3 Effective Ways to Lighten Graying Hair Naturally

herbal-hair-dyeWe all know that premature graying can be quite an alarming cosmetic concern impacting one’s looks and level of confidence. When people notice the first unwanted silver strands, their first impulse is to pick a DIY coloring kit and start experimenting with their aging tresses. Why use chemical-rich products when you can actually include all-natural ingredients in your hair care routine to lighten up your locks and conceal grays the easy way? In case you want to brighten up your mane and achieve a lighter, uniform color, opt for one of the 3 simple methods described below.

  1. Apply Raw Honey on Damp Hair. Raw honey can sweeten your tea, but it can also be used to lighten your hair. Prepare a mask by mixing honey with olive oil and apply in on your graying hair. Let it rest under a shower cap for a couple of hours; afterwards rinse your hair. For similar results, you could add honey to the conditioner that you’re currently utilizing.
  1. Rinse Your Tresses with Chamomile Tea. According to WikiHow, chamomile tea is an excellent choice if you are interested in obtaining a much more luminous color. Use dried flowers or tea bags to make a few cups of tea. Once it gets cold, you can either add ½ cup of tea to your regular shampoo or conditioner, or you could just utilize it to rinse your tresses. If possible, let your graying hair dry naturally and stay in direct sunlight for as long as you can. Sunlight will speed up the discoloration process and enable you to make your grays less visible.
  1. Use Lemon Juice. In case you want to take pride in radiant, lighter hair, pour some freshly squeezed lemon juice on your tresses. Lemon juice is known as one of the very best natural hair lighteners mostly due to its elevated concentration of citric acid that opens up hair cuticles and manages to strip pigment from hairs. Naturally, both chamomile teaand lemon juice act better and faster when they are correlated with extensive sun exposure. Lemon extract works well for all hair colors, including darker tones, and ensures a very subtle chromatic effect.

All in all, these 3 easy methods to lighten up aging hair will enable you to cope with premature graying rapidly and cost-effectively. Those who don’t want to change their hair color can always count on catalase supplements to restore their natural pigment and put the oxidation process on hold.


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3 Celebrity-Inspired Gray Hair Shades That Are Insanely Attractive

shortgreyhaircutsbobcurlyGoing gray is a very important personal decision that should never reflect the fact that you’re ready to give up on your aging hair. On the contrary, your plan to ditch coloring treatments should indicate that you are mature enough to love your hair as is and enhance its natural beauty through the simplest, gentlest methods. Do you still think that gray is a very tern, pessimistic color? If so, you should know that this versatile hue can surprise you with countless variations allowing you to create a signature look with minimal effort.

1. Pale Yellow Is Suitable for Light Skin Tones. Pale yellow is one of the trendiest pastel colors that doesn’t look good only on capris and sundresses. On the contrary, according to You Beauty, fair locks are a great embellishment for a light aging face. Gray hair with pale yellow accents turns Helen Mirren’s mane into a high-shine jewel that sparkles on and off the red carpet. Be careful though: if your face is really pale, try to stay away from bold golden tones, as a vivid contrasting color could make your face look tired and lifeless.

2. Steel Gray Is Perfect for Medium Skin Tones. Steel gray is a neutral, dark tone with discrete purple accents that is bluer and lighter than gunmetal.  This wonderful, natural-looking shade is perfect for men and women with medium skin tones and represents the perfect element for a smooth transition from dark to all-white. If you have a lot of dark hair left, you could always turn to bold silver highlights for a more dramatic effect. In case your skin has prominent reddish undertones, choose to avoid the Emmylou Harris-inspired showy white locks, as they could accentuate the redness in a very unflattering manner.

3. Ash Blonde Is a Good Match for Dark Skin Tones. Chocolate skin is often complemented by a natural salt-and-pepper look based on different shades of blonde and gray. As a matter of fact, honey and caramel are two excellent tones that you may want to try, to help those grays blend in. Jennifer Lopez and Cindy Crawford already count on this effective trick to control their graying hair and turn it into a weapon of seduction.

All in all, if you don’t want to get highlights or see a stylist to talk about a life-changing transformation based on dyes, consider using catalase supplements. These innovative vitamins based on catalase have the power to reverse gray hair and rejuvenate your aging tresses from the inside out.

