3 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know About Premature Graying

iStock_000040617732_SmallIf you were to notice the appearance of your first silvery strands in the near future, you would probably be tempted to blame your stressful job, unruly kids and hectic lifestyle for this unwanted change. But placing the blame on someone else’s shoulders won’t fix your problem. As a matter of fact, scientists are yet to find a clear correlation between elevated stress levels and premature graying. You may be wondering: what triggers this process in the first place and how could one delay or reverse its effects? To be able to identify the most efficient grey defenses you have to understand the transformations that your hair and scalp actually undergo while you go gray naturally. Here are 3 facts that you should know about premature graying.

  1. People Impacted By Premature Graying Don’t Die Sooner Than the Rest. While it’s fairly true that gray hair can make you look tired, pale and older than you really are, silvery strands aren’t a valid indicator of your age and general state of health. According to the chief of geriatrics from the Yale University School of Medicine cited by The New York Times, gray hair is linked to genetics and is only remotely connected to premature aging.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide Plays an Important Part in the Premature Graying Process. If you wish to investigate the real culprit for your first grays, choose to find out more about hydrogen peroxide, the agent that robs dark strands of their natural pigment, leaving them colorless and frizzy. Here’s the true story behind the premature graying process: every single cell produces a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). In time, H2O2 accumulations block the normal melanin synthesis. As it turns out, under these circumstances, human hair manages to bleach itself from the inside out.
  3. There Is a Safe, Natural Way to Dissolve H2O2 Deposits. According to Understanding Enzymes, catalase is the powerful enzyme that converts H2O2 molecules into oxygen and water, two harmless elements that have no impact on one’s hair color. This fact has enabled scientists to reach the following conclusion: we could put premature graying on hold by taking catalase supplements. Enriched with vitamins for gray hair and plant and mineral extracts, Getawaygrey is the advanced grey defense that you have been waiting for all along. These pills for gray hair based on catalase let you discover the safest and most rapid method to stop, prevent and even reverse premature graying and display a much more attractive look at any age.

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3 Awesome Natural Gray Hair Solutions You Should Try Before Christmas

iStock_000051487642_SmallHow do you usually prep your hair for the holiday season? In most cases, you start by discussing your options with your hairdresser. Your specialist recommends easy updos and braided hairstyles that could easily camouflage your gray strands. If you’re tired of these old tricks and would much rather find a simpler way to address the root of your premature graying problem, keep reading to spot the most effective and inexpensive natural solutions that can rejuvenate and fortify your aging tresses from the inside out in only a few weeks.

Overnight treatments based on amla powder. You can improve your hair care ritual by simply applying natural oil based on grinded amla fruits before going to bed. To recreate this recipe in your own kitchen you would just have to mix amla powder with rose water and let this mixture rest for a week in a glass jar. Afterwards, you can filter the oil and apply it on your tresses in the evening, right before bedtime. You can wash your locks the next morning. After a few weeks, you will notice a very subtle darkening effect triggered solely by the unique properties of this fruit.

Curry leaves oil for gray hair. Curry leaves serve a similar purpose. Just like fresh amla fruits, these leaves will give you gorgeous dark hair in a matter of a few weeks or months. You can take a quick hair steam after applying the oil on your scalp and locks. This simple action will open your pores, allowing this natural gray hair solution to penetrate deeper and generate noticeable improvements sooner than expected.

Catalase supplements that can address the cause of your premature graying issue. The two plant-based gray hair management solutions sound wonderful, but they may not appeal to busy professionals who don’t have the time and energy to prepare their own homemade potions. If you are also displeased with the gray hair products listed above, choose to try something radically different. Getawaygrey is a natural, scientifically proven grey defense containing catalase, the agent that turns hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. According to International Business Times, by neutralizing the culprit for premature graying, formulas based on pseudo-catalase activated by sunlight may provide the permanent and most satisfying response to your gray hair problem. For more information on how this revolutionary product actually works, just visit www.getawaygrey.com and find out how catalase combined with natural plant extracts and the best vitamins for hair could beautify your aging mane from the inside out, one step at a time.

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3 Good Reasons Why Going Gray May Not Be Your Smartest Move

iStock_000020682690_SmallAbove anything else, going gray is a personal choice that will inevitably impact your image and your lifestyle. Should you color your first white strands or should you welcome them into your life with open arms?  This is something that you need to figure out on your own. Nonetheless, you should know that gray is a color that can be pretty difficult to wear with pride and confidence. Clearly, not everyone can pull off the chic grandma look. We give you three reasons why graying hair may not be the most inspired choice for you.

