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3 Good Reasons Why You Should Give Short Gray Hairstyles a (Second) Chance

0809p32-gray-mWe have all learned the lesson of grace and femininity. If we were to summarize it, it would probably sound something like this: “stay away from short hairstyles that could make you look like an equally rebellious female version of Billy Idol”. But short cuts aren’t always edgy and masculine. As a matter of fact, we can give you at least 3 excellent reasons why shorter styles are the perfect pick for classy, modern women over 40.

First Reason: Short Cuts Are Very Versatile. Shorter hairstyles are anything but boring. As a matter of fact, a good short cut could enable you to be a daring biker girl by day and a glamorous diva by night. Side-swept bangs and layers could be combed for an effortlessly chic daytime-appropriate look or styled into wavy Old Hollywood curls for special evening events. Bottom line: short hairstyles are a lot of fun and let you put your creativity and imagination at work.

Second Reason: Short Cuts Are Celebrity-Approved. Jamie Lee Curtis and Halle Berry are only 2 top-rated celebs who know that properly maintained short cuts can be very flattering. The second actress still relies on dyes to camouflage her gray hair, while Curtis seems to be very fond of her discolored tresses. Either way, their less conventional face-framing short cuts fit them like a glove and prove that you don’t have to count on extensions and display fake Rapunzel-inspired hair to be successful in a world where you still get judged based on your appearance.

Third Reason: Short Cuts Require Very Little Maintenance. Don’t like to wake up an hour earlier in the morning just to comb and style your long, frizzy graying hair? Would you be willing to simplify your daily grooming ritual? If all your answers are affirmative, pay your stylist a visit and start exploring different short styles and new colors that would match your complexion,age and facial features. If you don’t want to color your mane, do keep in mind that a shorter length would help you cope with the inherent problems associated with premature graying (excessive dryness, frizziness) better than any other option.

Moreover, think about bobs and pixies from a completely different perspective: you could always beautify your locks and stick to a more feminine image by wearing the right head and hair accessories.