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What Can You Do If You Have Just a Few Gray Hairs?

bigstock-Young-woman-washing-head-by-s-37586176Assuming that you are fully aware of the fact that your genetic heritage will force you to deal with premature graying while you’re still in your late 20s, how do you plan to cope with the first white strands? Naturally, an impeccable silvery mane like the one displayed by John Slattery or Emmylou Harris is a real blessing, but unfortunately hair doesn’t go gray overnight. In most cases, the transition from dark to white can be lengthy and tiresome. So how could you actually survive this intermediary phase and preserve your attractiveness and youthful appearance? Here are three hypothetical situations that you may experience while handling the rocky relationship with your first grays.

  1. If 5 to 10% of Your Hair Is Gray You Won’t Even Notice the Change. If less than 10% of your overall number of hairs are gray, you may not even realize that you’re about to get hit hard by premature graying. Especially during summer, hair tends to get lighter and it can be pretty difficult to distinguish a depigmented strand that has been sitting too much in direct sunlight from a white one.
  2. If 20 to 30% of Your Hair Is Gray You Could Dye It. According to Allure, if 30% or more of your hair is gray, you could start thinking about coloring options. At first, you may want to try a semi-permanent dye that is close to your natural shade. Permanent dyes last for a longer period of time and offer a more intense hue, but aren’t exactly suitable for your first DIY coloring attempt.
  3. If Your First Grays Are Concentrated in One Stop, Camouflage Only the Problematic Area. Grays can turn your world upside down, especially when they set camp in just one area. Wondering how you could deal with a raven mane that displays contrasting white temples? In this particular case, you could rely on a good root concealer to mask the problematic spot. A concealer will guarantee a uniform color in between washing cycles.

If you hate the idea of coloring your grays, opt for a smooth darkening effect ensured by catalase supplements. These pills for hair will restore your pigment in just a few weeks and let you forget about all the threats posed by premature graying.Vitamins for gray hair based on science are the key to obtaining suppler, silkier, glossy dark hair.


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Gray Hair News: Silver Manes Go Mainstream in Chicago

Long-Hairstyles-2014-5Wondering who would want to go gray on purpose? In this case, you’d be surprised to find out just how many young women (and men!) have fallen in love with not-so-subtle silver or lavender tones. As a matter of fact, according to a recent article published by DNAinfo Chicago, more and more stylish ladies who are in their early 20s choose to follow in  the footsteps of popular celebs like Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Kelly Osbourne get gray hair using color coming from a tube.

Since this radical transformation always requires excellent skills, experience and special dyes, people who want to go gray visit hair salons and discuss their options with a colorist. According to the receptionist from the Chicago-based Art and Science salon, the gray hair trend is quite a source of inspiration for young people. Apparentlya new client requests a certain shade of gray once every few weeks.

Stylists reveal the fact that gray is an extremely versatile color that compliments a great variety of hairstyles: from slightly rebellious, clean buzz cuts, to sleek shoulder-length bobs and much longer, layered styles. Most importantly, gray is a perfect match for almost any kind of complexion and is available in numerous gorgeous variations.

The road from dark to gray may be paved with good intentions, but the transformation isn’t always very smooth. On the contrary, achieving a grayish tone at home or at the salon usually involves the usage of bleach, especially if you are a brunette.

Teens say that gray hair is the symbol of an insanely cool, nymph or mermaid-like style. But only a few of them actually realize that going gray is a 3-part process that first requires dark hair to be dyed in a lighter tone; later on, the blondish mane is bleached or whitened. Last but not least, a toner is applied to remove the brassy yellow and obtain a perfect ash gray.

Things aren’t always very simple when you apply dyes on vulnerable, fragile hair. Why go through all this trouble to create a controversial look that could no longer be in style the next day? All in all, going gray is a personal choice. On the other side of the coin, if you dislike gray hair more than anything else, you could choose to use catalase supplements to restore your pigment and keep it on your tresses for the longest period of time.

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3 Celebs Who Actually Display Very Flattering Gray Hair

roseanne_barrgrey_picnikIs gray hair a life-and-death matter or does it actually represent a handy element that lends gravity and power of seduction to several roles interpreted by first-class celebs? If you ask George Clooney, Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis, all of these famous celebrities will most likely agree upon the fact that grays can be gorgeous. Here are 3 other bold public figures who have actually decided to interpret the first signs of premature grayingas a real blessing.