  1. Gray Hair Makes You Feel Uncomfortable. Gray hair can be associated with a long list of negative factors, including a reduced credibility at work (especially when you operate in a field where looks are everything!), a low level of self-esteem and reduced sex-appeal. If you have already reached the conclusion that gray hair can wait, choose to test catalase supplements representing the best alternative to coloring kits and other tricks that you may be inclined to use to get rid of your grays.
  2. Gray Hair Doesn’t Flatter Your Complexion. Gray hair goes hand in hand with fair skin and lightly colored eyes. As a matter of fact, blondes benefit from the smoothest transition from naturally pigmented hair to a grayish mane. On the other hand, people with olive skin and dark eyes may have a hard time trying to adjust their look to make their grays match their complexion. Gray hair doesn’t compliment dark eyes and darker skin tones; on the contrary, this contrast can make you look tired or excessively pale. If that’s the case, you may want to start looking for the very best gray hair reversal tactics serving your best interest.
  3. Now You Can Count on Natural and Effective Anti-Gray Hair Solution. After a certain age, many men and women feel that it’s their duty to embrace their grays and turn them into an indicator of their wisdom and experience. But perhaps you share a different opinion. Maybe you think that gray hair only works for people who are two or three decades older than you. Or perhaps you blame your silvery strands for contributing to that washed out look that you dislike so much. Either way, you should know that premature graying is no longer seen as an irreversible problem. Thanks to the new generation of gray hair solutions based on catalase, you can gain full control over your natural pigment. By using a natural formula based on catalase you can disrupt the hair oxidation process and flaunt gorgeous, fully-pigmented hair for the longest period of time. To find out more about the proven benefits of these revolutionary products, just check out the Getawaygrey official website and order the advanced grey defense that can actually keep depigmented strands at a distance.


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3 Reasons Why Gray Hair Plucking Is a Wrong Tactic

Mature woman stares on grizzled hairCertain gray hair management tactics help you look and feel younger, while others are a mere drop in the ocean and only manage to trigger your frustration and disappointment in the long term. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that hair plucking fits in the latter category. Wondering why this fairly simple action won’t get you very far? We give you three good reasons why you should put the tweezers down and focus on identifying and selecting other types of gray hair solutions that actually support the healthy development of new pigmented strands.

  1. A Plucked Gray Hair Will Soon Be Replaced by Another. Here’s the good news: a plucked gray hair will never be replaced by ten, twenty or one hundred other white ones. This belief is fueled by a centuries-old myth, which has already been debunked by researchers. As a matter of fact, some people who choose to pluck a gray might get a little lucky: in some cases, the grayish hair could be replaced by a considerably darker one. This happens for a very logical reason: melanogenesis (in short, the process during which follicles produce the pigment that defines your hair color) is not exactly consistent from one human hair to another. On the other side of the coin, plucking will never provide a smart, definitive answer to your gray hair dilemma in the long run.
  2. Excessive Plucking May Lead to Balding Sp You know what’s scarier than gray hair? No hair at all! Aggressive and constant hair plucking may affect your follicles in an irreversible manner, stopping the development of new hairs.
  3. New Gray Hair Solutions Based on Catalase Make Gray Hair Plucking Seem Like a Primitive Tactic. Why would you even consider plucking your grays when you can put an end to your aesthetic concerns by simply taking the best catalase supplements? These vitamins feed and protect your strands, while also blocking the hair oxidation process.

At the end of the day, it is important to spot and test the most advanced gray hair solutions revolving around solid scientific principles. Getawaygrey represents an innovative grey defense based on catalase, the agent that decomposes hydrogen peroxide molecules, turning them into harmless compounds (oxygen gas and water) with zero impact on your hair color. For more information on the beneficial action of this product just visit www.getawaygrey.com and find out how and why this revolutionary anti gray hair formula can help you maintain or restore your youthful appearance in a matter of a few weeks.

