5 Ways to Treat Split Ends without Cutting Them

bigstock-Woman-at-the-hairdresser-getti-46311112We all know it: in most cases, gray hair lacks personality. In a few words, it is as boring and flat as it gets. On top of that, it can also be severely deteriorated. Extensive sun exposure, aggressive hair care products and heat-based styling appliances can destroy your ends, making your silvery mane look dreadful. Is there a reliable solution to this problem? As a matter of fact, there are at least 5 excellent ways to treat and prevent split ends.

Understanding the Problem

Frazzled strands appear when the protective exterior layer of our hair cuticles starts to display signs of wear and tear. By conditioning your tresses regularly, limiting exposure to direct sunlight and taking vitamins for hair you can keep your locks protected and in excellent condition.

5 Methods to Address the Split Ends Issue

You’ve ditched heat styling and chemical treatments a long time ago, and still your grays don’t seem to be very grateful. They are still rebellious, prone to breakage and unhealthy-looking. Here are 5 simple ways to treat your split ends without cutting them.

1. Be Gentle. First of all, try to improve and monitor your styling routine. Use non-metallic covered elastics to pull your hair back in a sleek pony. If you’re going for a more elaborate look, utilize finishing sprays ensuring a firm hold rather than tying your strands too tightly to achieve a flawless hairstyle.

2. Use Only Wide Tooth Combs. Don’t comb your hair while it’s still wet. Let it dry and then brush it gently. To untangle it, use wide tooth combs that are less likely to pull out your perfectly healthy hairs.

3. Try Leave-in Conditioners. Regular conditioners provide a certain level of protection for a limited period of time. Plus, let’s be honest: you are always in a hurry to rinse your graying hairand get to the styling part, which usually takes forever. This is why leave-in conditioners are so awesome. They nurture and protect your strands even when you’re blow-drying them, and also throughout the entire day.

4. Try to Avoid Damaging Services. According to stylelist.com, if you are worried about your ends, you should try to limit the number of aggressive cosmetic treatments that you pay for on a regular basis (perms, straightening, coloring and so on). Love you graying hairas is or get used to the idea that split ends will inevitably become a part of your life.

5. Treat Your Hairs from the Inside Out. To protect your strands from the inside out, it is recommended to take vitamins for hair containing biotin and folic acid. Catalase supplements comprise these elements and many other active ingredients (including catalase,Fo Ti, horsetail, nettle root extract) that reverse gray hairand rejuvenate locks from the inside out, making them shiner and more resistant to interior and exterior threats.


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Fighting Premature Graying: 5 Inexpensive Products Leading to Younger-Looking Hair

premature_graying_featuresAre you worried that your gray hair could make you look one decade older than you really are? People who are currently trying to tackle this aesthetic problem are constantly monitoring their diet and struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They choose to ignore their genetic heritage, quit smoking, eat clean and hit the gym at least once or twice a week. But what it you don’t have the time, patience or money required to implement all these positive lifestyle changes? Should you dye your hair or hide it under hair accessories until the end of time? Of course not! Instead, you could buy and use one of the following top-rated health & beauty products.

1. Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo.At some point, your gray hair will inevitably demand its own spa treatment. Address its requirement by using a premium detoxifying scrub shampoo, like the one introduced by Davines. According to Harper’s Bazaar, this product contains scrub particles added to cleanse and massage your scalp, while removing debris accumulations. On top of that, this last-generation shampoo also has anti free radicals, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, so it can guarantee a younger-looking, cleaner hair.

2. Split End Serum. If you have already been slapped by premature graying, you really don’t have to turn the other cheek. Protect and love your grays at all times. You could start by opting for a less aggressive styling routine (time to say goodbye to your flat iron!) and investing in a good serum for your split ends. Highly deteriorated ends make your tresses seem older than they really are. A concentrated wonder serum like the one launched by TRESsemme is a great pick. It basically binds frayed hairs together while minimizing frizziness.