1. Roseanne Barr. Bar is a comedian who doesn’t take grays very seriously. On the contrary, the formidable women who is now in her 60s feels very comfortable in her own skin and wouldn’t change a think about her image. Her dark brown hair has gradually changed its color and displays steel gray tones at this point. She couldn’t be happier with this change, especially since it matches her oval glasses the chunky metallic hoop earrings that she loves to wear.

emmylou-harris-gray-hg-lgn2. Emmylou Harris. You can’t think about perfect silver manes without mentioning Emmylou Harris and John Slattery. Harris thinks that all women should try to find the most effective way to deal with aging. She went gray while she was still in her 20s and decided to ditch dye 3 decades ago. Naturally, she has made a smart choice, considering that she can outshine an entire silverware set with the gorgeous, natural metallic reflections of her white hair.

3. Matt LeBlanc. Remember Joey Tribbiani from Friends, the iconic TV series of the 90s? We bet that you don’t know his secret. Matt LeBlanc, the charismatic actor who gave life to the popular Tribbiani character dyed his hair for this role. Until 2006, when the spinoff of the show came to an end, he was actually forced to display a raven mane that had very little to do with his real image. 2006 brought a positive change for LeBlanc: at that point he was ready to go back to his natural salt and pepper look. He still maintains this iconic style that would make even George Clooney feel a little bit of envy. The whole look is complemented by a matching beard that contributes a great deal to LeBlanc’s ever-growing level of popularity among the ladies.uZdzlTvRrE7l

A layered cut, a regular grooming ritual and a big smile on your face are the main elements that can make the difference between a failed attempt to go gray and a successful makeover. This is the lesson that all these 3 celebs have thought us. If you don’t feel the need to embrace your silvery strands anytime soon, start looking for the best gray hair cure matching your needs. Those who are digging deep for a revolutionary grey defense based on real science should try catalase supplements for a gradual darkening effect. By dissolving hydrogen peroxide accumulations, catalase restores the users’ natural pigment in a few weeks.

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Discover the Correct Method to Wash and Condition Your Graying Hair

natural hairYou always blame you graying hair for flat, unhealthy appearance. But when was the last time that you actually questioned your daily hair care ritual? In most cases, men and women over 40 are already dealing with lots of lifestyle changes and don’t actually pay attention to the ever-growing needs of their gray hair. The result is not difficult to picture and often comes in the form of severely deteriorated, lifeless strands. Regular processes, like washing and conditioning for instance, can impact the looks and feel of your locks. Are you ready to improve your styling routine? If so, start by consulting the hair washing cycle 101 detailed below.

How to Wash Your Hair Correctly

Washing your tresses may seem like a pretty straightforward process; nonetheless many people don’t follow all the right steps in the right order and put their graying hairs on the line. Get your mane wet, apply your favorite shampoo and gently massage your strands from roots to ends. Don’t forget to scrub your scalp to eliminate product buildup. According to She Knows, this is one of the most common mistakes that men and women make while washing their hair: they pay attention solely to their strands and neglect the scalp area, favoring the appearance of local irritations and leading to a nasty greasy look. If you wash your hair on a daily basis, it may be advisable to opt for a product that is one part shampoo and two parts conditioner and has a sulfate-free formula, like  Kérastase Chroma Sensitive, for instance.

How to Condition Your Hair like a Pro

Next, starting by rinsing your hair; apply a good conditioner 2 inches from your scalp and let it sit on your wet tresses for 10 minutes. Regardless of their formulas, conditioners serve the same purpose: they are applied to detangle your hair by smoothing out all the cuticles. Some of the best formulas nourish and protect your graying hair, enhance its luster and also have awesome volumizing effects. If you’re in a hurry and want to simplify your washing cycle without putting your strands on the line, it may be a good idea to rely on a leave-in conditioner especially formulated for silvery strands. Leave-in conditioners safeguard your aging tresses from a wide range of risk factors, including UVA/UVB and harsh chemicals found in water, so you may want to use your favorite one before hitting the beach.

In case you want to protect and beautify your tresses from the inside out and let them profit from the ultimate pampering treatment, take catalase supplements regularly. These vitamins for hair can become your trusted grey defense and ensure the healthy, radiant locks that you’ve always dreamed about.

