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How to Reverse Grey Hair: Causes and Treatments for Premature Graying

This is likely a question you ask yourself every time you stand in front of the bathroom mirror. Premature hair that is grey can be a hassle, it is like teenage pimples, you can easily do without them. There are numerous reasons for premature grey hair, with the most common ones being genetic, unhealthy diet and stress. However, in order to fully understand the process of grey hair reversal, we first need to understand the theory behind grey hair.

What Causes Grey Hair?

Every hair follicle consists of cells called melanocytes, which produce a pigment called melanin. Melanin gives the skin and hair its color. According to a research by the Johannes Gutenberz University Mainz, the cause of grey hair is an increased amount of hydrogen peroxide which bleaches hairs and prevents melanin from producing color. So whether due to a lack of a healthy diet or hereditary reasons, the body produces too much hydrogen peroxide which causes hair to start losing its color, which although is colorless, looks grey against colored hair.

How to Reverse Grey Hair?

By reducing the level of hydrogen peroxide in the body, one can reverse the process of grey hair, according to the National Institute of Health. Hydrogen peroxide levels can be reduced with the help of antioxidant enzymes like catalase as they break the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

There are a number of fruits and vegetables which are high in catalese enzymes and can have a positive effect on reversing premature grey hair. So try to incorporate the following things into your diet in order to provide your body and hair with the much needed catalese supplements.

  • Beef liver
  • Avocados
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Leeks
  • Pineapple
  • Apricots
  • Bananas
  • Watermelons
  • Wheat sprouts
  • Lentils
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Sunflower seeds

However, not many people are huge fans of eating fruits and vegetables, especially teenagers and people in their twenties, who invariably suffer the most due to premature grey hair. And too much intake of produce like beef liver, avocados are high in Trans fat or cholesterol and thus are not recommended in high intakes.

Thankfully, there are vitamin supplements available in the market which are high in catalese enzymes and are healthy for your body and helpful for your hair. Get Away Grey pills are one such solution which are made from all natural ingredients and help in strengthening the catalese enzymes in the body. They in turn reduce the level of hydrogen peroxide, giving you your natural hair color back with the help of natural resources.

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What Causes Grey Hair at a Young Age? Causes of Premature Graying& Solutions to Naturally Prevent

We all knew that one guy in high school who had a few premature grey hairs. While he still had a youthful appearance complete with braces, acne and a skinny build, he was still starting to produce some noticeable grey hairs. Maybe that guy was you, (if so, we apologize if you ever caught us staring at your locks of grey), or maybe it is now. A lot of us in our 20s or 30s are starting to notice those first grey hairs. Maybe it started as one or two around our temple every now and then. We’d immediately pluck out any grey hairs before anyone grey hair at a young agebecame wise to the fact that we’re getting old. But now, we may have so many grey hairs that it’s no longer worthwhile to pluck these out as we should just be satisfied to still have a full head of hair.

But what causes grey hair at a young age? Why do some people start to see grey hair in their teens while others keep their natural hair color well past their 20s and 30s?

There are a handful or reasons why you may be going grey at a young age, they include:

Heredity: Maybe grey hair at a young age just runs in your family. Unfortunately, you can’t choose your genes so you will have to be looking for solutions to naturally prevent grey hair. Sorry about that.

Lack of Catalase: Your body produces hydrogen peroxide a free radical and is then broken down by the enzyme catalase. If your body is not producing enough cataase to break down the hydrogen peroxide, then it begins to bleach your natural color to grey. This could result in grey hair in your 20’s or 30’s.

Environment: Factors such as stress and an unhealthy lifestyle could eventually produce your first grey hair. It is through stress and toxins that your body may produce additional free radicals, similar in nature to a lack of catalase.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for people with premature graying, though. GetAwayGrey is a natural supplement that has been proven to reverse grey hairs – no matter what your age may be. GetAwayGrey contains a super concentration of the catalase enzyme to reverse grey hair – a natural, non-toxic alternative to dyeing your hair.

Can You Reverse Grey Hair Naturally with No Health Risks: Is It Too Good to Be True?

Why People Color Grey Hair

People color their hair for many reasons. With younger individuals, the goal is often to stand out from the crowd, or make a strong style statement with bold, noticeable hair color.

Younger people tend to choose bold hair color, while older people simply want to get rid of grey.

As people get older and develop grey hair, or when young people experience premature grey hair, the object of hair coloring is usually to hide  and reverse grey hair. Some people have their grey covered professionally; both for convenience and to draw on the experience of someone who works with hair color every day. Others tackle the chore with home hair color they can apply at home. While coloring grey hair is effective, there are many drawbacks to using dye to reverse grey hair.

Coloring Grey Hair is Messy and Inconvenient

Anyone who has done their own hair color at home can vouch for the fact that it’s messy and inconvenient. Not only does it require an hour or so in the bathroom — mixing, applying, waiting, and rinsing — but at-home hair colorists have to be very careful during the process. It is important to keep color off the face and neck, because dye chemicals can be irritating or cause an allergic reaction. Another important precaution is wearing old clothing and using old towels when coloring grey hair, because once hair dye gets on fabric, it rarely gets out. Even people who have used home hair coloring for years to reverse grey hair find it to be unpleasant.

Getting Hair Colored in a Salon Is Expensive

As people get older or develop premature grey hair, a common reason for visiting a salon is having a professional color their hair. This eliminates the problems of coloring grey hair at home, and many color professionals have extensive experience mixing and applying color. They can often get the shade just right and make a person with grey hair look young and vibrant again. The problem with having hair colored in a salon is that it’s expensive. A top stylist may charge quite a bit for hair coloring, and depending on how popular he or she is, it could be difficult to get an appointment. And like home color, salon hair color can irritate skin and has to be maintained every few weeks.

Are There Other Ways to Deal with Grey?

At-home hair coloring and salon hair coloring aren’t the only ways people deal with grey hair. Some people accept the grey and allow their hair to remain natural. For people with a full head of silver hair, this can be very attractive. However, most people develop grey hair in patches and streaks, giving hair a more “salt and pepper” look. Ask people with grey hair what the ideal way to reverse grey hair naturally would be and many would say, “I wish I could take a pill to make my hair grow back in its original color.”

Internal “bleaching” by high levels of hydrogen peroxide is what causes grey hair.

Reverse Grey Hair from the Inside Out

Did you know that you can take natural supplements to reverse grey hair from the inside out? A substance in the body called catalase is responsible for breaking down circulating hydrogen peroxide in the body. As we get older, catalase levels drop, more hydrogen peroxide circulates, and hair is bleached white before it emerges from the head. This is what causes grey hair.

Today, however, you can get a natural, proprietary supplement called Get Away Grey that helps replace Catalase, so more hydrogen peroxide is broken down. This allows at least some hair to revert to its original color. Get Away Grey is designed to reverse grey hair from the inside out. With Get Away Grey, you could find yourself not needing that appointment with a stylist, or not having to deal with the hassle and mess of coloring hair at home.

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