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3 Natural Formulas Designed to Help You Reverse Gray Hair

iStock_000011113235_SmallPeople cope with premature graying differently. Some learn to accept their silvery strands and don’t make a big fuss about this unexpected change, while others are desperately looking for effective ways to reverse gray hair naturally. If you can’t stand the idea of rocking grayish locks while you’re still in your 30s, you should know that natural gray hair solutions designed to restore your pigment are now widely available. Here are three all-natural, risk-free formulas that you should apply on your tresses to prevent further discoloration and hold on to your youthful appearance for many more years to come.

Onion Juice. Freshly cut onions may make you shed a few tears, but at the end of the day their juice could allow you win the first battle with the premature graying process. Here’s the story behind this somewhat odd gray hair management tactic: the decreased production of catalase leads to the formation of hydrogen peroxide buildups, which are responsible for the appearance of the first silver strands. According to Livestrong, onion juice applied locally increases the amount of catalase, preventing the formation of gray hair. While this solution is not strong enough to generate permanent improvements, it could represent a major first step towards a darker mane.

Mustard Seeds, Jojoba and Castor Oil. Natural oils are always a good idea when it comes to profiting from relaxing massage therapies. Moreover, a combination of jojoba oil, mustard seeds and castor oil could work to your best advance to keep those grays at a distance. According to “The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies” written by Vasant Lad, this mixture should be applied on wet locks and left there for approximately 20 minutes.

Catalase. Let’s face it: DIY gray hair solutions can be messy and difficult to apply. Truth be told, who has enough time to prepare a thick paste and let it rest for half an hour or so on damp locks? In the era of speed, we require simpler, less time-consuming ways to reverse gray hair. If you also share this opinion, start testing the new generation of pills for gray hair based on catalase right away. Enriched with a generous selection of herbal and mineral compounds, catalase supplements neutralize the culprit for hair oxidation, helping you stop, prevent and even reverse the first signs of premature graying. To get additional details related to the formula that can protect your natural hair pigment, simply visit www.GetAwayGrey.com, find out how these remarkable supplements can transform your aging locks and place your first order.