3. Color Protect Masks. Hairs are more likely to suffer an extensive discoloration during summer. If you are fond of your pigment and don’t want to put it at risk, just try one of the many premium hair masks containing frizz-taming polymers, antioxidants, UV filters, and other active ingredients mixed together to seal moisture inside the strand and safeguard and intensify the natural color of your locks.

4. Multi-Purpose Aids. Want a product that is easy to pack, convenient, and versatile enough to serve different cosmetic purposes? If that’s the case, just get areliable dual-action hair care spray. The one launched by John Frieda keeps grays in place and also conditions them, due to its advanced formula. In case you are looking for a firm hold and a rejuvenating treatment for your aging tresses, rest assured knowing that this spray delivers both benefits.

5. Catalase Supplements. Would you rather take a pill to solve some of the most annoying problems associated with your mane, including thinning, dull, lifeless and prematurely aged hair? If so, note that you could always reverse gray hair using revolutionary catalase supplements. They trigger noticeable improvements after the first 8-12 weeks of usage and are completely safe and affordable.


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What Can You Do If You’re Not Ready for Gray Hair

Fragment Of Woman's Head ColoringGray hairs are certainly not the best gift that you were expecting for your birthday. On the contrary, they basically let you know that you’re going to die in a few decades. How scary is this thought? If you’re not ready to accept your silvery strands, nothing and no one should force you to go down this path. Fortunately, there are at least 3 foolproof solutions that could allow you to discover your personal version of the Fountain of Youth and give you the chance to embrace a more modern style and increase your self-confidence. Here are 3 extreme makeover suggestions that will make grays wait in the hallway, until you’ll finally be ready to see them.

Dye It

According to an article published by San Jose Mercury News, you’re never too old to color your hair. On the other hand, at some point you might get tired of all these artifices that force you to visit your stylist on a monthly basis and waste a lot of money in the process.

Cut It

Fewer and fewer women are fond of long hair. The rest seem to think that shorter hairstyles represent the solid foundation of a classy, contemporary look. If you have already been affected by premature graying, you can go for a bob or a pixie. Jamie Lee Curtis, Pink and various other first-hand celebs manage to pull off these two iconic cuts, so you may want to give them a try. Love your long, silky tresses and wouldn’t want to compromise their length, but can’t stand those dull, annoying white strands? We hear you and we have one last solution for you: buy and take the best vitamins for gray hair.

Use the Right Catalase Supplements

When you’ll finally get tired of boiling herbs in your kitchen and applying sticky potions on your locks, you’ll inevitably start looking for different types of gray hair cures. How about one that’s based on real science, not witchcraft or hearsay? At this point, you can find a wide range of innovative supplements created to stop the hair oxidation process from the inside out. Choose safely by doing your homework properly. Go beyond clever sales pitches and select the product that has actually been tested and approved by scientists. At the end of the day, your goal is to darken your grays naturally without exposing yourself to any side-effects, and catalase supplements let you do just that.

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Gray Hair Stories: 3 Ways to Boost the Appeal of Your Salt and Pepper Look

0809p32-gray-mFading color is one of the worst problems associated with gray hair. I mean, we could live with just one or two strands hiding at the temples and we wouldn’t mind to flaunt a completely white mane like the one displayed by Meryl Streep. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is sometimes merciless and may not want to facilitate our transition from dark to silver. If you hate the washed-out look created by your graying hair and are craving for a change, just take a closer look at a few pointers listed below, designed to boost the overall attractiveness of your tresses and help you turn your salt and pepper style into an emerging trend.

1. Braid It!

During summer, braids are considered the hit of the season. It will only take you a few minutes and basic skills to create the most stunning braided hairstyles. Russian styles and fish braids are extremely popular among celebs and may also do the trick for you, especially if you want to play with the contrast created by your fully pigmented strands and your white ones.  Use minimal styling aids to prevent product buildup and comb your hair with your fingers before braiding it to achieve a hot, slightly messy look. We’re telling you, perfection is overrated.