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5 Great Ways to Protect Your Gray Hair in Winter

iStock_000049197632_SmallDo you still think that your skin is the only part of your body requiring a little bit more care and attention during the cold winter months? If that’s the case, now would be a good time to reconsider. Your gray hair is just as vulnerable in winter. Discolored, stripped of its natural oils and constantly frizzy, your locks may gradually become a real eyesore forcing you to spend more time in the mirror trying to perfect your hairstyle. Things don’t have to get this messy. To better your relationship with your colorless strands during winter you just have to follow five easy tips.

Cover Your Mane. Use hats, infinity scarves or any other type of accessory to cover your head. Or better yet, you could wrap a silk scarf around your head. This type of classy embellishment will help you negate the static charge that impacts your tresses in winter, leading to fly-away strands and ruined coiffeurs.

Don’t Go Out with Wet Hair. Going outside with wet hair is definitely not a good idea, unless you’re seriously craving for the very best cold and flu meds. In addition, damp hair exposed to extremely low temperatures can easily freeze and get severely damaged. To prevent this worst-case scenario, choose to use a protein-rich shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing properties and dry your hair properly before going out.

Apply Static Control Strategies. Wool sweaters and most of the warm, comfy clothes that you wear during winter will interact with your hair, leading to a static building, which can be addressed by pulverizing a small amount of hairspray on your tresses. The static problem is also exacerbated by your clothing items; to eliminate this inconvenient you would just have to use a quality softener or a good anti-static spray.

Keep Your Gray Hair Properly Moisturized. You should also buy and utilize an anti-frizz styling aid (preferably a concentrated serum) and a leave-in conditioner to prevent moisture loss and boost the appeal of your graying hair.

Take the Best Catalase Supplements. During winter, hair becomes more frail and prone to breakage. If you are looking for a gray hair solution that will fortify your strands, why not test one that will also rejuvenate and beautify them? Catalase supplements can live up to this challenge. With a formula comprising catalase and various other natural ingredients, these products are the key to obtaining darker, more luscious hair in only a few weeks.

If you need more accurate details on catalase supplements, start by visiting www.getawaygrey.com. This is your go-to source of info related to premature graying and the interaction between this process and the new generation of smart anti-gray hair solutions based on real science.

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Gray Hair Files: Why and How Does Human Hair Change in Time?

Senior coupleNo matter how hard we would try to fight it, the natural aging process will eventually impact our image. Our skin will become drier and wrinkly, while our hairs will gradually lose their pigment, gaining more or less appealing silvery accents. How do some people manage to hold on to their black strands for decades in a row, while others display an all-white mane while they’re still in their late 20s or early 30s? This is not a matter of luck and doesn’t have much to do with the quality of their lifestyle choices either.

Discover the factors that influence the premature graying process.

According to scientists, genetics play the most important part in this equation. Therefore, if you have become the slave of the coloring kits much sooner than expected, you can blame your genetic heritage for this radical change. An article published by Prevention.com reveals that the premature graying process is determined by one’s DNA and shouldn’t be linked to dietary habits or other external causes. Moreover, recent tests performed on mice have indicated that stress can speed up the graying process, but researchers are yet to identify a solid link between stressors and premature white hair in humans. Here is another aspect that might take you by surprise: apparently, recent research indicates that even the shade of gray that you are eventually going to achieve naturally and the speed at which several areas of your mane will go gray are 100% genetically determined. Your scalp counts around 100,000 fully-functional hair follicles and each of them operates autonomously. If one of them were to finish its melanin supply, it wouldn’t affect the color of the rest of your follicles. While several researchers tend to think that bad daily habits and dietary choices, such as an incomplete hydration, a poor diet or smoking could accelerate the hair oxidation process, there is no clear evidence supporting this hypothesis.

Catalase is the miracle compound that can stand in the way of the hair oxidation process.

What scientists know for sure is that catalase is the powerful and widely available enzyme that manages to disrupt the agent that is behind your premature graying process. By dissolving hydrogen peroxide, catalase lets you keep your natural pigment on your strands for a longer period of time. To explore this benefit, you would just have to test the new generation of gray hair solutions based on catalase and several herbal and mineral extracts. Visit www.getawaygrey.com to find out more about this new approach to stopping, preventing and reversing gray strands and start to rethink your entire hair care ritual.

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Zosia Mamet Displays New “Ancient” Gray Hair Look

1418062645_zosia-mamet-467What do you do when you feel the need to add the right dosage of salt and pepper to your daily looks? If you were to ask a young female celebrity, she would probably advise you to opt for a shocking change revolving around a unique hair color. Truth be told, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a flattering shade, especially when you count on the unconditional support of a first-class colorist.