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5 Ways to Make Peace with Your Graying Hair

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isolAre your grays stopping you from feeling young and attractive? Are you using dyes as a barrier against the natural aging process? In this case, maybe you should step away from your usual coloring products and learn to love and appreciate your graying hairas is. Most people think that silvery strands are not that bad, but they also affirm that the transition from dark to gray can be quite a hassle. For those of you who want to embrace graying hair in style with zero compromises here are 5 simple solutions to your challenge.

1. Use Less Coverage. According to Yahoo Beauty, you could start byreplacing your permanent coloring product with a semi or demi-permanent substitute. This way, you will obtain a less intense color that will fade away gradually, putting your grays on full display in a more flattering manner.

2. Cheat a Little: Get Highlights. Tired of fading color that doesn’t say much about your fantastic sense of style? Add definition to your aging tresses by getting highlights or lowlights.

3. Go As Light As You Can. Want to help those grays blend in and avoid powerful contrasts that could make you seem way older than you really are? Choose to go platinum. A lighter color will conceal your depigmented strands and let you stay cool. Be careful though: do not try to bleach your hair on your own. Bleaching powder is extremely aggressive and can damage your aging locks in a matter of a few seconds. Discuss your options with your colorist before making a first step in this direction.

4. Add More Grays to Facilitate the Transition. Did you know that gray is one of the most popular shades of 2014? And we’re not referring solely to the best-selling book and fashionable jewelry and clothing items displaying metallic accents. Grayish ends are incredibly hot this season. Numerous celebrities are crazy about lavender gray and ash gray. Therefore, you could rely on an ombre effect based on gray tones and a messy parting to mask your premature graying problem.

5. Darken Your Tresses Using Catalase Supplements. You don’t need to go gray if you don’t want to. But you should consider ditching dye, especially since there is a safer, more natural way to turn back the clock on your hair. Use catalase supplements to darken your mane gradually. These tested pills for gray hair work on the inside, by dissolving hydrogen peroxide accumulations that bleach your strands and force you to cope with silver tones sooner than expected.

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3 Super Foods That Keep Your Gray Hair Healthy

Large health food selection in white porcelain bowls and dishesYou most likely spend a fortune on cosmetic products designed to tame your gray hair. Are you pleased with the results? If you still think that your grays could use some kind of extra stimulant to preserve their natural texture, color and ageless beauty, you should know that some of the most accessible foods that you put on the dinner table contribute to the healthiness of your aging tresses. Don’t know what to eat to beautify and fortify your graying hair? Here are a few suggestions that you may want to factor in.

1. Salmon. According to WebMD, fatty acids represent up to 3% of your hair shafts.Salmon is one of the best sources of protein, omega 3s and vitamin D. Vitamin D makes your grays stronger, while fatty acids stimulate the hair growth process. On top of that, salmon with broccoli cooked in butter is a heavenly delicacy that will curb your unhealthy cravings, fill your stomach and keep you satisfied for at least a few hours. If you don’t really like salmon, but would love to boost your intake of fatty acids, choose to consume fish like sardines, trout or herring.

2. Walnuts. Apart from the fact that walnuts represent a healthy, delicious snack that you could enjoy in between meals, they also are a fantastic source of vitamin E and biotin. Reduced amounts of biotin in your body may lead to hair loss, a major cosmetic problem that is experienced by lots of men and women over 40. Moreover, walnuts also contain copper, an indispensable mineral that keeps your hair lustrous and also maintains a rich, gorgeous color on your aging tresses.

3. Oysters. Love seafood? In this case, you will be thrilled to find out that oysters are some of the best natural sources of zinc that you could ever count on to keep your gray hair in excellent condition. A zinc deficiency could be responsible for uncontrolled hair loss and an excessively dry scalp. Want to fight these two upsetting problems rapidly and effectively? Eat oysters!

The list of super foods that guarantee a healthier scalp and hairs is virtually endless. Nonetheless, for some reason or another you may not be able to include all these elements in your daily diet. In this case, prevent potentially dangerous deficiencies and nourish and protect your locks from the inside out by taking catalase supplements on a daily basis. These pills for gray hair restore your pigment and keep your strands healthy and shiny.

