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3 Reasons Why Gray Hair May Not Be the New Black after All

senior businessmanThese days, more and more people struggle to embrace their natural beauty and ditch decades-old beauty tips and tricks that cost time and money. “Barely there” makeup styles are promoted on a larger scale, while aging men and women worldwide are encouraged to leave those hair coloring kits behind and make the first steps towards a brighter, colorless mane. How could you actually determine whether or not going gray would be a smart move? You can always give this pretentious and fairly surprising hue a try, especially since the transition wouldn’t involve more than a few missed appointments with your favorite colorist. Nonetheless, before going down this road, you should start by factoring in the three main reasons why gray hair may not be the best option for you.

Gray Hair May Impact Your Social and Professional Life. A recent article posted by Forbes highlights the obvious: in their working environment, people are still judged based on their appearance. If you operate in a sector where your image is everything, you may feel compelled to conceal your grays until reaching full retirement age. Moreover, gray hair always seems to fuel the double standard injustice: while men with grays are often perceived as interesting and seductive silver foxes, women flaunting colorless hair are often labeled as older-looking and less attractive than the ones who still take pride in their natural pigment or the ones who go through the trouble of dyeing their white roots.

Gray Hair Doesn’t Give You Too Many Styling Options. In her book called Amazing Grays: A Woman’s Guide to Making the Next 50 the Best 50, Maggie Rosie Crane offers valuable advice to women who are struggling to cope with their transitional hair. Unfortunately, the styling alternatives that she mentions aren’t all that pretty. According to the author of this self-help book, you could mask regrowth by wearing a wig, shaving your head repeatedly, working closely with a colorist who would become responsible for your regular touchups or getting weekly trims to chop off artificially colored hair until you’re finally left with pure, snow white hairs.

Now You Can Actually Use Catalase to  Help Treat Gray Hair. Why would you be tempted to dye your hair or shave your head to achieve a colorless mane when you can take catalase supplements on a daily basis that could help restore your natural color? The promising gray hair management technique that seemed impossible a few decades ago is now available and widely accessible. Getawaygrey represents an advanced gray hair supplement based on catalase, the enzyme that turns the culprit for graying hair into oxygen and water, two compounds that do not threaten your pigment in any way. Get all the details related to this new product, its features and ordering methods by visiting www.GetAwayGrey.com and get one step closer to gorgeous, darker hairs safely and rapidly.