2. Limit the Contrast between Grays and Dark Strands

Graying hair can be a real blessing. I mean, try to put things in perspective: who would want to meet a 50-year old version of Morticia Addams?  Really dark hair will always look artificial on an aging face. You can get a lifting, use so called wonder serums and bend over backwards to wipe those wrinkles off your face. Sooner or later, you’ll have to lay down your weapons and abandon the idea that you could rock the raven look once again. This doesn’t mean that you should stop being concerned about your appearance. If you want to soften the contrast between gray shades and darker tones, you can use catalase supplements to achieve a much more uniform color, by restoring your pigment from the inside out.

3. Dare to Be Different: Accentuate the Contrast

Let’s face it: Cruella de Vil was the very definition of evil. But we have to admit that she had pretty awesome clothes, an intriguing personal style and very nice hair. You can copy her signature look and make it fit your personality and taste by getting highlights. Silver strands created using dyes are beautifully complemented by darker hair. A gifted colorist will manage to accentuate this contrast and upgrade your fading color.

One of these three suggestions will do wonders for you. If you’d rather witness a slow transition from silver to dark and explore the natural charm of each stage of your transformation, take the best vitamins for hair based on catalase and keep your pigment where it belongs: on your gorgeous hairs.

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3 Ways to Turn Gray Hair into an Iconic Accessory

make-up-for-gray-hairMost people spend a small fortune on different kinds of embellishments without actually realizing that the best accessories that they could ever rely on to reflect their amazing style and personality are absolutely free of charge, courtesy of Mother Nature. That’s right: even gray hair can be a real blessing, as long as it manages to upgrade your appearance. We all know that silvery strands aren’t really easy to love. Depigmented hairs are often dry, lifeless and rebellious at the same time.

Why Is Gray Hair So Incredibly Problematic?

As we grow older, our hairs get thinner and their color starts to fade. As this wouldn’t be enough, gray hair is also frizzy and difficult to style because it loses its natural oils. You don’t need to be a professional hairdresser to acknowledge that grays require tons of special styling products and lots of time and patience on your behalf.

So which path should you follow to restore the brilliance of your locks while turning the colorless strands into an iconic accessory? Here are a few basic suggestions that could constitute a great starting point for your upcoming extreme makeover.

1) Replicate the Style of Your Favorite Celeb. Are you a big fan of Emmylou Harris? If you love her laidback style and her heavenly white hair, just let your locks grow and get a layered cut. Ditch the dye and embrace your grays without any hesitation. This famous female singer/songwriter proves that grays can’t stand in the way of your success, as long as you take good care of them. Perhaps you’d rather want to achieve an Oprah-inspired salt and pepper look. Go for it! Select your favorite celeb; decode her graying hair care secret with a little help from your experienced hairdresser, customize it to fit your needs and demands and apply it.

2) Try a New Hairstyle and Invest in One-of-a-Kind Hair Accessories. Change is good. Maybe you’d like to flaunt a bold pixie, like the one adopted by Jamie Lee Curtis. Or perhaps you simply adore the long bob complemented by loose curls sported by Helen Mirren. Choose a style; personalize it based on the texture of your grays, as well as your facial features and personal preferences and stick to it. It may also be a good idea to buy and use classy accessories that anyone would notice and admire, like a vintage hair comb or a bobby pin adorned with pearls or colorful gemstones.

3) Condition Your Aging Tresses Regularly and Use Hair Wax to Keep Your Grays in Place. If you have already been hit by premature graying, this may mean that your fragile, deteriorated locks are sending you an SOS signal as we speak. Condition them regularly, after every washing cycle to make sure they stay healthy and younger-looking. Shape your gray hair using wax. This type of firm hold styling product will enable you to accentuate your silvery strands and keep them in place for a longer period of time.

