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3 Signs Indicating That You’re Not Using the Right Conditioner for Your Gray Hair

portrait mature woman blonde holding her long hairAt the very beginning, your tense relationship with your gray hair will represent a complex trial and error process. You will most likely struggle to find the best hair care products tailored to the ever-changing needs of your strands, while constantly complaining about one or more aesthetic issues, such as excessive dryness, frizziness or damaged ends. Fortunately, you can ameliorate all these problems by simply choosing your gray hair conditioner wisely. Here are three signs indicating that your current formula is not suitable for your aging mane.

  1. You’re Not Using a Color-Protecting Product
    People who dye their hair regularly should protect their artificial pigment by going in favor of delicate conditioners especially formulated for color-treated hair. You can identify these items in a matter of a few seconds, by reading their labels carefully. The product description should include terms such as “sulfate-free”, “color extend” or color care”. By utilizing a gentle formula adapted to the particularities of dyed hair you can preserve the intensity of your colored locks for two more weeks before having to pay for a retouch.
  2. The Formula Doesn’t Match the Texture of Your Strands
    These days, you can find a wide range of conditioners matching the specific texture of your hair. In this context, you should take the time to research different alternatives and pick a product that can actually do wonders for your hair type. Do not use a formula for lifeless hair when you have curly strands and a mane with extra volume. In short, aside from coating and nourishing your strands, conditioners do one of these two things: they either make your graying hair look smaller or bigger. According to WebMD, this is why hair with plenty of volume needs an anti-frizz conditioner, while dull, flat hair demands a lightweight agent that won’t weigh down your delicate, fine hairs.
  3. You’ve Opted for the Most Expensive Hair Care Product
    The price tag of a certain hair care product is not a relevant indicator of its quality and effectiveness. Instead of going for the most expensive conditioners, choose the one that was especially designed to address the specific problems of your aging hairs. For instance, if you are dealing with extremely dry locks, don’t invest in a strengthening product. In this case, you should focus on finding moisturizing formulas that will coat and protect your strands, forming a barrier against excessive dryness.

Extra Tip: Perfect Your Hair Care Routine by Taking Catalase Supplements
Choosing the most suitable hair care products is only one part of the job. If you truly love your locks and want them to overcome the challenges posed by the natural aging process, consider giving them a helping hand by taking catalase supplements. These pills for gray hair help to feed and protect your grays from the inside out, while attempting to restore their original color by dissolving hydrogen peroxide deposits. Due to its ideal amount of catalase, Getawaygrey is the most advanced pigment-restoring vitamin complex for gray hair that can take your hairs from dull and colorless to fully-pigmented and fabulous over a relatively short period of time. Many GetAwayGrey users have gotten great results. Individual results do vary, though the science behind GetAwayGrey is still evolving.