Insanely expensive salon coloring appointments are the key to obtaining and maintaining a virtually unique, signature color that will go mainstream in no time. Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne have tried the lavender gray hair, while Kylie Jenner has recently debuted some amazing ombre gray-greenish tresses. At this point, it’s Zosia Mamet’s turn to surprise us with the end results of a bold coloring job. According to an US Weekly article, the “Girls” actress who is only 26 has recently dyed her hair gray, following the example set up by other A-listers, including Lady Gaga and Pink.

Zosia Uses Her Ancient Gray Tresses to Make a Bold Style Statement

In this case, the only notable difference worth mentioning is that the one-of-a-kind muted shade of gray displayed by Zosia gives her locks character. As Zosia herself has affirmed, her gray shade allows her to get further away from the girl-next-door image gravitating around brown, fairly dull “virgin hair”. Tired of her bleached blond look that she used as a transition from brown to shiny and colorless, Zosia has worked closely with her colorist to achieve a fabulous shade of gray called “antique gray”. The mature, granny-chic style suits her to a tee and also proves that gray can be perfect coloring choice for stylish ladies who aren’t afraid to explore their chameleonic potential.

Find the Best Natural Anti Gray Hair Solution That Could Restore Your Youthful Appearance

The best solution to your gray hair problem involves a clear judgment, followed by acceptance. If you don’t want your first gray strands to become a part of your life, remember that there is one natural product that can help you prevent, stop or even reverse premature graying. Based on an advanced formula comprising the agent that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide, Getawaygrey is the grey defense that you have been waiting for all along. Put this catalase supplement to the test to become the witness of the rejuvenation and beautification process undergone by your graying hair in only a few weeks.

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5 Great Ways to Deal with Wiry Gray Hair

Portrait of serene mature woman in gardenHave you ever wondered why your gray hair is always working against you? Let’s face it: it takes you forever to style your mane in the morning; and after a whole hour spent in the mirror, your graying locks still look messy and manage to compromise your image. How do usually deal with this problem? Don’t even think about wearing a hat or any other kind of accessory to camouflage your unruly tresses. These days, you can test plenty of cosmetics, pills for gray hair and natural remedies designed to enhance the glow and improve the texture of your silvery strands, making them 100% manageable. Here are five tips on how to upgrade your relationship with your wiry, depigmented hair.

  1. Use Gray Hair-Specific Conditioners and Shampoos. Highly moisturizing shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair feed and protect your strands, preventing excessive dryness. Massage the shampoo into your scalp to increase blood flow and promote a healthier hair regrowth.
  2. Rethink Your Hair Drying Ritual. Blow drying your hair is a good idea, especially if you want to add volume and definition to your mane. However, heat is not the best friend of dry, coarse hair. Try to dry your hair naturally as often as possible; when you rely on this tactic, always choose to dry your frail ends using a clean microfiber towel, which is much gentler than its substitutes and does not impact your hair cuticles in any way.
  3. Wash Your Hair Every 2 or 3 Days. If you wash your hair on a daily basis, chances are that this action is making your grays even wirier than they really are. Shampoos with a very potent formula prevent dirt buildup, but they also strip your hair of its natural oils, making it prone to excessive dryness and frizziness. Therefore, choose to eliminate this inconvenient by simply washing your hair every two or three days, using a delicate plant-based formula.
  4. Make the Right Dietary Choices. According to a Huffington Post article, a B vitamins deficiency can be responsible for all your gray hair drama. The same source indicates that fresh, healthy foods nourish your hair in the same way in which they feed your entire body, so choose to include as many sources of proteins in your daily diet.
  5. Take Catalase Supplements. Sometimes, eating clean and green can be a real challenge, especially when you have a hectic schedule. If you don’t want to alter your eating habits in any way, but still wish to give your gray hair the special attention that it requires to look its best, start by taking catalase supplements daily. These pills for gray hair dissolve hydrogen peroxide buildups due to their ideal concentration of catalase. As a plus, due to their complex formula containing mineral and herbal components, pills like Getawaygrey enable you to say go away grey in a few weeks and improve the texture and color of your locks, making them become truly manageable.