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Gray Hair Diary: How to Rescue Your Severely Deteriorated, Dyed Tresses

Thinking WomanOur aging hair is exposed to an endless list of hazards on a daily basis. Too much sun exposure, chlorine-rich water from pools, aggressive styling treatments and a misguided dieting plan are only a few of the most common elements that work against us, compromising the health and beauty of our graying hair. As all this wouldn’t be enough, we see the natural oxidation process as a calamity of astronomical proportions and rely on dyes to cover silvery strands. Artificial color coming from a tube will inevitably make grays even more rebellious; in addition, aggressive formulas can easily alter their texture and make them look very deteriorated, dull and lifeless. Is there a way to save vulnerable, excessively dry hair without cutting it? Actually, there are quite a few solutions designed to address this problem in an effective manner.

Natural Oils. Use natural, organic oils to regenerate your dry locks after every single washing cycle. Coconut oil and olive oil are two wonderful products that will nourish and protect your tresses, guaranteeing silkier, healthier-looking hair.

Deep-Conditioning Treatments. If you have very little time on your hands and would much rather let a pro be in charge of your transformation, opt for a deep-conditioning treatment provided by your favorite salon. In case you can’t afford to pay for professional services, you could try to deep condition your graying hair at home. You would basically have to wash your hair, rinse it thoroughly and apply your deep conditioning product from your roots to your ends. Cover your mane with a plastic cap and let the conditioning agent rest for a few hours. In some cases, heat is required to activate some of the key ingredients of the product that you’ve just applied. In this situation, you could use your blow dryer, as long as you make sure it doesn’t get extremely hot (exposed to high temperatures, your plastic cap could melt). After completing this last step described by WikiHow, you would just have to rinse your graying hairagain and let it dry naturally.

Catalase Supplements, as a Great Substitute for Hair Dyes. Remember what brought you in this sticky situation in the first place? Your gray hair phobia made you try every color in the catalog, in a desperate attempt to maintain a youthful look. Old habits die hard, but since hair dye is definitely not your best friend, you may want to put your coloring treatments on hold and try a different approach. Trim your deteriorated ends, get a nice cut and start taking catalase supplements. These pills work like magic and manage to restore the user’s natural pigment in a few weeks. Based on real science, this tested gray hair remedy is the best replacement for dyes and your key to healthier, softer, more appealing locks.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Hair at the Beach

Sun Screen On The BeachAs temperatures are reaching record values, you are probably dreaming about a long vacation in a seafront resort. You know what they say: if you can dream it, you can also make it happen. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and start packing your bathing suit and sunscreen. As we speak, you are probably counting on the best SPF products to protect your aging skin, but how exactly do you plan to protect your graying hair against a wide range of holiday-related risk factors leading to extensive breakage and a fading color? Let’s find out.

1. Wear a Swim Cap If You Rarely Get Out of the Pool. Love your long, silky tresses and don’t want to put their natural beauty on the line? If so, wear a swim cap before jumping in the pool. Why? Pool water often contains a large amount of chlorine and various other chemicals used to kill bacteria that usually target humid environments. Chlorine can make your tresses become drier and more rebellious and fragile; this is why you should keep this threat at bay by simply wearing a swim cap. Some models are truly attractive and come with different summery embellishments, so they won’t compromise your alluring poolside outfit ideas.

2. Wear a Hat and Spend As Much Time As Possible Under an Umbrella. Floppy hats are the cool factor ensuring a relaxed and absolutely fabulous image at the beach. On top of that, hats and umbrellas also serve a very practical purpose: they defend your natural color and limit the discoloration process triggered by extensive sun exposure. Sitting in direct sunlight won’t do your graying hair any favors; on the contrary, this practice will rob you of some of your pigment, leading to fairer strands that you may or may not like.

3. Use the Right Type of Conditioner. Condition your gray hair regularly to prevent further damages caused by chemical-rich water and sunrays. For the best results and a prolonged protection, use a leave-in conditioner with UVA/UVB protection. These top picks featured by Cosmopolitan coat every single hair strand and protect the color and texture of your hairs for a longer period of time.

4. Safeguard Your Natural Color by Taking Catalase Supplements. Are you afraid that grays could compromise your personal and professional life? In this case, you should know that scientists have managed to launch the perfect gray hair cure, based on catalase. Acting on the inside, these last-generation grey hair remedies guard your natural shade and restore your long-lost pigment in a few weeks. Most importantly, they are truly affordable and safe and let you enjoy a truly relaxing holiday without worrying about hair discoloration.


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