At in all, if grays are not your cup of tea, remember that you can always go back to your dark hair 100% naturally and risk-free by taking scientifically proven catalase supplements, embracing a clean protein-based diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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4 Ways in Which You Can Embrace Gray Hair without Cutting It

make-up-for-gray-hairGray hair can be gorgeous, as long as it is nourished and styled properly. If you are determined to end your romance with coloring products and embrace your graying locks without altering their current length, here are a few tips that will help you achieve a glamorous, natural look with minimal effort.

1) Get a Layered Cut. A layered cut will always be in style. On top of that, a skilled hairstylist will manage to add layers to make your tresses look more voluminous and healthy. In addition, layered styles can accentuate your best facial features and enable you to preserve or regain a youthful appearance.

2) Try Braided Styles. Fading color is one of the most unpleasant problems associated with graying hair. If you want to make this issue less obvious, try one of the many amazing braided styles that are suitable for long hair. Russian braids flaunted with great pride by YuliaTymoshenko are a truly inspired choice, especially during spring and summer, when the heat forces you to pull your hair back in a classic bun or a pony. Opt for a different styling routine and test the hottest braiding styles of the season. Your graying hair could use a much-needed break from flat irons and aggressive cosmetics.

3) Use Minimal Styling Products. Speaking of styling items, did you know that product buildup can make your hair get tangled more often, while looking messy and lifeless? During summer, you may want to go for simpler hairstyles that require less aids, effort and upkeep. Low-maintenance updosare perfect for a summery, relaxed look at any age.

4) Get Highlights and Use High-Shine Styling Aids for a Glossy Finish. If you love your long, amazing hair, don’t wear it in a pony all the time. Be brave enough to put it on full display, even if it shows signs of premature graying. To help those grays blend in and avoid the iconic Cruella de Vil look, get natural-looking highlights and style your hair in a gentle manner without altering its texture. If you’re craving for a change, you can always use one good high-shine product (mousse, pomade or spray), designed to enhance the natural brilliance of your locks.

Or better yet, in case you want to start the transformation from the inside out, you can always take risk-free, scientifically proven catalase supplements to fortify and rejuvenate your locks. As catalase starts dissolving excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide inside your body, your hair will recover its natural pigment, proving once more the effectiveness of last-generation pills for gray hair.

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Breaking News: Gray Matter Outweighs Gray Hair in the IT Sector

Stressed Man Working On LaptopIn many fields of activity, gray hairs represent a real impediment for people striving to consolidate their careers. The IT industry seems to be an exception to this rule.According to a recent article on IT employment published by ZD Net, in the IT world the gray matter is more important than gray hairs. In other words, employers care less about the looks and appeal of their potential staff members and are more focused on their level of expertise and unique set of skills.

Why Is Gray Hair Less of a Concern for Companies Operating in the IT Industry?

Truth be told, gray hairs have nothing to do with one’s unique competencies or real intellect. As a matter of fact, they are also a poor indicator of one’s age. For instance, men and women impacted by premature graying can start to display the first silvery strands while they are still in their early 20s or 30s. In this stage of their lives, they obviously cannot pass as old.

Furthermore, IT companies are only interested in what a potential employee can bring to the table, in terms of knowledge, skills and expertise. At the same time, they tend to favor candidates who are both technically competent and business savvy. If acertain individual can help them save or make money in the long run, they will hire him as soon as possible, regardless of his hair color.

Age Discrimination Is a Meaningless Concept in the IT Industry

The IT industry is less exposed to age discrimination. Unfortunately, many sectors force staff members to retire early or to bend over backwards to wipe off the first signs of premature aging. If your job is to impress and attract new clients on a daily basis, chances are that your looks will influence the value of your paychecks, one way or another. As Forbes indicates, most employers judge workers based on their appearance.