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5 Ways in Which You Are Hurting Your Gray Hair without Even Realizing It

iStock_000010002083_SmallYou love your gray hair and invest a considerable amount of money in shampoos, conditioners and styling aids designed to boost its power of seduction and enhance its vigor. But even in these conditions, you fail to witness any signs of improvement: your gray hair is still flat, lifeless, or even worse- frizzy and virtually uncontrollable. The good news is that there is always a solution to this problem. The bad news is that you may be directly responsible for the poor condition of your aging locks. Here are 5 hair care and styling mistakes that most people make without even realizing that their daily actions are affecting the color and texture of their strands.

  1. You Braid Your Hair or Pull It Back in a Ponytail on a Daily Basis. Yes, we all know that braids and ponytails are the most convenient option when we have no time to wash our hair. These natural-looking hairstyles may be casual and chic, but they put a tremendous pressure on your graying roots. Tightly pulled ponytails can lead to permanent hair damage resulting in balding spots.
  2. You Bleach Your Hair or Get Perms Regularly. You may be tempted to lighten up your tresses to help those grays blend in, but always think twice before bleaching your mane. Bleach is a very aggressive agent that robs your hair of its natural pigment. Once the pigment is gone, there is no way to get it back.
  3. You Over-Brush Your Hair. Nobody likes greasy, tangled hair. But this doesn’t mean that you should feel encouraged to brush your hair every half an hour. 100 strokes per day won’t keep your strands shiny and healthy-looking. According to WebMD, this is just a common myth that should be debunked once and for all. In reality, over-brushing leads to excessive breakage and split ends.
  4. You Use Heat-Based Appliances to Style Your Gray Hair. Try to give that flat iron a break and turn to less aggressive styling treatments. Heat triggers temporary changes undergone by the hydrogen bonds whose purpose is to keep your strands together. These alterations are temporary, but once you start flat ironing or blow drying your hair on a daily basis, they could become permanent, contributing to that dull, lifeless aspect that nobody likes to see in the mirror.
  5. You Are Reluctant to Take Vitamins for Gray Hair. Sometimes, your hair needs an extra dosage of TLC to look and feel its best. Catalase supplements represent the newest and most appreciated gray hair solution that reinvigorate, fortify and protect your strands from the inside out while neutralizing hydrogen peroxide, the culprit for premature graying. To find out more about these revolutionary pills for gray hair just go to getawaygrey.com and get more familiar with the special formula of the product that can tackle the real cause of your silvery strands.

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Best Ways to Boost Catalase Levels

elderly woman with red apple in hands on a light background in tAs we grow older, our bodies start to produce a lower amount of catalase. According to scientists, this is the main reason why we go gray and become exposed to age-related cellular damage. So the question is this: if we are familiar with the agent that is influencing the premature graying process, can we actually use it to our best advantage to keep our natural pigment on our locks and prevent free radical damage for a longer period of time? Researchers seem to believe that this hypothesis is quite plausible. In order to witness such improvements, you would have to boost your catalase production, by following at least one of the methods listed below.

Factor in the Most Potent Vegetal Sources of Catalase. Several fresh fruits and veggies that you have already included in your diet, including carrots, potatoes and cruciferous vegetables, are excellent sources of catalase and can constitute the main ingredients of your everyday healthy and delicious meals.

Don’t Neglect Animal Sources of Catalase. If you’re not a vegetarian, consider adding animal sources of catalase to your daily diet. Taking into consideration that the purpose of the liver is to break down a large category of harmful chemicals that get into your system, it shouldn’t surprise you that this organ contains high dosages of catalase. This is precisely why beef liver should be consumed by people who want to speed up the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by boosting their levels of catalase. Add broccoli or cabbage and carrots as a side dish and you’ll manage to prepare a quick, frugal meal that will fill your stomach while also supporting your battle with premature graying.

Take Catalase Supplements on a Daily Basis. Let’s face it: you can’t always plan your meals rigorously. During hectic working days, you could be forced to replace that healthy organic lunch with a few biscuits and a cup of coffee. If you feel that you cannot increase your catalase levels by implementing dietary changes, consider taking the right pills for gray hair to achieve your hair health goals. Get Away Grey is an innovative product that lets you say go away grey in a matter of a few weeks. Containing the ideal dosage of catalase and a number of plant and mineral components, this revolutionary formula is all you need to keep your natural hair pigment close.

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