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3 Key Ingredients Contained by Innovative Catalase Supplements

senior businessman leaning on office windowNot all gray hair solutions are created equally. The most common options are the ones that camouflage your white streaks and only tackle the effects of premature graying, without actually addressing the cause of this natural process. Another category of gray hair management techniques is based on a different approach promising beautiful darker strands without involving a single drop of dye. How does this work? In short, the new generation of catalase supplements can  help darken silvery locks from the inside out, by neutralizing the agent that triggers the discoloration process: hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Why Is Catalase Such an Important Find?

The ideal amount of catalase (5,000 iu) contained by Getawaygrey, a first-class vitamin complex for graying hair, succeeds in dissolving high concentrations of H2O2, enabling users to keep their natural pigment where it belongs: on their strands. Nonetheless, this formula isn’t based solely on catalase. Here are three of the many other ingredients comprised by Getawaygrey, which ensure multiple health and beauty benefits.

Discover 3 Top Ingredients Contained by Gray Hair Solution Based on Real Science

Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 contributes to a rapid hair growth, by stimulating the user’s metabolism. According to an article published by Livestrong, vitamin B-6 plays an important part in nail and hair regrowth by regulating hormones. At the same time, this extremely beneficial agent can prevent hair loss, while also supporting your immune system and favoring the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B-6 deficiencies may be linked to malabsorption, alcoholism or incorrect dietary choices; fortunately, you can avoid this health problem by taking catalase supplements that contain the right amount of vitamin B-6, the promoter of healthier nails and hair strands.

Biotin. Recent studies indicate that biotin can do wonders for your hair by acting on two different fronts. First of all, this compound does a great job at preventing hair thinning. Secondly, biotin can give you the chance to avoid or delay hair color loss. Getawaygrey contains 300 mcg of biotin and lets you explore the two major advantages that any person impacted by premature graying would like to witness.

Nettle Root Extract. Many people who complain about the grayish tone of their hairs are also bothered by balding spots and/or thinning strands. Vitamins for hair based on nettle root extract let you kill two birds with one stone, by stimulating hair regrowth while also battling the premature loss of hair pigment.

Getawaygrey comprises these three active ingredients and many other plant and mineral compounds. To discover the particularities of the formula that can put your pigment back into your strands, just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and get ready to order a remarkable, scientifically tested gray hair solution.