This is precisely why so many dedicated professionals dread the idea of sporting a gray mane before retirement. At the same time, recent studies indicate that the fine lines between working life and retirement are fading in the IT world, as more and more baby boomers are willing to work after turning 65. Most surprisingly, 13% of them expect to work after reaching 70. All in all, these numbers prove that premature graying is not a threat for well-prepared people operating in the IT sector.

The Need for Change Comes from Within

Nonetheless, just because you won’t get discriminated at work because of your gray hair doesn’t mean that you should embrace the washed-out look, especially if you hate it. At this point, there are various ways to cope with graying hair: from salon coloring treatments to DIY dyes and vitamins for hair, all these elements can darken your mane safely and rapidly and improve your personal and professional life, regardless of what you do for a living.

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5 Ways to Darken Gray Hair 100% Naturally and Cost-Efficiently

Fragment Of Woman's Head ColoringIs graying hair horrifying you on a daily basis? If you think that the trendy salt and pepper look is definitely not your cup of tea, you can actually darken your mane gradually in a time and cost-effective manner and forget all about your premature graying phobia.

We know what you’re thinking: hair dyes are bad, both for your aging tresses and your budget. Who said anything about artificial coloring products? With just a few basic ingredients and a little bit of patience you can prepare and apply wonderfully effective anti gray hair solutions in the comfort of your own home. Here are 5 foolproof ways to cover your grays naturally and safely:

1) Use Fresh Lemon Juice on Fair Hair. If you have light hair and want to achieve a more natural aspect, just spray fresh lemon juice on it; afterwards wash your locks with a gentle shampoo and rinse it with chamomile tea. In the end, you will achieve a lighter base color with fantastic sun-kissed highlights that will make your grays seem less obvious.

2) Use a Mix of Herbs and Water for Natural Reddish Tones. For extraordinary cumulative effects, mix 2 cups of pure water with 2 tsp. of hibiscus petals and ½ cup of marigold petals or calendula flowers. Boil these ingredients for at least 30 minutes. Apply the mix on your graying hair at the end of the washing cycle and let it dry naturally. Repeat this process as often as possible to obtain a more intense color.

3) Boil the Most Efficient Anti Gray Hair Leaves for Gorgeous Brown Shades. According to Wellness Mama, those who wish to re-create a fabulous, natural-looking brown color in their own kitchens should rely on a combination of rosemary leaves, sage leaves and nettle leaves. The mix should be boiled, removed from heat and then stored in the freezer. After a few hours, it can be used to rinse gray hair.

4) Henna Is Good for Dark Hair. Dark hair can be difficult to restore without chemical agents. Nonetheless, you could still test the power of henna hair colors on your aging tresses. They usually provide long-lasting results without deteriorating your hair. In case you want to go darker gradually, just rinse your hair with black tea or put a small amount of black walnut powder (approximately ¼ cup) into 3 cups of water and let it sit overnight. In the morning, wash your hair with a delicate shampoo and rinse it with the mix that you’ve just obtained.

5) Catalase Supplements Are Great for Any Hair Color. Don’t have time to prepare your own elixir of youth? If so, just take the easy (and scientifically-proven) way out: buy and use innovative catalase supplements to darken your mane gradually. You know what’s great about these vitamins for hair? Instead of covering your grays, they actually act on the inside by blocking the hair oxidation process. These pills for gray hair guarantee positive results that you will be able to notice over the course of a few weeks.

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After 45 Career Guide for Gray Haired People

Senior business woman. Isolated over white background.If you’ve managed to hold on to a job all your life and are now forced to make a radical career change, you most likely feel confused and insecure. Can you start asuccessful job hunt while coping with gray hair and the inherent effects of the mid-life crisis? Of course you can! As a matter of fact, with just a little bit of effort on your behalf, you will be able to spot and accept an attractive job offer in no time. Here are a few good pointers that will facilitate your gray transition from “unemployed” to “employee of the month.”

