should discolored hair be considered a curse or a blessing? No matter how you feel about your white locks, you should manage to understand the factors that are behind the premature graying process and realize that there are ways in which you could control and simplify the transition from dark hairs to colorless ones. Here are three little-known facts about human hair that you should take into account before identifying and applying a certain gray hair solution.

All Hairs Are Initially White. Human hairs are initially white. They get their color from a pigment entitled melanin. The production of melanin starts way before your birth. Furthermore, the specific shade of your tresses depends on multiple factors, including the type, distribution and amount of melanin that is present on your cortex (the middle layer of your hair shafts). Human hair comprises two types of pigments: phaeomelanin (light) and eumelanin (dark), which are combined to generate a wide assortment of hair colors.

Hairs Go Gray at a Different Pace. People don’t just go gray overnight. The hair oxidation takes time and varies a great deal in duration from one person to another. According to the experts in cell biology from the University of Bradford, every single hair follicle comprises a “melanogenic clock” that basically controls the melanocyte activity. Hair goes gray mostly because of the natural aging process and genetics, but not all hairs change their color at the same time. The graying process takes place at a different pace in different hair follicles. This is precisely why some people go gray in a matter of a few years while others go from dark to completely white in a few months.

You Can Help Treat Gray Hair by Taking Catalase Supplements. By taking catalase supplements you can dissolve the hydrogen peroxide buildups and neutralize the agent that is responsible for your loss of pigment. Getawaygrey can help you preserve your natural hair color for a longer period of time in a completely safe and natural manner. For more info on how this natural pills for gray hair actually work visit Getawaygrey and find out how supplements based on catalase can give you the chance to keep those nasty shades of gray at a distance.