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3 Easy Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Appearance of the First Gray Hairs

Woman Receiving Gift From Man At HomeThose who think that gray hair is ugly and unflattering by definition are terribly wrong. On the other hand, it’s only fair to say that silvery strands require constant maintenance and a strong desire to defy beauty clichés and display a unique signature style. Let’s face it: unruly gray hair correlated with a pale complexion can make you look one or two decades older than you really are. While old age can be associated with wisdom and experience, you clearly wouldn’t want to look 60 when you’re barely in your 30s. So how could you welcome your first white hairs in style? The answer is simple: start by prepping your face for this transition. Here are some guidelines that should simplify this process.

  1. Make Your Eyes Pop Out. You should start by learning new makeup techniques. Consider the run-off-the-mill smokey eyes a thing of the past and apply linen-colored quality eyeshadow on your lids. Next, accentuate your lashline by using a premium black liner, curl your lashes and add at least two coats of mascara.
  2. Take Care of Sparse Brows. Spars brows can make you look older than you really are. Correlated with gray strands, they can become the main ingredients of an imminent disaster impacting your image after 40. Therefore, use an eyebrow pencil in a soft shade matching your complexion (tones ranging from medium to light taupe can be considered a safe choice at any age) and don’t hesitate to extend the fading tail of your brows, while creating a natural look that goes hand in hand with your haircut and makeup style. According to O Magazine, women who flaunt salt and pepper locks should highlight their brows using a gray-blue pencil that can complement the shade of their tresses without creating an unpleasant, artificial-looking contrast.
  3. Keep Your Lips Properly Lined. Here is another unpleasant fact that you will have to learn to accept: as we grow older, the natural contour of our lips will start to fade. Fortunately, you can correct this minor flaw by using a nude liner before applying your clear gloss and/or lipstick.

These three easy tips will enable you to prep your skin for the appearance of your first grays. However, if you don’t feel ready to cope with premature graying and its endless list of changes, choose to give catalase supplements a try. Based on catalase and natural hair extracts, these pills for gray hair can interfere with the oxidation process undergone by your locks.