Become Tech Savvy. Technology works to your best advantage. Polish your computer skills and surf the Internet regularly, looking for new job opportunities matching your criteria. Several online platforms let you refine your search by location, salary expectations, field of activity and various other elements that might interest you. Word-of-mouth is also very important; through solid connections and recommendations you can actually get hired even when your new employer isn’t advertising any open positions.

Keep Your Options Open. Be flexible when it comes to salary demands, position and specific set of skills. During interviews, accentuate the fact that you are eager to expand your knowledge database and exceed your own performance. After all, old dogs can and should be willing to learn new tricks.

Broaden Your Horizons. If the local job market isn’t all that attractive, you can always choose to relocate to a different city or state. In case moving is not an option, you could go in favor of a telecommuting job. This way, you would be able to revitalize your career and become a meaningful part of a new company without actually leaving your house. Freelancing also lets you earn a considerable amount of money while working comfortably in your own environment.

Improve Your Appearance. When plans A, B and C fail, maybe it’s time to do something for yourself. Perhaps it would be a great idea to restore you confidence by losing those unwanted pounds or by getting rid of gray hair naturally. Gray hair can be quite a hassle, but only if you let it get the best of you. According to Forbes, your appearance can make or break your career, even if it is not a relevant indicator of your skills and overall performance.

At this point, there are endless anti gray hair solutions, ranging from natural dyes to commercially available camouflaging products and innovative vitamins for hair. Find the one that works best for you and reverse gray hair to boost your self-esteem and get ready to hunt down the ideal job with an improved attitude.

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How to Have an Easy Transition from Colored to Silvery Hair

Grey-HairLet’s face it: silver hair isn’t all that pretty, especially when it creates a powerful contrast with your fully pigmented strands. If you have been coloring your gray hair regularly and have recently decided to ditch salon appointments, chances are that your mane is sending out SOS signals as we speak. You could always decide to pull your hair back in a pony to mask your visible grayish roots, but this old trick won’t get you very far in the long run. So how can you actually camouflage your aesthetic problem and facilitate your transition from colored to gorgeous, uniform silvery hair? Here are a few basic suggestions that you may find helpful during your transformation.

Change Your Hair Part. The most meaningful, time-effective and cheap extreme makeovers start with your hairstyle. According to Huffington Post, in order to avoid the usage of root touch-up kits without achieving the old lady look, you just have to change the way in which you part your tresses. A slightly messy part will enable you to conceal regrowth and obtain a fantastic ombre effect.

Get Highlights. You can’t part ways with your colored hair in a split second. Therefore, in this context,a small compromise is perfectly justifiable. Opt for a solid, lighter color base and get highlights. This way, root growth will become less noticeable and your gray hairs will blend in easier with your fully pigmented strands.

Use Cosmetic Products to Conceal Root Growth. At this point, you can find and test a great variety of products launched on the market to help you prevent contrasts created by graying hairs in between coloring sessions. According to Today.com, demi-permanent dyes, as well as touch-up markers or pens are an excellent option at hand, allowing users to cover their grays temporarily and go from “messy dark” to “clean silver” without making people raise an eyebrow.

Play with Hair Accessories. Turbans, headscarves, flowers and even tiaras are amazingly hot accessories that you shouldn’t miss this season, especially if you are struggling to keep those nasty depigmented roots under control. Pick your favorite embellishment, make sure it matches the rest of your outfit, pull your hair back in a topknot or a sleek pony, add the adornment and you’re reading to make a fashion statement. Collect as many accessories as you can afford to buy. At the end of the day, all of them represent great investments, as they help you cope with graying hairand reflect your unique personality and sense of style at the same time.

Take Catalase Supplements. Catalase supplements have been around for quite some time now. They are scientifically-proven, accessible and allow users to darken their aging tresses in a complete natural, risk-free manner. The transition takes place from the inside out, as catalase dissolves excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide and manages to reverse gray hair. With so many anti gray hairsolutions at your disposal, all you have to do is to select your favorite one, and put it to the test as you go from dark to beautiful, colorless hair.

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